Laundry Circuit Load Calculations

A dwelling unit containing two 120V laundry branch circuits has a calculated load of _____ for the laundry circuits.

a) 1,500VA
b) 3,000VA
c) 4,500VA
d) 6,000VA

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: b) 3,000VA

Feeder and service load calculation requirements can be found in Part III of Art. 220 in the 2014 NEC. As noted in Sec. 220.52(B), "A load of not less than 1,500VA shall be included for each 2-wire laundry branch circuit installed as covered by 210.11(C)(2). This load shall be permitted to be included with the general lighting load and subjected to the demand factors provided in Table 220.42."


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