Marking of Equipment in Hazardous Locations

Equipment installed in hazardous (classified) locations shall be marked to show the _____.

a) class
b) group
c) temperature class
d) all of the above

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: d) all of the above

Article 500 focuses on electrical equipment installed in hazardous (classified) locations. As noted in Sec. 500.8(C), equipment shall be marked with the information specified in (1) through (5).
"(1) The marking shall specify the class(es) for which the equipment is suitable."
"(3) The marking shall specify the applicable material classification group(s) in accordance with 500.6."
"(4) The marking shall specify the temperature class or operating temperature at a 40°C ambient temperature, or at the higher ambient temperature if the equipment is rated and marked for an ambient temperature of greater than 40°C."

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