Minimum Clearances for Electrical Equipment Near Spas and Hot Tubs

Luminaires and ceiling fans located over or within 5 ft, measured horizontally, from the inside walls of an indoor spa or hot tub shall have a mounting height of not less than _____ above the maximum water level when not GFCI protected.

a) 4.7 ft
b) 5 ft
c) 7 ft - 6 in.
d) 12 ft

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: d) 12 ft

Part IV of Article 680 notes that electrical installations at spas and hot tubs shall comply with the provisions of Part I and Part IV of this article. The installation of luminaires, lighting outlets and ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans near indoor spas or hot tubs shall comply with the requirements of Sec. 680.43(B). More specifically, as per 680.43(B)(1)(a), "Where no GFCI protection is provided, the mounting height shall not be less than 12 ft."


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