One Permitted Use of Nonmetallic Wireway

Nonmetallic wireways can pass transversely through a wall _____.

a) if the length through the wall is unbroken
b) if the wall is not of fire-rated construction
c) in hazardous (classified) locations
d) if the wall is of fire-rated construction

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: a) if the length through the wall is unbroken

Article 378 covers the use, installation, and construction specifications for nonmetallic wireways and associated fittings. As noted in Sec. 378.10(4), the use of nonmetallic wireways shall be permitted "as extensions to pass transversely through walls if the length passing through the wall is unbroken." It goes on to say, "Access to the conductors shall be maintained on both sides of the wall."


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