Protection of Direct-Buried Conductors

Where direct-buried conductors and cables emerge from grade, they shall be protected by enclosures or raceways to a point at least _____ above finished grade.

a) 3 ft
b) 6 ft
c) 8 ft
d) 10 ft

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: c) 8 ft

Wiring method requirements for underground installations are outlined in Sec. 300.5 of the 2011 NEC. As per 300.5(D)(1), "Direct-buried conductors and cables emerging from grade and specified in columns 1 and 4 of Table 300.5 shall be protected by enclosures or raceways extending from the minimum cover distance below grade required by 300.5(A) to a point at least 8 ft above finished grade. In no case shall the protection be required to exceed 18 in. below finished grade."


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