Use of Type MC-HL Cable in Industrial Establishments

In industrial establishments with restricted public access where only qualified persons will service the installation, MC-HL cable is allowed to be used in a Class I, Division 1 location if it _____, and is terminated with fittings listed for the application. Such cable must comply with Part II of Art. 330.

a) is listed for use in Class I, Zone 1, or Division 1 locations
b) has a gas/vaportight continuous corrugated metallic sheath, an overall jacket of suitable polymeric material
c) has a separate equipment grounding conductor(s) in accordance with 250.122
d) all of the above

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: d) all of the above

Article 501 covers the requirements for electrical and electronic equipment and wiring for all voltages in Class I, Division 1 and 2 locations. All three of the options shown above are noted as requirements in Sec. 501.10(A)(1)(c) of the 2014 NEC. 

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