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AIA Releases New and Updated Contract Documents

New contractor-subcontractor master agreement among the updates.

Electrical contractors and engineers can expect to start seeing new contracts based on work by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Documents Committee, the AIA said in a release. Many of the changes seek to resolve questions over work across multiple service orders

In all, the AIA released 13 new and updated contract documents that the group said will assist architects and contractors with protecting their projects and businesses. One of the most notable changes among this set of updated contracts, includes the new Contractor-Subcontractor Master Agreement and its accompanying work order. The new agreement allows a contractor and subcontractor to agree to a predefined set of terms and conditions that will apply to multiple scopes of work.

“The AIA Documents Committee routinely reviews its legal agreements to ensure they reflect the latest trends and nuances we’re seeing in the industry,” said AIA Contract Documents & Risk Management Managing Director Kenneth Cobleigh. “By doing so, we ensure the design and construction industries are working under the best agreements possible for their businesses.”

Another significant update is the Joint Venture Agreement for Professional Services, which was revamped to address the significant legal implications associated with joint venture business relationships. Other notable changes include updated standard proposal requests and architect field reports.

Visit the AIA Contract Documents website for more information.

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