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ArchKey Solutions Brings Power of Scale to Market

New parent company to Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric plans to leverage expertise and experience   

In 2018, ArchKey Solutions made its debut as a parent company to Sachs Electric of St. Louis and Parsons Electric of Minneapolis. In business since the mid-1920s, both Sachs and Parsons made an extraordinary name for themselves over the years. Recently, however, universal market challenges (such as labor shortages) created a gap between ability and desire to build as quickly as the market demands. According to ArchKey, the new organization is uniquely positioned to fill this gap through the power of scale, leveraging its platform companies to scale to one of the largest electrical and technology contractors through people, growth, continuous improvement, proven core processes, and Centers of Excellence.

“Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric are well-known in their own right,” says Clay Scharff, CEO of ArchKey Solutions. “ArchKey was developed not to replace these brands, but to enhance them, scaling them past the limits of what they were capable of on their own and helping these companies reach new heights both individually, as well as together under the ArchKey umbrella.”

Although this has been tried before, Scharff maintains the difference is it has never been done to this level. “With $1 billion bonding capacity, there’s not much we can’t do using The Power of Scale,” he says.

Vice President Steven Stone shares this sentiment, adding, “The power of scale is about performing at the highest level possible and when you think you’ve hit the top, you push further. It’s about moving past the status quo and driving the electrical industry forward in new and exciting ways.”

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