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2022’s 30 Under 30 EC&M Electrical All Stars: Richard McCrae

July 13, 2022

Richard McCrae

Job Title: Panel Shop Coordinator/Electrical Systems Technician

Company: R.H. McRae Electrical Contractors, Inc.  

Location: Rockingham, N.C.   

Age: 25

Years on the Job: 5

Interests: Hunting, fishing, and spending time at the beach

Richard McCrae’s dad has been in business for 33 years. To get his start in the industry, he began working for him when he was 20 years old.

After studying mechatronics engineering at Richmond Community College, he obtained six years of experience in the field. He is now the UL 508A manufacturer’s technical representative for R.H. McRae Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“With my dad already in the industry, I decided to study mechantronics. After learning about PLCs and process controls, I quickly found that I had a love for industrial automation and industrial control panels,” he says.

McCrae is currently taking a three-month course to study for his unlimited electrical contractor’s license in North Carolina. He says he takes pride in his work and does not believe in cutting corners.

“I believe it’s the little things that matter most. In my panel shop, it’s about quality, not quantity,” he says. “If you want to succeed, you have to care about your work, and always look for opportunities to get better.”

At his company, he manages the panel shop and designs the control panels built using AutoCAD. In addition, he designs the PLC and HMI applications.

His company is currently designing a box delivery system for National Beef in Liberal, Kan., with its partner, D&F Equipment. The company is also building all control panels for a new turkey plant in South Carolina. While working on these new projects, technology plays an important role, he says.

“We always take the time to study new technology and stay on top of the constantly changing technology,” he says. “We make sure to keep our software up to date and look at new products.”

His company started the UL shop three years ago, and in the first year, built about two panels. This year, his company has sold more than 25 control panels for the largest food producers in the world.

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