Marisa Bailey has presented Title 24 presentations in this conference room.

2023’s 30 Under 30 EC&M Electrical All Stars: Marisa Bailey

July 12, 2023
Meet this year's group of up-and-coming innovative electrical professionals


Job Title: Project Engineer

Company: ArchKey/Sprig Electric

Location: San Jose, Calif.

Age: 28; Years on the Job: 4

Interests: Being outdoors in nature, taking a scenic drive near the ocean, or hiking in the mountains

Marisa Bailey pursued a career in the electrical industry after earning her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from San Jose State University.

“I was eager to learn about energy efficiency standards and laws and implement them into real-life projects,” she says.

She has directly assisted in presenting a training series to in-house designers and project managers regarding Title 24 Part 6, a law adopted by the state to reduce negative impacts on the electrical grid and maximize energy efficiency. She also retrieves and enters in data to complete the Title 24 documentation for all qualifying projects and calculates lighting power densities for each area within the project for compliance with lighting controls. After serving as the lead Title 24 compliance coordinator for her company, she recently moved into a project engineer position supporting her company's preconstruction department.

“I hope to learn about a whole different side of the industry and apply my knowledge there,” she says.

Bailey also recently obtained a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professional credential for building design and construction.

She says technology is key in today’s world, especially serving in the virtual design and construction department.

“I am able to take our 3D models and fly through them to visualize what the project really looks like,” she says. “Without technology, I wouldn’t have access to visualizing the project without being at the project site in person.”

In the future, she envisions herself serving as a resource relating to Title 24 and preconstruction, continuing to ask questions, and growing with her company.

“I feel as if I have come a long way since I first started in the electrical industry four years ago, and I can’t wait to continue learning and growing within it,” she says. 

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