2023’s 30 Under 30 EC&M Electrical All Stars: Daniela Diaz

July 12, 2023
Meet this year's group of up-and-coming innovative electrical professionals


Job Title: Assistant Project Manager

Company: Rosendin Electric

Location: Austin, Texas

Age: 25; Years on the Job: 2

Interests: Playing with her dog, Nala; playing soccer; and working out

Daniela Diaz was exposed to the electrical industry for the first time during a summer internship with Rosendin. Later at Texas A&M University, she took MEP classes to further her knowledge.

“Because of this exposure, I realized that working for a subcontractor made the most sense to me,” she says. “I like the fact that I can own one specific and very important part of the job.”

Born in Mexico City, Diaz was raised in different parts of the world. She said she moved around a lot due to her parents’ jobs, which gave her the ability to quickly adapt. She is also bilingual in English and Spanish, which has set her apart in the electrical trade.

“I moved to the United States in 2011 and have been here since then,” she says. “Last month, I received my U.S. citizenship, which was a huge milestone in my life.”

Diaz, who earned her bachelor’s degree in construction science, served as an officer for the AGC student chapter and the leader coordinator in her university’s interdisciplinary competition. She also interned with a general contractor.

“My internships were also a game-changer for me,” she says. “I was able to see how everything I was learning in the classroom translated into an actual building.”

Now at Rosendin, she says her favorite part about her job is that every day is different.

“Having a clear understanding of my goals and what needs to get done helps me stay on track,” she says.

In the future, she sees herself being a successful senior project manager. She said that her parents’ sacrifices have helped her to get to where she is today.

“I will keep an open and hungry mind to keep learning and using this knowledge to make this industry even better than what it already is,” she says.

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