2023’s 30 Under 30 EC&M Electrical All Stars: David Iniguez-Rojo

July 12, 2023
Meet this year's group of up-and-coming innovative electrical professionals


Job Title: Leadership Development Associate

Company: Henkels & McCoy

Location: West Sacramento, Calif.

Age: 25; Years on the Job: 1

Interests: Running long distances, training for a marathon, and traveling/visiting new places with friends and family

David Iniguez-Rojo worked as a custom home painter before entering the electrical industry.

“We would work in brand new homes while they were getting built, and that is where my love for construction started,” he says.

He got interested in working in the electrical industry after his father joined the IBEW Local 1245 union and started working for Henkels & McCoy.

“He would tell me all the interesting construction projects that they were working on, and I would get so intrigued in the stories he would tell me,” he says. “The day I stepped into my first substation was the day I knew I wanted to be in the electrical industry for the long haul.”

Born and raised in a small town two hours north of Sacramento, Calif., he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Sacramento State University. Before transitioning to his current role as a leadership development associate, he worked as a field engineer. He is now in his project controls rotation. Down the road, he plans to work as a foreman for an electrical construction firm.

“I truly have a passion for construction and the art of building, and I would like to go back out into the field and start learning this trade but from the hands-on side of things,” he says.

He says he’d like to thank the team and his mentors for their support and for nominating him for the 30 Under 30.

“Without them, I would not be in the place I am today, nor would I be learning at the pace that I am,” he says. “I have a lot more to learn and am excited about where my journey will take me as well as being a part of an industry that helps power the world.”

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