2023’s 30 Under 30 EC&M Electrical All Stars: Luke Snow

July 13, 2023
Meet this year's group of up-and-coming innovative electrical professionals


Job Title: Transmission Engineering Manager

Company: Toth and Associates

Location: Springfield, Mo.

Age: 29; Years on the Job: 7

Interests: Enjoying the outdoors with his wife and son at the lake or the farm and competing in endurance races or triathlons

Early in his engineering career, Luke Snow had no real intention of entering the electrical field. By sheer luck, he found himself engrossed in the power industry.

“I did know that I wanted a career that would provide opportunities to make meaningful impacts on my communities, create an environment of continuous learning, and allow me to work alongside great people and clients,” he says. “The incredible depth and breadth of the power industry provided room to do just that.”

Born and raised in southwest Missouri, he and his wife have lived in Iowa, Texas, Illinois, and Colorado for work and education, but they have settled down near his hometown. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa before working for two mid-sized service firms in the power industry.

As an engineering manager in the transmission department, he focuses on planning, supervising, and coordinating all phases of engineering and design on projects.

“Some days, that takes the form of heavy engineering efforts on industry software for transmission, distribution, and communication design,” he says. “Other days, it involves traveling to job sites to see the crews bringing life to our team’s designs.”

He says his job and responsibilities have completely morphed since he first started in the power industry.

“I began my career underground in the manhole systems of Chicago, inspecting for cable and structural deficiencies,” he says. “Slowly, I transitioned into a more design/project management role and from underground to overhead where I now do the majority of my work.”

He envisions himself working with his current team in the foreseeable future at Toth and Associates. He says he enjoys the people he works with as well as those in the industry.

“Their knowledge and passion for their communities is hard to match,” he says. 

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