The Cure for “Low Battery Anxiety”

Unique charging solutions provide access to power in nearly any location

5.135 billion people around the world use mobile phonesand mobile users have become so reliant on their technology that 9 out of every 10 people are affected by the disorder now termed “low battery anxiety.”2 Fortunately for our health, new charging devices and stations have provided opportunities for us to access power in nearly any location.

From convenient USB ports in our homes, to dedicated mobile charging stations in public spaces such as airports and college campuses, the need for battery power is driving design. Even hotel lobbies and guest rooms are now teeming with connections built right into seating and furniture to keep the modern traveler charged up. At home or the office, here are the best ways to reduce any low battery anxiety that might try to drain you.

At Home
According to research coordinated by the Pew Research Center, a third of American households have three or more smartphones3. Mobile charging is crucial in the home, and it is no longer a luxury to have discreet, built-in charging ports available throughout your living space. In areas such as bedside tables and kitchen counters, charging is almost a necessity. And there’s no need to sacrifice style, with countless options available in all colors and designs.


  • Wireless chargers: Simply place your phone on a dock to charge up with no wires necessary. Match existing décor with beautiful new in-wall units available to install at your nightstand, by your favorite chair, and more. Wireless chargers are also now an option in newer cars as well! Stay tuned…
  • USB receptacles: You might need a cord, but you won’t need a clunky adapter. Low-profile USB receptacles are available in units offering several connections to charge multiple devices, or as combo units paired with traditional outlets. Available in endless styles, they blend effortlessly into any room of the home.
  • Under cabinet power: Charge your iPad while trying out a new Pinterest recipe without putting your culinary genius on hold. Under cabinet power options illuminate dark spaces to suit your lifestyle needs.

At Work

In office and work spaces, productivity is key. Facilities are challenged with the task of providing charging to accommodate the connectivity needs of many employees in order to meet goals and accommodate streamlined communication. Luckily, there are many options now available to keep workspaces working.


  • Multi-outlet strips: Easy to install and easy to use, multi-outlet strips offer traditional receptacles and USB ports to address an array of use cases. Whether it’s along a row of workstations or a wall of cubicles, these strips come in a variety of sizes, configurations and finishes.
  • Furniture power centers: Furniture power centers have built-in receptacles so cords are neatly contained, right where people sit. Available in sleek, modern designs offering USB charging as well as traditional power, furniture power centers provide super convenient charging in communal spaces.
  • Poles and columns: These power and charging options bring connections to the center of the room – or wherever else you might need it.
  • Outdoor charging stations: Allow people to power up in the great outdoors, in areas that typically don’t offer power with elegantly designed pedestals. These designs include any and every combination of standard power outlets, USB ports and LED lights to illuminate pathways at night. Some even include A/V connections, safety doors with locks and optional shelves to hold devices.   

To learn more, visit www.legrand.us/markets-solutions/mobile-device-charging.

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