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Schneider Electric Digital Footwall Patient Room

Schneider Electric Launches Live Healthcare Lab with Intelligent Patient Room

June 3, 2021
The new virtual experience showcases low-voltage integration of IT and OT systems.

Schneider Electric recently launched the Innovation Experience: Live Healthcare Lab in its St. Louis Innovation Executive Briefing Center, the company’s first immersive health care experience featuring its new intelligent patient room. This state-of-the-art experience showcases the technology supporting hospitals of the future, which puts the patient in control of their experience with a new digital footwall.

By integrating connected technology systems, resources on both the IT and OT sides of the equation can be deployed smartly and efficiently to increase patient satisfaction by allowing them to take control of their own healthcare experience. Adopting more connected solutions lets hospitals’ clinical staff focus on delivering better-coordinated care (rather than small patient requests that become self-service) with Schneider Electric’s digital patient footwall. Integrated low-voltage systems also give hospital administrators the ability to regulate energy resources throughout the facility, which provides cost-cutting opportunities that won’t affect patient satisfaction, along with increased efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency.

“The hospital of the future will need to put the patient experience at the forefront, using innovative and connected systems to provide superior in-hospital care experiences,” says Mike Sanders, customer projects & services, Healthcare Innovation Executive Briefing Center at Schneider Electric. “With the shift to remote work and business brought forth by the pandemic, we knew that we needed to invest in a new virtual experience that showcases our vision for a truly integrated health care experience. We believe our intelligent patient room is the solution that our health care partners and customers have been looking for, and we’re excited to offer a way for them to experience it no matter where they are in the world.”

With the virtual Healthcare Experience, Schneider Electric can showcase its intelligent patient room to customers and partners anywhere in the world, eliminating the time and costs of flying in key team members to view the experience in person. This first-of-its-kind immersive virtual experience was modeled after the innovations installed at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia, the first real-world installation of Schneider Electric’s fully integrated intelligent patient room technology. Additionally, the Mission Critical Infrastructure Lab, featuring 10,000 sq ft of 3-phase power solutions, demonstrates the power backbone of any mission-critical health care system.

The virtual demonstration can be customized to specific health care environments, including urgent care centers, rural clinics, doctor’s offices, specialists’ offices, telemedicine, and hospital settings. It also connects to other lab spaces in the Schneider Electric network, which gives customers the ability to see the full picture of low-voltage integration from the mechanical room to the patient room, and every system in between.

This live Healthcare Experience takes visitors through a demonstration of the entire facility, including the doctor’s office, a smart patient room, the operating room, and the patient footwall. It highlights the value of integrated power and BMS systems, along with the benefits of analytics to support maintenance planning.

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