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Most Electrical Installers in Europe Not Keen on DIY Stores Carrying “Professional” Brands

Survey reveals electrical professionals in many countries have negative attitude toward this trend.

Based on the results of a survey of 1,200 electrical installers in seven countries conducted by USP Marketing Consultancy in Rotterdam, the majority of electrical installers across Europe don’t approve of professional installation brands being sold in DIY stores. This perception was especially strong among German survey respondents (see Chart) with only 3% displaying a positive attitude toward this trend. USP Marketing Consultancy has been monitoring the electrical installation market in these countries since 2016.

According to analysis from Mark de Graaf, project manager at USP Marketing Consultancy, Business Unit Installation, “when the end users can buy the products themselves, the added value of the electrical installer will change.” For more information on the breakdown of this research from each country as well as key takeaways from the study, read the summary from de Graff.

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