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NEMA Expands Membership Base with New Transportation Systems Division

Creation of new division coincides with the coming wave of the connected, electrified vehicle landscape.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Board of Governors expanded the trade association’s scope to encompass the growing and increasingly connected transportation systems powered by the U.S. electroindustry. The NEMA Transportation Systems Division will promote the tools and infrastructure associated with the movement of goods and people in safe, cyber secure, and efficient ways. Engaged manufacturers make the transportation management systems, such as traffic management controllers and assemblies, dynamic and portable message signs, as well as the electrical vehicle supply equipment systems, outdoor and roadway lighting, and energy storage systems.

“U.S. electrical manufacturers are deeply involved in the electrification and digitization of America’s infrastructure, to include roads, rails, air and waterways as well as the electric grid,” says NEMA President and CEO Kevin J. Cosgriff. “NEMA and its member companies are well positioned to play a leading role in the electrification of America’s transportation system, which accounts for 25% of total U.S. energy use.”

“The creation of our new division coincides with the coming wave of the connected, electrified vehicle landscape and ultimately including autonomous vehicles of all types,” says NEMA Industry Director Steve Griffith who will lead the new division. “As NEMA members represent the “I” in the “V2I” framework (vehicle to Infrastructure), being more active in this emerging vehicle ecosystem becomes an imperative. This new division will provide growth opportunities in the entire spectrum of transportation such as parking, ports, rail terminals and crossings, and airports.”

Additional changes to NEMA Divisions include the renaming of the Commercial Products Division to the Building Infrastructure Division.

“Our members’ products span residential and industrial building applications, not only commercial. This division represents the collective interests of manufacturers that create products for safely distributing electricity across all building applications,” says NEMA Industry Director Daniel Abbate.

The NEMA Utility Products Division, led by Industry Director Jonathan Stewart, was also renamed the Utility Products & Systems Division and will now also include the NEMA Distribution Automation, Energy Storage and Electrical Metering Sections.

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