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Power Design Tough Rougher Contest 2018

Power Design Roughing Team Members Competed for $25,000 and “Tough Rougher” Title

The grand prize went to a 4-man crew from the Mid-Atlantic Region

A team of electrical roughers is $25,000 richer after winning Power Design’s inaugural “Tough Rougher” competition, held in downtown St. Petersburg on October 4. Eight teams from across the United States went head-to-head to see who could install electrical wiring in a 900-sq-ft apartment unit fastest, while still executing their work accurately and safely.

Electrical roughing involves pulling electrical cables through studs to wall and ceiling boxes, preparing them for outlets, switches, and other devices once walls are complete. It’s tough work, but not for Power Design’s toughest roughers who were selected for the competition after a nomination process.

The grand prize went to a 4-man crew from the Mid-Atlantic Region that was able to rough out an entire unit, including panel work, kitchen boxes, bath wiring, and safety infrastructure like fire alarms in 3 hr and 25 min. with zero safety infractions.

“I knew my crew was made of the best and toughest roughers out there,” says Julio Tobar, captain of the winning team and Power Design foreman since 2013.

The Quality Control team of judges scored Tobar’s team’s work as fastest and most accurate, with the $10,000-winning, second-place team from the Southwest Region coming in close behind for their work on an apartment project in downtown St. Petersburg.

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