2005 Truck and Van Preview Adds Reader Perspective

In addition to its traditional annual truck and van preview, this year EC&M presents the results of its first ever truck survey

For years, EC&M has brought you the comprehensive truck and van preview from the editors of Fleet Owner magazine. This year we’ve added a new and improved twist to that annual review of new models our readers ask for each year to help them make more informed decisions when buying or leasing new vehicles. To specifically investigate the purchasing process of electrical and low-voltage contractors and supplement the 2005 preview with a more industry-specific perspective, we recently e-mailed a short questionnaire to more than 9,000 EC&M subscribers from our contractor demographic, asking them about their truck acquisition and maintenance habits. Read closely—some of their answers may surprise you.

To learn more about the purchasing and maintenance habits of electrical and low-voltage contractors, you can order a comprehensive online report for $79 on the research page of this web site.

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