AMMP Educates on Benefits of Motorization

Allied Manufacturers of Motorized Products (AMMP) recently kicked off an initiative that includes its new web site.

Loveland, Colo.-based Allied Manufacturers of Motorized Products (AMMP) recently kicked off an initiative that includes its new Web site to inform architects, builders, designers, electricians, and end-users about the benefits and availability of motorization within commercial and home automation solutions. The new site features a dedicated section that highlights the benefits of motorization by category.

Some of the benefits of motorization include:

  • Convenience: Motorization provides a convenient and simple way to adjust or activate window coverings and shades, projection screens, and media concealment products with the touch of a button.
  • Energy and Money Savings: With the ability to control window coverings and shading remotely comes money and energy savings. Lower the shades in the summer to cut down on cooling costs and raise them in the winter to allow sun to naturally heat the house during daylight hours.
  • Protection: Motorized window coverings protect from heat and damage to furnishings, artwork and flooring. Motorized media concealment products protect plasma screen TVs and electronics from damage caused by the sun.
  • Safety: The integration of motorization increases safety by eliminating dangling cords that are hazardous to children and pets. In addition, motorization adds an extra layer of security to travelers with its timer feature that periodically lowers and raises window coverings, creating the appearance that someone is home.
  • Comfort: Motorization boosts comfort by regulating room temperature and media concealment products eliminate glare on computer and television screens.
  • Luxury: Motorization improves décor in a variety of ways, including concealing TVs with original artwork or eliminating cords from projections screens and window coverings.
  • Being on the cutting edge: Integrating motorization into the home or commercial space adds a cutting-edge high-tech feel and increased resale value.

“AMMP’s goal is to get people to understand the benefits of motorization and how motorization products can improve everyday life,” says Robin Reining, spokesperson for AMMP. “Our members’ products are truly unique — they’re cutting-edge and luxurious, but also save energy and money and even improve safety. For this reason, we’re confident that when people become more aware of motorization, our industry will experience massive growth.”

AMMP is a collaborative alliance of industry leading manufacturers that aims to generate awareness of creating smarter homes and commercial spaces with automation products, as well as to connect automation dealers with motorization manufacturer dealers. The alliance brings together the most prestigious manufacturers of interior and exterior window coverings and shading, projection screens, and media concealment products as founding members.

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