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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Holt

Sept. 1, 2015
Get to know NEC expert Mike Holt up close and personal.

If you’ve worked in the electrical industry for any length of time, there’s an extremely good chance you already know who Mike Holt is… NEC expert, author, teacher, trainer, and EC&M Code consultant. President of Mike Holt Enterprises in Leesburg, Fla., Mike built his reputation as a National Electrical Code (NEC) expert by working his way up through the electrical trade (read full bio). In addition to being a Code guru, Mike has many other interests. In our new online personality profile pieces, the EC&M editorial staff presents “10 things you didn’t know about” many of our experts and staff members. And who else would we start with than Mike Holt?

#1: Favorite TV Show?

I enjoy "Naked and Afraid" and imagine myself attempting to accomplish the challenge. "Blue Bloods" is another show that catches my interest. I enjoy the “family” and “honor” of the characters. Documentaries, where I get to learn new things, are my most favorite.

#2: Favorite Song?

“All of Me” is my all-time favorite song. I cry every time it plays. I dedicate this song to my wife whom I’ve been totally in love with for almost 30 years — she’s my dream girl. A second favorite is “When a Man Loves a Woman.” I feel the passion of love that I have for my wife in this song.

#3: Favorite Book?

I’ve loved the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull from an early age — the one gull that did what no others said was possible. The “Slight Edge” is my current favorite. This book teaches how to be successful. “How to Eat that Frog” I love because it teaches how to manage limited time, and “E-Myth Revised” covers the concept of working in a “system.” If you read these four books, then you’ll really know more about who Mike Holt really is and why I’ve been so successful, despite my beginning as a high-school dropout kid.

#4: Favorite Movie?

I LOVE "The Princess Bride" movie. I just love “chick flicks” and romantic endings. Another movie I truly enjoy is “How to Train a Dragon,” about a young man who has a vision.

#5: Favorite Pastime?

Mentoring the next generation to greatness. I have a passion to help others succeed. This is the reason for my existence.

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#6: Favorite Hobby?

Competitive barefoot waterskiing and competitive cross-country mountain biking

#7: Most Memorable Year and Why?

1988 was the year I won my first of seven National Barefoot Waterski championships. This championship stands out because I had dedicated seven years to hard training while providing for my family, running a business, and teaching.

#8: Hardest Job You’ve Ever Had?

There is no such thing as a “hard job.” If you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re learning, taking risks, and seeing success, then no job is “hard.”

#9: Who Inspired You to Become an Electrician?

Nobody. For some reason, I had an affinity for electricity — from sticking my fingers into a light socket  to placing the terminals of a battery on my tongue. I had to lie that I had work experience to get my first job.

#10: Where You Received Your Training

I am self-taught. When I tried to get into an apprenticeship program, I was told there were no openings because I didn’t have a family member in the organization. It was much harder 40 years ago than it is today to get into the electrical trade.

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