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Capital equipment and operational materials

Trenching and boring equipment advances, along with new OSHA-compliant products, lead the way to greater efficiency and safety.Trenching is not the error-prone/guesswork-intensive task it once was. Now, a new micro-processor-based control system delivers optimum horsepower where it counts by automatically adjusting track speed and force as ground conditions change. It's also possible to achieve true,

Trenching and boring equipment advances, along with new OSHA-compliant products, lead the way to greater efficiency and safety.

Trenching is not the error-prone/guesswork-intensive task it once was. Now, a new micro-processor-based control system delivers optimum horsepower where it counts by automatically adjusting track speed and force as ground conditions change. It's also possible to achieve true, straight-line tracking and smooth, precise steering control, while regulating chain speed and trenching speed with feedback from a user-friendly interface.

The boring people are excited over a training simulator developed with three universities and one manufacturer. This rite of passage means that a series of broken rods in the path of a new operator is history. So are other costs that were once "part of doing business." For example, one boring system can go through most rock and coral without using a large mud motor rock drill. Another boring system automates adjustment of thrust and pullback speeds to maximize rotational power.

Having problems keeping that hot stick clean? OSHA requires daily cleaning because dirt can conduct lethal voltages to undesired places. A new cleaning technology provides a one-step process for cleaning a stick and applying the necessary water-repellent coating. A similar application of this technology produces a prewash wipe to remove grease, tar, soot, smog, sap, bird droppings, and other hazards from booms.

Many new and innovative safety products made their debut this year. One rather unique yet practical item is an insulated temporary panel front that can be used during construction when new or existing panel fronts are removed for work. The new product is magnetically held to the panel backbox's flanges, and will not deform from accidental impacts. Appropriate OSHA signage is included on its front.

Another new item, which will help you safely "work hot," are high-dexterity insulating gloves. They can be used without leather protectors on equipment rated up to 250V, and with thin Class 00 leather protectors up to 500V.

Still another is a new insulated rubber shielding that protects personnel, equipment, and work areas from electrical hazards up to 1000V. It conforms to OSHA 1910.335 (Safety Related Work Practices) and ASTM D-178 specifications for Type II matting. And it remains flexible in temperatures down to -40 [degrees] F.

As you can see, "working hot" (if absolutely necessary) can be a less risky task. But don't forget these safety points: Planning the hot work ahead of time and wearing protective equipment and clothing still are of paramount importance.

OSHA lockout/tagout product offerings have increased significantly this year. Almost all manufacturers are promoting products that meet the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 energy control standard. Included are fuse blockouts as well as the more "traditional" lockout/tagout products such as tags, multi-lock hasps, signs, and cord-connected lockout kits.

The banning of trichloroethane 1,1,1 is no longer bad news to users, thanks to advances made in the past year. A replacement solvent is non flammable, does not eat plastic, poses no health hazards, leaves no residues, and actually costs less than 1,1,1.

Truck accessories are benefiting from environmentally-friendly electrical immersion priming, which fuses paint to the metal. This creates a permanent bond and an even, high-quality finish that was previously unattainable. As manufacturers embrace advanced technologies (CAD/CAM, laser cutting, etc.), accessories fit with more precision than ever before.

Category Sixteen


These items have appeared over the past year in EC&M's Product News section and received the highest reader response in their category.

Oxide inhibitor and thread lubricant

Penetrox compounds are oxide inhibitors. Penetrox A is UL-listed to 600V and ideal for aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper connections and aluminum conduit threads. (Not recommended for use with rubber or polyethylene-insulated conductors.) Penetrox A-13 is compatible with rubber, polyethylene, and other insulating materials. Penetrox E is recommended for copper-to-copper, grounding applications, and copper threads.

Burndy Electrical

Lockout/tagout products

An extensive line of lockout/tagout products designed to help meet the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 hazardous energy control standard is available. Product line includes fuse blockouts, and various other associated products.

Ideal Industries

Insulated rubber shielding

Engineered to protect personnel, equipment, and work areas from electrical hazards up to 1000V, Electro-Shield insulated rubber shielding meets all low-voltage protection needs. This affordable shielding conforms to both OSHA 1910.335 Safety Related Work Practices and ASTM D-178 specifications for Type II matting. Product is exceptionally flexible, even in extremely cold temperatures (-40 [degrees] F).

Aldan Industries/Safety Products Div.

Portable personnel lifts

New UpRight UL II Lifts are available to the electrical market. Each of the four new models of portable personnel lifts is the tallest in its class, with platform heights of 25 ft, 32 ft, 40 ft, and 48 ft. The compact outrigger footprint provides easy access to work in comers, along walls, and in tight aisles. The lifts feature rigid monocoque mast with ground level entry, and fit easily through standard doorways. They are designed to be the most cost-effective way of reaching a working height of 54 ft.

Horizon High Reach

High dexterity insulating gloves

Class 00 500V insulating gloves meet revised ASTM D120-96 and IEC 903 standards. Can be used without leather protectors up to 250VAC and with thin Class 00 leather protectors up to 500VAC. Sizes range from 7 to 12.

Certified Insulated Products

Flash apparel protection

This insulating assortment for protection from electrical flash up to 20kV is now available. Consists of insulating gloves, flame-resistant parka, safety helmet, safety glasses, and U/V face shield. These products are required by various OSHA's regulations.

Certified Insulated Products

Category Sixteen


Articulating boom

For both indoor and outdoor applications, the Genie Z-30/20 articulated boom has a working height of 37 ft and a horizontal reach of 20 ft. The two-man self-leveling basket will accommodate 500 lbs. An AC outlet on the platform is standard equipment.

Genie Industries

Work platform

The Handy Herman aerial work platforms are available with working heights of 22 ft or 30 ft, and offered with 115VAC or 12VDC power systems. Units meet or exceed ANSI, CSA, and OSHA safety standards. Attached outriggers can be set up in less than 20 sec.

Mayville Engineering

Directional boring machine

The track-mounted D-50x100 provides directional drilling capabilities with high spindle torque and manpower efficiency. Capable of 50,000 lbs of pullback power to handle larger-diameter pipe and longer distance applications such as river bed crossings. The rotational torque capacity is up to 10,000 ft/lbs.

Vermeer Mfg.

Deep-cutting earth saw

The Model H840 is a centerline earth saw, for cutting asphalt, concrete, permafrost, and other hard surfaces and soils. Cuts to depths of 39 in. (1 m), and to widths of 4.5 in. (115 mm) or 6 in. (150 mm). The product mounts on the company's 8020 trencher.

The Charles Machine Works/Ditch Witch

Crane truck body

The Cranemaster 6000 supports a maximum 6000-lb capacity crane. The bodies are constructed of 12 and 14 gauge two-sided zinc-coated A-60 galvannealed steel and primed with Lectro-Life immersion priming process. The bodies are supported by a truss-designed tubular steel understructure for extra strength, stability, and durability. The understructure is reinforced at all critical stress points and is undercoated for corrosion protection.

Reading Body Works

Directional boring system

The D24x40 Navigator offers manpower efficiency and powerful spindle torque for tough drilling conditions. The product is a self-contained, one-piece unit including rod box, power plant, and integral mud pump. Offers convenience of self-propelled transport for easy loading and unloading, and quick setup at the job site. Delivers up to 23,800 lbs of pullback power and 4000 ft-lbs of spindle torque.

Vermeer Mfg.

Narrow boom for tight places

The Z-30/20 N self-propelled articulating boom, which has zero tails-wing, can operate in tight places. Only 47 in. wide, it rolls through standard double doorways, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks. The 4-ft jib boom has 147 [degrees] range of motion. Has zero front arm swing in both stowed and raised working positions.

Genie Industries

Directional boring system

The JT 2321 directional boring system has high-capacity pipe magazine and optional pipe handler, along with an automatic bore control system.

The Charles Machine Works

Liquid cleanup powder

The Polywater Kleen-Up Crystals absorb and solidify spills of water-based lubricants and other water-based liquids. The safe, nontoxic, absorbent crystals quickly solidify the spill into a dough-like mass.

American Polywater

Work platform

The Industrial Work Platform Super Series (IWP) is a push-around lift without outriggers. It has a working height of 30 ft. The wide bases accommodate masts of 20, 25, and 30 ft heights. Five platform options are offered, including two fiberglass models. The narrow aluminum platform fits through ceiling tiles.

Genie Industries

Narrow boom

The Z-34/22 N self-propelled articulating boom is 58-in.-wide and rolls through standard double doorways. "Zero tailswing" means the boom does not extend beyond the undercarriage configuration, so it's easy to drive in/out of tight places.

Genie Industries

Prewash wipe

The B-1 is an individually sealed, presaturated, lint-free towelette. The large and durable B-1 effectively cleans grease, tar, soot, smog, sap, bird droppings, and a host of other contaminants from booms, in compliance with OSHA.

American Polywater

Vehicle bulkhead

This redesigned bulkhead provides a custom fit for a van by using a stabilizer kit, which is designed to fit individual van models. Types of bulkhead panels include screen, window, solid, swing door, slide door, and separate driver and passenger side panels.

Knaack Mfg.

Directional boring machine

The JT920 is a compact, self-contained directional boring system for short- to medium-run service-line installations.

The Charles Machine Works/Ditch Witch

Tape protector

Tunnel Tape is a hand-tearable tape with a patented backing for temporarily protecting multiple cables and cords. Nonresiduing adhesive is on the edges only. This center "tunnel" bundles your cables and cords in a one-pass operation without any need to clean gummy adhesive from the cables or surface when removed. Available in 3-in., 4-in., 6-in., and 8-in. widths in matte black and yellow/black warning stripes.

Specialty Tapes

Aerial platform

A vertical mast design similar to that found on fork lifts is combined with an articulating jib arm for up-and-over reach on a new series of aerial work platforms. Two models are available: The VM2639E with a working height of 26 ft and the VM3248E with a working height of 32 ft.

Grove Worldwide

Dirt remover

Duster removes surface contaminants such as dirt, dust, and lint without damaging sensitive components or surface finishes. Its powerful blast penetrates cracks and crevices to remove trapped contaminants. Formulated to be non-flammable and plastic safe.

CRC Industries

Aerial work platforms

The Hite-Master aerial work platforms feature a scissors arm designed to minimize platform sway and bounce at fully extended heights. Utilizing a lifting mechanism, the fabricated beam members limit side play and platform movement on six models. There are working heights of 25 ft and 31 ft. Capacity ranges from 1000 to 1750 lbs.

Mayville Engineering

Hi tech paint

Isotrol, a corrosion-control paint, can soak into metal surfaces and form a perfect bond with the metal. Product is easily applied by brush, roller, airless spray or dipping, and has a shelf life of up to seven years. Because rust starts from inside, Isotrol prevents further deterioration by repelling moisture and encapsulating existing rust.

PermaStop Rust (America)

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