Carlon NonMetallic Single or MultiGang Box Extender

Carlon® Non-Metallic Single- or Multi-Gang Box Extender

The Carlon® Non-Metallic Single- or Multi-Gang Box Extender
is designed to correct a common problem that arises during
remodeling — providing a flush finish for electrical boxes
that are installed too deep in the wall. What’s more, it also
addresses multi-gang extension, a problem that previously
called for expensive and hard-to-find multi-gang extenders.
The Carlon® Non-Metallic Single- or Multi-Gang Box Extender
provides a one-piece solution that can be used on a singlegang
box or combined together for multi-gang applications,
so installers in the field will always have the right size
extender at hand.

  • Extends electrical box set too deep in the wall — ideal for remodeling projects
  • Innovative design simplifies installation — no trimming required
  • Adjustable mounting depth with maximum extension of 1" provides installation flexibility
  • Single solution for single- and multi-gang extension eliminates the need to stock multiple SKUs
  • Works with most non-metallic single and multi-gang wiring boxes and devices
  • Ships with two #6–32 x 11⁄4" screws per extender
  • UL® Listed; NEC® Article 370-20 compliant   
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