Convia-enabled wiremold system

Convia-enabled wiremold system

A new energy management and control system from Legrand/Wiremold combines modular power delivery with an intelligent system to monitor, manage, and control energy use

The Convia-enabled Wiremold (CEW) energy management system combines the company’s modular wiring system, floor boxes, and poke-thru devices with Convia technology that monitors energy usage in real time, dynamically sheds the loads on demand, and archives the information. Designed for 10 AWG neutrals (which allow the system to address nonlinear loads) and up to a maximum of six circuits, the product is UL-listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards for 20A 120V/208V and 277V/480V systems.

For more information: Convia-enabled Wiremold system.

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