Electric 2001 Product Debut

Lighting products The Criterion series offers floodlight wallpacks and area-lighting fixtures with the Snapdrive interchangeable electrical system. With multivolt, multiwatt, switched quartz, and pulse-start capability, all fixtures feature sleek architectural styling.GE Lighting SystemsCircle 413 Fittings The SNAP2IT Fittings offer features that make installing AC/MC cable faster. The 40AST series'

Lighting products

The Criterion series offers floodlight wallpacks and area-lighting fixtures with the Snapdrive interchangeable electrical system. With multivolt, multiwatt, switched quartz, and pulse-start capability, all fixtures feature sleek architectural styling.
GE Lighting Systems
Circle 413


The SNAP2IT Fittings offer features that make installing AC/MC cable faster. The 40AST series' new tang configuration gives more space inside the fitting for easy wire insertion. The redesigned front makes installation into the box easier.
Arlington Industries
Circle 428

Center-supported cable tray

The labor-saving design of this cable tray simplifies the support and routing of cabling. Its single-center hanger rod makes installation easier and allows installers to simply “lay-in” cables from both sides — thereby eliminating the need to pull cable.
Chalfant Cable Tray
Circle 406

Digital low-resistance ohmmeter

The Ducter DLRO-10 (Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter) measures low values of resistance. Rugged yet lightweight (less than 6 lb), it may be used in either the field or laboratory. It provides accurate results in 2 sec.
AVO International
Circle 403

Estimating software

Version 3.2 of this Windows NT/98 estimating software is designed for electrical and voice/data/video contractors. Advanced features include true networking, built-in NEC calculations and labor rate adjustments, digital photo display, change orders, and quotation analysis.
ConEst Software Systems
Circle 424

Automatic transfer switch

The 165 automatic transfer switch is UL-1008-listed and designed for light commercial and residential use. It can automatically transfer critical loads between the power utility and engine generator in a business or home.
ASCO Power Technologies
Circle 401


Porce-A-Clamp features an easy-to-use, one-piece insulator made from Sarlink 4339D — a flame-retardant, high-harness grade TPE polymer that is UL-listed. The tapered flange of the insulator ensures complete isolation and protection of the cable.
Allied Support Systems
Circle 427

Load-calculating software

FlashWorks calculates Code-compliant residential, multifamily, commercial, multiple-use commercial, and industrial service loads. It performs conductor paralleling and short-circuit calculations. When used to check voltage drop for long runs, the equipment grounding conductor is automatically adjusted. You can print completed calculations or paste them into programs.
Circle 411

Voltage and continuity tester

The Volt Check tester automatically measures AC/DC voltage and continuity without adjusting any dials. The built-in, noncontact sensing head automatically detects AC voltage without touching live wires. Constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic, the tester can withstand tough everyday use.
Gardner Bender
Circle 430

Open fuse indicator

The Amptrap 2000, Class J Time Delay, and RK-1 fuses now feature a SmartSpot open fuse indicator. The feature maintains the fuse's structural integrity while offering a permanent and prominent visual indicator for safety locating and replacing open fuses.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 443

Hazardous-area electrical products

The SpecOne product line consists of hazardous-area electrical products that meet worldwide explosion-protection codes and standards. Accommodating most any cable or conduit termination method, the line includes nonmetallic control stations and power distribution panels, industrial lighting, plugs, receptacles, and intrinsically safe systems.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 408

Clamp-on multimeters

The MiniAmp clamp-on multimeter, model MA460, features twin displays for simultaneous observation of both clamp and multimeter inputs on 4000 count LCDs. The autoranging MA460 is Cat. 3 safety-rated. It features AC current to 400A.
Extech Instruments
Circle 412

Insulated pliers

Knipex insulated pliers are 1000V insulated and come with high-leverage mechanisms for effortless cutting. The broad, curved handles ensure a comfortable grip. The pliers are insulated and marked in accordance with the IEC900 and ASTM-F1505 standards.
Anglo American Enterprises
Circle 400

Copper/aluminum connector

RocketSplice, a ClearSplice connector, is dual-rated for copper or aluminum to 90°C and covers a conductor range from No. 18 to 500 MCM in only seven sizes. The transparent insulating cover allows easy visual inspection for proper installation.
Circle 433

Outlet boxes

These UL-listed, fiberglass-reinforced, nonmetallic outlet boxes for residential construction are fire rated to allow two boxes to be mounted in the same stud cavity on opposite sides of the wall without using any additional fire-resistant protection.
Allied Moulded Products
Circle 426

Multistatus indicator

The Chameleon 108 series is a low-profile audible and visual multistatus indicator with eight tones and three independent lights in one beacon. The compact status indicator features bright LED color combinations: red, green, and amber, or red, blue, and amber.
Edwards Signaling
Circle 410

Push-wire connectors

Wall-nuts are push-wire connectors for both solid and stranded wire. They are available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-point connectors. This product line carries the UL/CSA label, with a 600V rating for building wiring and a 1000V rating for fixtures and signs.
Circle 442

Lighting/voltage controller

The HMS 800 controller provides cost-effective security, energy management, lighting control, and low-voltage control for smaller applications. Features include ALC lighting control support without the requirement of an ALC interface.
OnQ Technologies
Circle 434

Infrared thermometer

The ProTemp 10 is a noncontact infrared thermometer that features a 10-to-1 measurement ratio in a compact, ergonomically designed case. It also features a laser pointer for pinpoint measurement, and has a simple, one-button operation.
Circle 438

Site lighting

With state-of-the-art reflector systems and vertically positioned lamps, the Square Dome area light provides efficient and uniform site lighting. It is available in three distribution patterns, IESType II/III, IV, and V, as well as wall, side, and post-top mountings.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 419

Firestop pillows

SpecSeal Firestop Pillows accommodate cable and fire-protection requirements. They offer easy, economical cable retrofitting and installation capabilities. They cab be stacked and compressed in openings. Retrofitting is accomplished by removing and reinstalling the number of pillows required to add cables.
Specified Technologies
Circle 436

Energy management system

Smartwired Switching Systems offer control solutions for energy management and Code compliance. Offering flexible control without the need for PC-based administration or extensive hardwiring, the system features a low-voltage switching platform, central panel intelligence, dataline communications, and “smart” switches.
The Watt Stopper
Circle 421

High-temperature lead wire

Radix Sil-A-Blend is a high-temperature lead wire that economically replaces SRML. With color stability, dermatitis protection, abrasion resistance, and diameter consistency, the wire provides state-of-the-art solutions without a price premium.
Circle 423


The N-Series (Isuzu) and W-Series (GMC/Chevrolet) Crew Cab Trucks are Isuzu-built low cab forward trucks that now provide room for seven people in the cab. Both are available with a 150-in. wheel base for 12 ft bodies or a 176-in. wheel base for 16 ft. bodies.
General Motors Isuzu
Commercial Truck Division
Circle 414

Cable reel roller

For sale or rent, the HIS Model No. HCRR-30K, 17-ton cable reel roller handles large reels easily and cost-effectively. When reels are set on powered rollers, the heavy-duty drive motor does all the work.
General Equipment & Supply
Circle 432

Drilling system

With the DD EC-1 Diamond Drilling System you can quickly drill matched tolerance anchor holes in reinforced concrete. The DD-REC1 water recycling unit allows you to drill up to 50 holes on 2.5 gal of water for a clean, dust-free environment.
Circle 444

PSG system

The Entellisys Express PSG system interfaces with this company's automatic transfer switches and controls the electrical output of multiple engine-generators. The advanced system couples typical engine-generator control functions with state-of-the-art power monitoring, power protection, metering, and alarm/event logging.
GE Zenith Controls
Circle 431

Power meter

The CW-140 power meter is lightweight, easy to use, and offers a 5.9-in. LCD screen. There are four models for various applications: instant, electric energy, demand, and harmonics. It has 1MB internal memory and optional FDD unit for data management.
Yokogawa Corp. of America
Circle 440

Generator control switchgear

The PowerLynx generator control switchgear products are designed for users who require reliable and efficient power for their facility. They allow users to control and monitor their generators and utility plant with advanced technology.
I&S Operations
Circle 416

Power distribution system

The Starline Track Busway Power Change power distribution system may be installed with ease. Insert the plug-in unit into a busway and rotate. The busway may be energized at the time of installation. The system can be rapidly reconfigured or relocated.
Universal Electric
Circle 439

Brass GFCI covers

The P60 and P64 series GFCI covers for Steel City floor boxes are polished brass covers. The P60-GFCI is designed for tile applications or for use with the P60-CP carpet plate. The P60-CACP-GFCI is a one-piece carpet plate-unit.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 437

Cable jacket stripper

The Roto-Spin No. CT-250 round cable jacket stripper strips fiber optic-, Cat. 5-, and datacom-jacketed cable. It features a swiveling blade to ring and straight cut the jacket of communications cables in one operation. It accurately sets blade penetration using a rotary cam.
Circle 435

Multicable connector block

The RAB 1/0 series “Flood-Seal” rubberized aluminum bar is fully insulated and watertight, and is suitable for direct burial, handhole, or streetlight applications. Each connector is individually tested for insulation integrity and watertightness. Wire range is No. 14 to 1/0.
HMC Industries
Circle 415

Outdoor lighting fixtures

This series of 120V outdoor fixtures for architectural and landscape applications includes more than 40 styles, including path lights, accent lights, and bollards. All fixtures are constructed of glass-reinforced polymer for strength and high UV stability.
U.S.T.E./Vista Professional
Outdoor Lighting
Circle 420

Portable load bank

The L-69-80 portable load bank tests 60-Hz generators and power supplies. It provides loads up to 100kW at 480VAC, 80kW at 208VAC 3-phase, and 100kW at 240VAC 3-phase. The load is adjustable from 0kW to 100kW in 12.5kW steps.
Cannon Load Banks
Circle 441

Phase monitor and tester

The Phasemeg combines a phase monitor and 500VDC insulation tester in one compact enclosure. It detects abnormal conditions on 3-phase power lines, including over- and undervoltage, phase reversal, phase imbalance, and phase loss.
Circle 402

Flexible raceway

Riser-Gard is a multipurpose, nonmetallic, flexible raceway suitable for riser applications with riser-related cable, as well as direct-bury and general-purpose applications. It is UL-listed and conforms to the Code (Arts. 770 and 800). It's available in ¾-in. through 2-in. sizes.
Circle 404

Estimating/management software

WinTRF Estimating is a standard takeoff system that supports menu-driven or command-driven takeoff. WinTRF Time and Material software uses a work order-based system to create professional invoices. The company's Software Invoice Manager allows contractors to take control of their Contract Progress Payments.
Cert-In Software Systems
Circle 405

Clamping tool

The UL2000 is a rechargeable, battery-powered clamping tool that allows you to install Ultra-Lok clamps virtually anywhere. The tool's design allows for consistent, repeatable tensioning and locking under full tension — thereby ensuring that the strength and holding characteristics of every clamp are equal.
Circle 429

Wire-pulling lubricant

The KIGEL professional wire-pulling lubricant is 100% nontoxic and biodegradable. It is not corrosive on aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, or PVC conduit. It is compatible with rubber, neoprene, PVC, high-density, low-density, or cross-linked polyethylene wire insulation. It dries to a lubricating powder.
KENA Industries
Circle 417

Custom cable assemblies

The Quik-Pull custom cable assemblies are UL-listed and built to customer specifications. They are ideal for projects that require multiple conductors. Features include a one-reel setup and error-free terminations.
Clifford of Vermont
Circle 407

Cable management system

EZ Trough is a lightweight cable management system. Available in slotted and solid design, it offers a high level of protection for data and power cables with a full line of supports and covers.
Circle 425

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