Facility management equipment

With advancements in traditional equipment performance and new product technologies, facility management capabilities seem endless.Today's time switches offer far more flexibility, user-friendliness, and features than in the past. The number of applications is limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. Time switches do more than turn lights on and off at preset times; they're excellent for controlling

With advancements in traditional equipment performance and new product technologies, facility management capabilities seem endless.

Today's time switches offer far more flexibility, user-friendliness, and features than in the past. The number of applications is limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. Time switches do more than turn lights on and off at preset times; they're excellent for controlling windows, window blinds, doors, heaters, pumps, and other equipment. With today's multi-switch output circuits, one switch can control two or more devices, eliminating the need to buy two separate units.

Among the new features in lighting timers is a warning flicker that alerts occupants the lights will soon be turned off, thus increasing both safety and comfort. Today, some switches feature selectable manual control with automatic daylight savings time changeover. This feature is far more affordable than in the recent past, due to technological advances. Advances have even made this feature available in a seven-day time switch, where it was formerly available only in a 365-day switch. The new seven-day switch will automatically advance the hour in the spring and set it back in the fall, without requiring the user to program for a year at a time.

The combination time and photo-eye switch makes for intelligent control of awnings, shades, and lights. For example, the switch will open the shades for more light and, if that source is insufficient, will brighten the indoor lights. This is especially useful with the delay timing functions and dusk/dawn sensing features being designed into many units. Light sensitivities cover an extremely wide range.

Spot fire detectors are more sensitive than ever - as low as 0.003% obscuration, a level formerly achievable only with active aspiration. A key element in this success is the use of lasers. Laser use, in turn, has been made practical through significant advances in electronics that eliminate what would have been a plethora of false alarms. An extremely low level of obscuration allows systems to detect fires in the precombustion stage, giving more time for difficult evacuations. The best detectors discriminate dust from smoke. Obviously, this reduces false alarms, but less obviously, it also provides the ability to monitor dust levels. This is very helpful in cases of toxic building syndrome or in the presence of dust-sensitive processes.

Fire control systems continue to incorporate more features, pre-alarm and alarm levels, integration with other systems, and user-friendliness. Systems have made quantum leaps in artificial intelligence. For example, some "self-learn" the pre-alarm parameters and automatically set thresholds just above peak noise levels.

Fire control networks now monitor multiple buildings on multiple sites and provide a common graphical user interface (GUI) that makes a hodgepodge of separate systems appear as one to a central operator. Most systems run on a standard 32-bit true multitasking GUI-oriented operating system known for its stability, robustness, security, and popularity in higher-end applications. The level of reporting and control (including elevators, CCTV, PA, PLCs, energy systems, parking, lighting, video, etc.) surpasses previous capabilities. One fascinating aspect is the ability to extract zoom areas, device identification, icons, controls, and locations directly from CAD drawings in as much detail and precision as the CAD drawings themselves allow. Such is the stuff a fire chiefs dreams are made of.

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Decorator wall switch

The WA-100, a decorator-style automatic wall switch turns lighting systems on and off based on occupancy and ambient light levels. The hard lens on the unit makes it vandal-resistant and allows it to be used in a wide range of applications, including public spaces.

The Watt Stopper

Restroom occupancy sensor

The line voltage PDT sensor (Model CMR-PDT) is designed to determine a restroom's occupancy despite obstructions such as stalls and corners. It combines passive infrared technology with microphonics, allowing the device to both see and hear, and guarantees the room's coverage pattern. Can handle electrical loads of up to 600W.

Sensor Switch

Carbon monoxide detectors

Pama GHD 2011 and GHD 2012 Carbon Monoxide Detectors are designed to comply with UL Standard 2034 10.95. Both units come with three visual LEDs. GHD 2011 is available with N.O. (normally open) dry contacts; GHD 2012 is available with N.O./N.C. (normally closed) change-over dry contacts (3A max), and has a visual display from 0 to 450 ppm. Both units are available in 120VAC, 12VAC/DC and 24VAC/DC. A.D.D.M.


Watt/watt hour/watt demand monitor

The UL-recognized DMWH 300 energy monitor provides highly accurate true rms watt, watt/hour, and watt demand measurements for single-phase and 3-phase power systems. The monitor is suited for load management and submetering applications, with standard options of RS232 or RS485, relays, and KYZ pulses.

Electro Industries/Gaugetech

Energy logger

The InteliTime Pro Logger (IT-100) is an occupancy and light logger that establishes energy-saving potential when using occupancy sensors. Utilizing PIR occupancy sensing technology and a light level detector, the logger records the time a building space is occupied and unoccupied and the time the lights are ON and OFF within a logging period. Information is downloaded to a computer for report production with an included software package.

The Watt Stopper

Magnetic switch

For use on doors and windows, these switch contacts can activate a variety of signals. Typically utilized for burglar alarms, a bell or horn will sound when the circuit is closed. Model TA60 is normally open. Model TA62 is normally closed, and Model TA61 is single-pole, double-throw (SPDT). All contacts are rated for 24VAC, 12VDC.


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Access control

As part of the comprehensive new NT 3400 integral security system, electronic video badging/imaging software and hardware are now being used. This system offers a computer-based identification system custom tailored to meet the needs of a facility. All data is captured and stored in a single database, helping to reduce fraud and security breaches. Tamperproof ID cards and badges ensure integrity and security.

Simplex Time Recorder

Signaling devices

The VA4 signaling device complies to all state and federal requirements, including ADA as well as UL 1971 criteria. The unit integrates visual high intensity strobe with either a horn or speaker on a common faceplate. Product offers a choice of 15/75 candela or 110 candela light output, in 12V or 24VDC. Device mounts to a Standard 4 square electrical device box, or existing SAE back box.

Space Age Electronics

Heat detector

The Lifesaver Heat Detector, an AC-powered sensor with battery back-up, will sound an alarm at the onset of combustion - when the air temperature rises above 135 [degrees] F. Unit can be interconnected to one or several (up to 24) other detectors, such as smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors. When one alarm is activated, all interconnected alarms will sound and indicate the origin of combustion.


Fire alarm panel

The UDACT-F, Universal Digital Alarm communicator, is capable of transmitting all 198 system points, utilizing Ademco Contact ID format, to a central station. This provides vital system information to a runner or critical fire location data to fire department. The LCD-40 Remote Fire Annunciator similarly provides crucial system data, remote from the host FACP. System information displayed in English-language text.

Fire-Lite Alarm

Fire alarm control panel

The IdentiFlex 650 combines analog and conventional monitoring, allowing it to control up to 1008 analog addressable points and 114 hardwired conventional I/O circuits. The technologies allow end-users to set up conventional zones on the addressable loop (with a conventional zone interface) or hardwire directly to the panel.


Fire alarm control panel

The AFP-400 analog, intelligent fire alarm control panel, is designed for any small- to medium-size building requiring up to two intelligent loops and 396 points. Combines the powerful features included in an intelligent system with the versatility of a conventional system. Up to nine sensitivity levels allow even the harshest environment to be monitored and controlled effectively. Includes voice and telephone options.


Plug-in timers

Three models of heavy-duty grounded timers are available to handle appliance control needs. The Model PEC111-RT offers two ON and two OFF programmable settings per day. Model PEC811-RT offers up to 24 ON and 24 OFF programmable settings per day to allow for multiple daily programming. And Model PEC171-RT is a programmable 7-day air-conditioner and appliance timer. Rating is 15A resistive, 1250W tungsten, 8A inductive, TV-5, 60 Hz, 12 FLA, 72 LRA. Paragon Electric

Fire alarm control panels

Two fire alarm control panels, 4004 and 4005, are designed for flexible installation in small- to mid-size facilities. The 4004 general alarm system can be expanded from two to eight initiating device circuits.


ADA-compliant call system

The 5115 Series ADA Call System makes initiating an emergency call simple for people with a variety of impairments while providing reliable interactive communication between rescue personnel and the caller. Advantages of the product include easy-to-understand instructions and signage, highly intelligible sound for clear voice communication and structural integrity.

Simplex Time Recorder

Occupancy sensor

An expanded line of Motion Switch Occupancy Sensor is available. The low-voltage MSCM1000DC ceiling mount sensor and CM120/77 control module can activate one additional relay, controlling the power to a secondary load. The MSCM-1000AC sensor is for DDC (Direct Digital Control) or building management systems. The 347VAC control module and relay (CM-347) can drive one additional relay.

Bryant Electric

Energy consumption monitoring system

Used with the D-MON kilowatt hour meters, the CE-MON Automatic Meter Reading System provides data needed for making decisions relating to electrical energy consumption, usage, and allocation. System software works on- or off-site with any nondedicated IBM (or compatible) PC to allow users to select submeters or sub-meter groups.


Firefighter's emergency telephone

The CommFone 500 firefighter's emergency telephone system uses addressable and nonaddressable firefighter's telephone stations and jacks, Class B telephone zones, 2-wire, nonpolarized phone lines and one or multiple telephone risers (Class B). Features include tone at telephone stations during call-in and status LEDs at addressable stations for normal, off-hook and connection to the master firefighter's telephone. Up to 200 addressable telephones can be used with up to 10 telephones on line simultaneously.

Thorn Automated Systems

Mid-range fire alarm panel

The enhanced 4020 Fire Alarm Control Panel has a significant increase in addressable points and expanded annunciator capacity. It is cost-effective by protecting more building area through expansion of its detection devices and increased compatibility and communications with advanced analog smoke and heat sensors.


Video graphic annunciation system

The VGAS system connects to Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels by way of an Echelon LON-based network. The standard package comes with the VGAS software installed on a high-speed 486 computer complete with a 15-in. SVGA color monitor and mouse. IONs (Input/Output Nodes) are hardware devices used to provide a network connection and are ordered separately. Operates in a Microsoft Windows environment. Monitors fire alarm and security systems.


Smoke alarm

The Firex 04418 is a dual-chamber ionization 120VAC smoke alarm with a 9V battery back-up. Used for single/multiple station use, the alarm has a unique Styline design, test switch, and 85-dB horn. The two LED lights indicate the unit is functioning properly. The "Quick Connect" harness reduces installation time.

Coleman Safety & Security Products

Advanced fire detection

The TrueAlarm analog smoke detection system is a technologically advanced unit containing a number of special features. Provides sufficient sensitivity to detect hostile smoke quickly, but not so sensitive as to generate false alarms. Its microprocessor-based photoelectric sensor maintains constant sensitivity to provide early warning of incipient fire conditions.

Simplex Time Recorder

Fire alarm pull station

Model SG-32RL, UL-listed fire alarm pull station Relocator, is designed to lower the height of stations in existing buildings from 48 in. to 54 in. off the floor to meet ADA's requirements for wheelchair access. The Relocator eliminates the need for pulling new wire or moving the backbox. Available with or without SigCom's prewired ADA-approved metal pull station.

Signal Communications

Circulating fan

This 277V air circulator is designed for I-beam or column-mount industrial applications. Rated at only 1.5A, the product allows for lower installation costs in building with existing 480/277V, 3-phase, 4-wire wye electrical service. The heavy-duty 30-in.-dia fan also features an aerodynamic-designed blade for maximum performance.

Leading Edge

Fire alarm notification device

The SNAC panel offers two independent notification appliance circuits rated 24VDC at 3A per circuit, integral programmable ground fault detection, and transient protection. Unit complies with the new UL 864 power limited requirements and is UL-listed and FM-approved.

Fire Control Instruments

Electric unit heater

The TaskMaster Line of heavy-duty electric unit heaters mounts horizontally or vertically; has adjustable louvers that are field-convertible for single-phase or 3-phase operation, dual wattage/voltage ratings; and includes built-in thermostats, disconnect switches, and fan switches.

Fostoria Industries

Programmable timers

Programmable timers, microprocessor-based, with 2 to 16 independent outputs rated at 15A, 240V, have 60 programs that cycle from 2 sec to 365 days. Serial port provides remote control by phone. Unlock code prevents unwanted entries. Accurate and programmable with automatic daylight savings time and leap year provisions. Battery provides three-year protection.


Time switch

A new line of 1- and 2-channel digital time switches, series DZS-A, features permanent schedule retention even without power. Independent seven-day scheduling can be assigned within four different seasonal periods. Any one unit can run on 120, 208-240, or 277VAC.


Monitoring system

The Foreseer is an integrated hardware/software system that offers proactive monitoring of critical equipment, such as UPSs, air handlers, and battery monitoring, to simple intrusion detector. The interface capability and performance analysis tools deliver information you need to identify dangerous trends, execute corrective action, and prevent failures.

DataTrax Systems

Ultrasonic occupancy sensor

Product keeps lights on in areas that are occupied even when obstructions such as partitions are present. Unit can be mounted on a standard electrical outlet box and is available in 120V/277V or low voltage. Ultrasonic occupancy sensors provide an economical and reliable means of saving energy.


Infrared switch

The Model IWS-ZP passive infrared wall switch occupancy sensor features microprocessor control that allows load switching at the lowest input power value - or Zero Arc Point Switching. Lighting control equipment, especially those with relay contact output, is protected from destructive inrush or kick-back currents, preventing premature failure due to arcing and erosion. The IWS-ZP comes in 120V and 277V versions and has no minimum load requirements.


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