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Instruments and test equipment

Harmonics and power quality are arguably the most important topics in the electrical construction industry today. And you can see the result of this in the vast array of digital multimeters, handheld oscilloscopes, power quality analyzers, and other test equipment currently available.Multimeters continue to evolve. One manufacturer has introduced three new handheld clamp-on style meters that are packed

Harmonics and power quality are arguably the most important topics in the electrical construction industry today. And you can see the result of this in the vast array of digital multimeters, handheld oscilloscopes, power quality analyzers, and other test equipment currently available.

Multimeters continue to evolve. One manufacturer has introduced three new handheld clamp-on style meters that are packed with technician-preferred features like a 4000-count, easy-to-read, LCD display, a data-hold button, and compact size, along with capabilities such as autoranging, true rms sensing, and wide measuring ranges (two meters measure current to 600A, the third measures to 1000A). Even with all these features, they are very affordable meters.

There's a multimeter with a flexible clamp-on 2000A current sensor that can wrap around odd-shaped busbars and individual or bundled cables up to 6 in. in diameter. Isn't it frustrating to almost be able to get your rigid clamp jaws in a tight space? Now such frustration is unnecessary. The multimeter itself is "stick style," and can be operated with one hand. It provides resolution of 0.1A in the 2000A range. Its max hold feature makes it excellent for determining inrush currents.

Multimeter accessory probes are getting smaller, more precise, higher in resolution, and better in frequency response. There's one that converts a non-true rms reading meter to a true rms reading meter now you can get the true rms feature without replacing your other average-responding meters.

A new microprobe measures down to 50 microamps (0.00005A). It's small enough to maneuver around circuit boards, yet it's accurate and practically noise-free.

It is possible to check current to a machine without pulling a conductor from the cable just to get your clamp around it. Now, a multiwire current damp allows you to read current in a multiwire cable, just by placing the jaws around the outside sheath - even if that cable has multiple conductors!

Devotees to Ray Waggoner's PQ Corner will appreciate the new harmonic analysis equipment that's available. One example is a handheld inductive meter with no menus to page through and no calculations to make. It renders accurate true rms readings of both current and voltage, and directly reads %THD, %DF, and CF (% total harmonic distortion, % distortion factor, and crest factor), as well as peak. It records min, max, average, and max peak. It can double as a harmonic and current transducer for an oscilloscope. Want even more features? You can get an analog bar graph, % ripple measurement, individual harmonic, THDF (transformer harmonic derating factor), K-factor for transformer sizing, auto/manual ranging, audible indicators, and auto-off in the same type of instrument.

You might find one of the new recorders extremely valuable. Consider a book-sized three-channel (two analog, one logic) unit that does five types of harmonic analysis to the 40th order, as well as normal recorder functions. The recorder works off a nickel-cadmium battery or an AC adapter.

New chart recorder models are strong evidence that manufacturers are responding to consumer demand. Consider one new recorder that's just over a foot wide yet accommodates a full 8-in. chart. The compactness doesn't come from unusable tiny controls; in fact, it has oversize controls so you can still use them while wearing safety glasses and gloves.

Category Fifteen


These items have appeared over the past year in EC&M's Product News section and received the highest reader response in their category.

Coil and winding tester

The new All-Test IV Pro is for use with motors, generators, transformers, coils, windings, capacitors, solenoids, and ballasts. Product automatically compares stored references, or former tests, with new test results. It stores more than 500 motors or coils with references or test results. Gives a complete picture of the condition of a coil or motor and detects early turn-to-turn faults, meggers insulation resistance to ground, shows open windings, and measures phase balance and phase angle.


Ground-resistance tester

Models 3710/3730 measure ground rod and grid resistance without the use of auxiliary ground rods. Both meters measure ground resistance from 1 to 1200 ohms without disconnecting the rod under test. Model 3730 includes both an alarm function and a memory function, which will store up to 99 field measurements.

AEMC Instruments

Circuit tracing

The Ferret circuit tracing system quickly and accurately locates shorts and opens in cable and conduit runs in walls, concrete slabs, or even underground. Product is a battery-operated tracing system that uses an encoded audio signal, which facilitates rapid circuit location without "bleed over" to other wires in the vicinity.

UFI/Industrial Technology Div.

Ground tester

The Hazardous Ground Tester, Model HGT-120A, instantly determines the integrity of the ground wire on 120V AC circuits. Simply plug the device into an outlet, extension cord, or multiple outlet strip, and an easy-to-read light pattern will instantly indicate that the ground is safe or hazardous.

A. W. Sperry

Infrared scanner

The Thermovision 500 Series, a new series of handheld infrared condition monitoring imagers, provides users a choice of Infrared Focal Plane Array (IRFPA) imaging systems. The 510 offers good features and resolution. The 550, in addition to the high resolution associated with current focal plane array systems, incorporates a number of unique operating and data storage and image processing features.

AGEMA Infrared Systems

Digital multimeter

The TekDMM 150 is 42 x 145 x 25 mm in size, small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. It is an autoranging DMM with range hold on an analog display. The DC range is 300mV to 600V. AC range is 3V to 600V. And it can test resistance, continuity, and diode.


Category Fifteen


Power meter

The Model 39 Power Meter measures power and power factor on single-phase or balanced 3-phase, 3-conductor systems from one single-phase measurement. Also measures true rms voltage and current and displays individual harmonics up to the 31st. It reads peak and total harmonic distortion for complex voltages and currents, and gives immediate readings of crest factors, kvar, and k-factor with no manual calculations.


True megohmmeters

The Model 1005 is a 500V megohmmeter, and the Model 1015 is a 500V and 1000V megohmmeter. Both are built with resilient Lexan and include free shockproof rubber housing, test leads, alligator clips, soft carrying case, and a full one-year warranty. Units are built to UL3111, CSA, IEC1010, and VDE specifications.

AEMC Instruments

Multimeter and adaptor

Available are the Digital Pen Multimeter, Model PMM-1 and an accessory AC current adapter, Model PMM-C. PMM-1 features 600VAC and DC protection on all ranges. Measures ACV to 600V, DCV to 600V, Ohms to 30 meg, Diode check, auto power off. The PMM-C fits into the PMM-1 input terminals and allows you to measure up to 300AAC.

Amprobe Instrument

Clamp-on multimeter

Models 701 and 703 are professional multimeters with full functions. Units read AAC and VAC, VDC, ohms, continuity, have a diode test function, a low battery indicator, a 600V working voltage, and are autoranging. Model 703 is Trms and provides a frequency function.

AEMC Instruments

Continuity tester

The Vol-Con Lite Voltage/Continuity Tester has automatic switching between voltage and continuity testing. Voltage can be measured three different ways. LEDs show voltage from as low as 6V while the neon lamp identifies voltages from 120V. Test maximums are 240VDC and 48VAC. The product can be self-tested to check for proper operation.

Ideal Industries

Power meter

The Model 3910 provides seven essential power measurement values; including Arms, V rms, kvar, PF, kW, and Hz. The peak function allows the user to select A, V, or W for a peak measurement and also displays the associated values at that particular peak. Can display up to four measurements at a time.

AEMC Instruments

Handheld power analyzer

The Power Platform 4300 can measure, record, and analyze power quality, harmonics, and energy. This includes true rms volts and current, W, VA, var, PF, frequency, harmonic distortion for V and A, k-factor, demand, transients, and other power parameters. Uses a PCMCIA ROM "TASKCard," which is inserted in the instrument to run specific operations. Can diagnose false tripping of breakers and other power-related problems.

Dranetz Technologies

Digital clamp meter

The Model 330AC clamp meter is a multifunction product capable of high-accuracy AC current measurement. Measures AC current to 750A, AC and DC voltage, and resistance. Measures AC current in two ranges (200A and 750A) with 1.0% accuracy. Accurate AC current measurements can be made regardless of the position of the conductor inside the jaw.

B+K Precision

Fault locating system

The DART 5000 system offers flexibility to handle a variety of situations that can occur in the field, from locating low-resistance faults in simple cable systems to locating high-resistance faults in complex cable systems such as networks. Comes with time domain reflectometry (TDR) and digital arc reflection modes as standard.

AVO International

Clamp-on multimeters

The LH40 series of AC/DC, true rms, auto-ranging, clamp-on multi-meters combines multiple features. Three models, LH240, LH1040, LH2040, make up the new series, which adhere to IEC 1010 and UL 3111-1 safety standards, and meet EMC requirements. Accurate to [+ or -] 1% of reading [+ or -] 3 digit, the products have current ranges of 40 and 200A (LH240), 400 and 1000A (LH 1040), and 400 and 2000A (LH2040). Each of the multi-meters features true rms measurement of distorted waveforms.


Fiberoptic tester

The FIS Fiber Optic Continuity Tester verifies light continuity in both singlemode and multimode fiber. The 615 nm visible red LED light source transmits light into the fiber core, providing visual identification at the fiber's end. The unit's flashlight design is ruggedized for indoor and outdoor use, and runs on AA alkaline batteries.

Fiber Instrument Sales

Analog multimeter

The AM-6B, a new model, has functions that include: 1.5V battery test scale, dB scale (for telecommunication applications), higher input impedance (4k[ohms]/Volt), fuse and diode protected for misapplication up to 250V, 5[[micro]ampere] to 300mADC measurement, 10mV to 600VDC measurement, a dual resistance scale up to 1 mega ohm, and large display. Comes complete with MTL-6B test leads, one AA battery, and fuses (spare fuse included).

Amprobe Instrument


The Model 5600 performs reliable low-resistance measurements with test currents of 10A and resolution to one micro-ohm utilizing the four-wire Kelvin bridge method. This method eliminates test lead resistance providing an accuracy of 0.25%. The unit is housed in a heavy-duty sealed case for rugged field use. Displays resistance, over-rage, and reversed connection of measurement leads.

AEMC Instruments

Flash multimode OTDR

This optical time domain reflectometry meter is designed for use in LAN fiberoptic cable installation and servicing. With simple four-button operation, the unit is easy to use. Available in 850 nm, 1300 nm, or dual wavelength models for use in typical LAN applications.


AC/DC clamp-on multimeter

The LH630, a 600A, AC/DC clamp-on multimeter, for the measurement of current, voltage, resistance, continuity, and testing diodes, conforms to IEC 1010 safety standards and features a tactile barrier and special jaw design to provide users with added confidence when making measurements in hazardous voltage areas. Has a current range of 400 to 600A and measures current with the DC or AC responding method. Includes a 400/600V voltmeter and 400/4000 ohm meter.


Handheld DMM

Safety features of the MX56 digital multimeter include full water and dust sealing. Test lead retainers keep leads from being accidentally disconnected. Recalibration is digital via a serial interface and requires no opening of the meter. The model has a digitally display resolution of 50,000 counts, a 25-fold improvement over traditional 2000-count multimeters, and offers true rms measurement for accuracy in handling nonsinusoidal, or irregular waveforms.

Metrix Instruments

Ground fault finder kit

This kit (Cat. No. 62-142) is used for identifying the exact location of high-resistance earth-ground faults in underground cable. The one-person-operated system sets up quickly and is ideal for remote locations. Consists of a 12V battery-powered pulse generator, a receiver frame, and 9V-battery-powered receiver with a self-centering meter to indicate the direction of the fault.

Ideal Industries

Cable locator

The Split-Box Pipe and Cable Locator, a handheld instrument in the "split-box" (transmitter/receiver) design, traces underground conductive networks such as electric power cables, water and gas mains, telephone and cable TV lines. Determines the depth of buried lines and locates underground metallic masses such as valve caps and manhole covers. Features a built-in speaker for audio output, and a headpone jack for silent operation.

AVO International

Power analyzer

This portable, battery operated true rms power analyzer, Model 380801, features four large LCDs that display watts, power factor, or VA, voltage or Hz, and amps for monitoring and auditing power consumption of single-phase devices. Included are an RS232 interface and Windows-based data acquisition software that enables the user to capture data for PC display and analysis.

Extech Instruments

Clamp-on testers

A series of rugged digital clamp-on testers, the Snapper II Models 2343 and 2345, provides a wide variety of measurement functions to meet most application needs. The Model 2343 offers a high-speed 40 segment bar graph and a 4000-count digital readout. The 2343 has auto or manual ranging and offers data hold, max hold, and peak hold.


Power analyzer

The Elcontrol NANOVIP power meter, a handheld, battery powered instrument, measures seven fundamental parameters: voltage, current, active power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, and frequency. Measurements are digitally displayed in true rms. Readings have a 1% accuracy, even with a power variation from 7W to 150kW or from 35Wto 750kW.

AVO International

True rms clamp meter

The true rms 400A DC/AC Mini Clamp Meter provides high resolution for accurate, low level measurements of AC and DC current. Unit is ideal where distorted waveforms may otherwise cause inaccuracies. A 4000 count display includes a fast 40 segment bargraph. Autoranging, noncontact frequency measurements range up to 1000 kHz. Has overload protection to 400ADC. The jaws open to 0.9 in. (23 mm).

Extech Instruments

Handheld test tool

The ScopeMeter B test tool, a 100 MHz handheld tool with a high-contrast, cold-cathode, fluorescent backlit display, is 10 times brighter than previous ScopeMeter test tool screens. In addition to its brighter screen and higher bandwidth, the instrument offers a number of new features. It is available in four models.


AC power analyzer

The PowerSight PS 3000 energy Analyzer is a 3-phase handheld instrument that performs 100 different types of electric power measurements each second. Product is a combination harmonic analyzer, demand analyzer, data logger, and disturbance analyzer. Features include logging of voltages in either phase-phase or phase-neutral notation. Waveforms may be saved for later viewing and printing on a computer.

Summit Technology

Ground probe

The earth ground resistance tester, Ground Probe Model GP-1, is a rugged, battery-operated unit that can download to a PC. The unit's 100 memory locations allow storage of two-point, three-point (fall of potential), and four-point resistance/resistivity test results.

Amprobe Instrument

Multimeter/component tester

The high function digital multimeter (DMM), the DM16XL, reads volts, ohms, and amps. This meter also features measuring modes for frequency, capacitance, logic test, transistor test, as well as continuity and diode test.


True rms clamp-on

The ACDC-3000 Digital True rms AC/DC clamp-on offers true rms 1000A AC/DC; ACV/DCV; 1 msec. peak hold; record mode-min, max, average; and frequency measurement through jaw and voltage inputs. It features a backlit display, auto/manual ranging duty cycle, data hold, 3 3/4 digit 4000 count LCD, analog bargraph, and is UL, CE-, and CSA-approved. The unit includes a carrying case, test leads, battery, and manual.

Amprobe Instrument

Harmonic analyzer

The HA-5000 Harmonic Analyzer has the capability to conduct both trend recordings of power quality as well as analysis capability on a single-cycle basis. Records true rms up to the 50th harmonic. The 32-channel (8 analog/24 math channels) instrument captures up to 720 individual events (cycles) as well as trend recordings. Provides 256 samples per cycle. Features include a graphics display for onsite decision-making capability as well as a Windows- based graphing and reporting software for analysis back at the office. The LCD, backlit graphics display shows harmonic spectrum for the captured wave, real time vector plot of phasor diagram, single-cycle waveforms, and trend recording. Plots sine wave, graphs, spectrum and text data in the field through use of optional portable printer.

Rustrak Instruments

Tool tester

The tool tester performs Hi-Pot and current leakage tests and verifies proper operation of electrical equipment used in the workplace and on construction sites. It ensures that the primary circuit power and ground conductors are properly wired and connected. It also applies a high-voltage potential between power and ground conductors to make sure that no unintentional leakage or arching paths exist between power and ground. The product is nondestructive to the equipment under test, and tests can be accomplished in a short time.

Mitchell Instrument


The clamp-on style digital multi-meters, Models AC69, AC65, and AD105, are part of a full range of portable, handheld test instruments that include DMMs and power analysis meters. More than 10 new models for testing and servicing electrical equipment and systems are available. Also available are complementary accessories, test leads, Hall-effect DC/AC current probes, temperature adapters, and fiberoptic power meters.


Full function DMM

Model 380800 is used for checking the value of motor run and start capacitors and for detecting shorted or open capacitors. It performs all multimeter functions including AC/DC volts and current, resistance, diode test and continuity beeper. The product completes with test leads, alligator clips, 9V battery, and protective rubber holster.

Extech Instruments

Clamp-on tester

The true rms current, clamp-on tester 234503 features a 3.5 LCD display, analog bargraph, and auto or manual ranging. Its frequency characteristics allow for current measurement from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The device can be used with an oscilloscope for waveform monitoring or with a recorder. A built-in low-pass filter eliminates harmonics to measure currents only at commercial frequencies.

Yokogawa Corp. of America

Primary power analyzer

Now offered is a handheld power analyzer system for troubleshooting and power system maintenance of primary power distribution lines. The new 41B/AA Primary Power Analyzer combined with Amp and Volt LiteWire Sensors gives measurements, data storage, a computer/printer interface, optimize and power line efficiency, and improved power quality.


Multimeter system

This 10-function multimeter includes frequency, capacitance, resistance, and temperature, and features data hold on a large 1999 count display. Built-in datalogging permits the user to capture and record up to 4048 readings for later analysis. A Go/No-Go digital signal output alarm jack can be used for control and industrial automation. System includes multimeter with stand, spare fuse, 9V battery, test leads, Window Data Acquisition Software, and three Basic programs on 3.5 in. disk.

Extech Instruments

Clamp meter

The Model 36 Clamp Meter combines AC/DC measurements and true rms sensing. The Model 36 is both a digital multimeter (DMM) and a current probe in one handheld unit. Jaws are tapered for easy access into crowded junction boxes and can accommodate conductors up to 1.5 in.


Patch cable tester

The Wiring Verifier provides fast and reliable testing of continuity and wiring schemes for two-, three-, and four-pair cables terminated with modular plugs. Also can verify conductor continuity for coaxial cables. Indicates opens, shorts, miswires, reversals, and crossed pairs of cables terminated with modular plugs.

Ideal Industries

Clamp-on datalogger

This product measures true, apparent power, and power factor with built-in datalogger. Clamp jaws open to 1.8 in. (46 mm). Displays true rms volts, amps, power factor, watts Min/Max, and average. Also measures resistance, continuity, and frequency.

Extech Instruments

Second-generation meter

The new 12B digital multimeter offers high functionality and has a rotary dial, which makes for even faster, simpler operation. Combines new user interface with recording features that capture elusive and intermittent problems. The min/max feature records the highest and lowest voltage readings during a 100-hr period and time-stamps them to the nearest minute.


Calibrating meter

The Model 680 4-20 mA simulator is part of a line of instrumentation controls. Unit is an adjustable current source meter for calibrating and testing of instrumentation modules that monitor a 4-20 mA current loop. Two adjustments, COARSE and FINE, are provided for the user to set the output to the desired current level.

Time Mark

Fiberoptic tester

The Optical Verifier or OV-1 is a field tester built for applications including LAN, Telco, and CATV. The unit provides zero reset (reference) capability for direct loss readout of fiber under test. Three wavelengths (850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm) are available with 0.1 dBm resolution. Laser source(s) are available in 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths. LED source(s) are available for 850 nm or 1300 nm wavelengths.

Fiber Instrument Sales

Digital multimeter

This unit provides 30 ranges and 8 multimeter functions, including DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, diode test, transistor test, and audible continuity test. Designed to meet IEC-1010 standards, this DMM provides [+ or -] 0.5% basic DC voltage accuracy.

Extech Instruments

Cable locator

The 8875 portable locator, capable of pinpointing buried cable, pipe, wire, and faults, features a pushbutton depth indicator for finding any buried conductor at a depth of up to 15 ft. The absolute signal strength feature simplifies path identification. As the receiver is positioned over the target cable, the highest number displayed in peak mode and the lowest number in null mode identifies the cable path.

Rycom Instruments

Electrical cable aging monitor

The Indenter Polymer Aging Monitor provides a nondestructive means of in-situ evaluation of low-voltage electrical cable insulation and jacket aging. The system measures the compressive modulus and force relaxation constant of the cable insulation and jacket to provide information comparable to that of elongation-at-break testing without damaging the cables.


DMM with waveform display

With the ability to display a waveform in a lightweight unit, the TekWaveMeter THM 420 model is a multipurpose tool designed for various uses. In meter mode, the instrument operates like a traditional DMM, with numerical readings like volts, amps, and continuity.


Phase rotation tester

The PRT-100 identifies the leads of a 3-phase motor and detects the sequence of the power line. Once the motor and line leads are properly identified, the motor can be wired so that it turns in the desired direction on the first try. The unit also detects phase loss and no voltage conditions.

Diversified Electronics

Three-phase harmonics meter

The 41B handheld power harmonics analyzer features direct 3-phase readouts from a simple-to-make single-phase measurement. Also has enhanced operation and an improved record mode for easy data capture. Product provides quick, direct measurements, data storage, a computer/printer interface, and harmonics software.



Now offered is this autoranging multimeter with a large LCD window. Has a 1999-count main display plus three 9999-count sub-displays and a fast 41-count bargraph. Min/max and average simultaneous readings, 10A AC/DC fuse, Hi and Lo limits, auto hold, auto power off are standard features.

Extech Instruments

Temperature/humidity recorder

The Model ST-100VE is a compact recorder that can document readings for up to 6 months on lint-free, pressure-sensitive roll chart paper. A clear digital display provides exact room temperature and relative humidity readings. The product has an RS-232C interface for computer hookup. Uses long-life internal batteries.


Versatile datalogger

The RCC InterPower is an eight-channel datalogger that measures four voltage and four current channels including neutrals. Unit also measures all power parameters (kW, kVA, kvar, PF) and harmonics to the 31st for each phase and neutral. Demand, Hz, and THD are some of the other measured variables. Memory system uses an internal 128 K or an insertable SRAM card to 2 meg. Downloading to a computer is either by standard RS232, or the SRAM is used in a PCMCIA slot.

RCC Electronics

Portable case for analyzer

The Lockable Portable Case (LPC-4300) is an optional accessory for the manufacturer's Power Platform 4300 (PP4300). It consists of a rugged, high impact plastic case, a voltage measurement cable assembly, and a 115VAC cable assembly. The cables, case, and all connections to it are waterproof and meet NEMA 4X requirements.

Dranetz Technologies

DMM into clamp-on

The new CA383 Clamp-on Adapter will turn a digital multimeter into a clamp-on current meter. Plug the CA383 into a DMM with a 20mAand 200mA AC range for 0 to 20 and 0 to 200 AC amperage measurement; or a DMM with a 40mA and 400mA AC range for 0 to 40 and 0 to 400 amperage measurement. Has 1 1/4-in. jaw.

Universal Enterprises

Infrared measurement

The intrinsically safe Raynger PM, a handheld infrared thermometer designed to measure temperature in environments where sparks can cause deadly explosions, features rugged electronics. Applications include petrochemical refineries, chemical plants, laminating processes, and food grain processing.


Handheld multimeter

The RR 2000 handheld multimeter features a flexible clamp-on 2000A AC current sensor that is capable of wrapping around irregularly shaped busbars and individual or bundled cables up to 6 in. in dia. Ideal for current measurement in areas that will not accommodate traditional, rigid jaw multimeters.

LEM Instruments

Cable locators

The 8840/8850 Pathfinder portable locator accurately locates the path and depth of cable. This product has been upgraded to include the availability of a peaking antenna in the receiver. Product alerts user against digging into buried cable.

Rycom Instruments

DC/AC probe

The MicroProbe uses the latest current measurement technology for accurate readings as low as 100[[micro]ampere] with clamp-on convenience. Ultra-compact design is made to fit into those hard-to-reach spaces. Unit can be connected directly to any DMM or oscilloscope.

AEMC Instruments

Multifunction calibrator

The Model 423940 provides two channels for simultaneous source and measure, a useful feature when calibrating blind controllers and transmitters. A 2-line LCD display indicates the source value being output (mV, mA, ohm, tc, or RTD) and the input from devices under test (mV, V, or mA).

Extech Instruments

Digital clamp-on meter

The ACD-10 Super will directly measure ACA, ACV, and resistance. A data hold and an audible indicator for continuity along with an auto power-off feature are all standard. The maximum conductor size is 1.02 in. and there is overload protection on all functions. Products is UL- and CSA-approved.

Amprobe Instrument

Power monitor

When disturbances occur, the 3100 PQNode places up to four calls (to computers, numeric, and alpha-numeric pagers). When called, the monitor uses synthesized speech to describe power quality at the site. Users can respond quickly to power quality problems - and also to process control concerns. The unit also initiates calls on receiving signals from its two contact inputs that can be connected to critical process equipment.

Basic Measuring Instruments

AC/DC high-current clamps

Introduced are new high-current clamp-on Hall-effect transformers that meet the new IEC-1010-1 Category III safety standard for operating up to 1000V. Designed for use with multimeters, power loggers, and harmonic analyzers.


Autoranging DMM

The new Autoranging digital multimeter, Model 380770, provides 29 ranges and 10 multimeter functions, including DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode test, transistor test, and audible continuity test. This DMM provides [+ or -]0.3% basic DC voltage accuracy. A 1-in. LCD display provides 3200 counts with two to three updates per sec and a 32-segment bargraph.

Extech Instruments

Electrical testers

The new 7-300 and 7-600 Electrical testers make the job easy for both entry-level users and seasoned professionals who want a compact first-line troubleshooting tool. They automatically switch to the right setting - volts AC or DC, continuity and ohms - and show the results on a 4000-count digital display.


Wire identification

The Model WS-6A sorts up to 6 single or 6 pairs of unpowered wires with or without a known ground path. Tests for continuity, opens, and short circuits. Connect colored identifier leads to one end of cable and a common ground, then connect wire sorter at the opposite end.

A.W. Sperry Instruments

Insulation monitor

This unit continuously monitors the insulation resistance level of standby motors and generators and alerts the user if the insulation level falls below an acceptable level. It features a prealarm adjustable from 0.5 to 10 Mohms and a main alarm adjustable from 0.1 to 2 Mohms.


Line monitoring

The Power Recorder records and analyzes voltage, current, power quality, power consumption, harmonics, and flicker simultaneously. Fourteen instruments are now in one 13-lb package. "Full Disclosure" technology captures all power parameters in complete detail without swapping hardware or software modules. User configurable and fully upgradable.

Reliable Power Meters

Power analyzer

The VIP System 3 has a graphic display/printer and measures 3-phase volts, amps, PF, kW, kVA, Hz, kWh, kvar, and harmonic distortion. Kit includes meter, probes, CTs, case, and the VIP utilities 2.0 software. The software allows MS-DOS local PC communication or remote via modem.

Elcontrol Energy/Northeast Resource Group

Insulation testers

The new Megger BM400 Series of autoranging analog/digital insulation and continuity testers is available. Features 1mA insulation output current, 200mA short-circuit current output, automatic discharge of tested item, and measurement range to 1Gohm.

AVO International

Clamp-on probe

The 22747E clamp-on probe works with digital multimeters. Measures true rms AC and DC, and AC currents from 100[[micro]ampere]. The 22747E outputs 1mV DC per mA, AC, or DC. For ground and leakage current measurement, fault/signal location, and industrial process controls.


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