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With energy efficiency of prime concern and federal legislation initiating the demise of certain types of lamps, lighting is undergoing a rapid and extensive change in technologies and performance characteristics.Lighting ballasts continue their march in the war against waste. With the T8 lamp fast becoming the standard, manufacturers produce economically priced T8 ballasts that are more efficient

With energy efficiency of prime concern and federal legislation initiating the demise of certain types of lamps, lighting is undergoing a rapid and extensive change in technologies and performance characteristics.

Lighting ballasts continue their march in the war against waste. With the T8 lamp fast becoming the standard, manufacturers produce economically priced T8 ballasts that are more efficient than the previous generation.

Dimming ballasts now combine the long life and energy efficiency of fluorescents with the controllability and full-range dimming capabilities of incandescents. Several manufacturers codeveloped new technology for metal halide systems.

Ceramic arc tubes, replacing quartz, combine the high efficiency and long life of high pressure sodium with the benefits of metal halide "white light."

New metal halide ballasts use an ignitor to pulse-start ceramic arc tube lamps, improving efficiency, lumen maintenance, lamp life, color, and restrike time.

A new fluorescent dimming ballast operates on standard incandescent wiring - it even senses, and adjusts for, the system voltage (from 120V to 277V). Retrofitting has never been easier.

Compact fluorescents maintain their momentum in the development of smaller lamps and ballasts, continually expanding an already vast array of applications. Now, there is a screw-in adapter that allows a four-pin fluorescent to operate in a two-wire incandescent socket. This past year saw particular progress in the adapter/ballast portion of the lamp, and not just in size.

Metal halide lamps (high lumen/watt ratings) and halogen lamps (bright white light and low wattage) continue to be technologies of choice. The trend in fluorescents is to use higher quality phosphors that allow manufacturers to produce more efficient lamps with higher color temperature and higher CRIs (Color Rendering Indexes).

A new lighting controller allows you to create multiple lighting scenes for as many as 24 zones at once - with a single wall control or a handheld wireless remote control. Manual override allows temporary changes, and power failure memory protects the program. The new features don't end there; fade buttons set time intervals for light levels to change between scenes. The fade effect can last from just seconds to a barely perceptible change taking place over a full hour. An RS232 interface allows control from a wide variety of audio-visual equipment, like a projection screen or a PC. Imagine giving a presentation in which the lights change automatically at the beginning, at key points throughout, and at the end.

For residential lighting, consider a whole-house system. Control lights from a wall-mounted unit, by computer, telephone, or handheld remote. Some "road warriors" may want to call home from, say, Tibet to change the lighting. Others can use the vacation mode and not call at all. The system can be integrated with home security, motorized window shades, projection screens, climate controls, or even the backyard sprinkler system. It can, for example, create a path of light from the entry to a particular room at a certain time of day. The applications are limited only by the imagination. The manufacturer offers easy-to-use designer software - a timesaver in both the functional layout and the cost-estimating of the final project.

Color has taken on a new meaning with the advent of painted vapor lights, which now come in almost any specified color - perfect for special effects.

Category Nine


These items have appeared over the past year in EC&M's Product News section and received the highest reader response in their category.

High output compact fluorescent lamp

The 42 Dulux T/E compact fluorescent lamp joins an existing family of three lamps (18W, 26W, and 32W). The 42W version produces 3200 lumens, which is significantly more light than a standard 150W incandescent bulb. An important new feature of the family of four lamps is their ability to operate in high-temperature locations while maintaining light output.

Osram Sylvania

Automatic wall switch

SuperSwitch Mini fits neatly into the cutout of a designer-style wallplate. It is an occupancy sensor with a flush silhouette. Electronic design ensures lights remain on, without interruption, in occupied rooms. Lights can be turned on automatically or manually depending upon preference. Two-level lighting control is also provided. Will control fluorescent and incandescent lamps at either 120V or 277V, and is compatible with electronic ballasts.


Fluorescent control system

The new integrated HLI fluorescent dimming system provides control of fluorescents while reducing energy costs. Works with a manual dimming switch, photosensor, occupancy sensor control, or time clock. When connected to a photosensor, occupancy sensor, and time clock, all three are continuously monitored. And the input device requesting the least amount of energy is selected.

Hubbell Lighting

Sunlight-simulating lamp

Production has started on an energy-efficient, sunlight-simulating (5000K), high color-rendering, 32W T8 (1 in. dia) fluorescent lamp. Product meets EPACT standards. With a lumen output of 3000 and a color rendering index (CRI) of 85, the Aurora V lamp provides the cool, crisp look of sun-and-sky daylight. Operates on all T8 magnetic, hybrid, and electronic ballasts.


Fast starting compact fluorescent

The Soft White Dulux EL is a bright and fast-starting compact fluorescent lamp. Ratings are 15W, 20W, and 23W. This new product registers a 3000 [degrees] Kelvin color temperature, producing a white, bright, clean light that is similar to halogen lighting. Produces a brilliant white color that exceeds the "truer" lighting quality of incandescent bulbs. The unique product has instant start with no delay and lights as quickly as an incandescent bulb. Lamp has a life expectancy of 10,000 hrs. The design of this new compact light features unique triple-u-turn tubes.

Osram Sylvania

Multivoltage ballast

This new Sense-A-Volt multivoltage ballast is available. Through microcircuit technology, this product will automatically perform at either 120V or 277V. In addition, it operates as a single or dual lamp configuration, further minimizing inventory requirements. The ballast properly operates 26W to 32W compact fluorescent, 4-pin lamps as well as T8 linear fluorescent lamps; and it features a high power factor and low total harmonic distortion.


Category Nine


Electronic light bulbs

Electronic light bulbs operate at 15W, 20W, and 25W. Lamp types EFD15LE-UHD; EFD20LE-UHD, and EFD-25LE-UHD have a high power factor rating of 98% and total harmonic distortion of less than 10%. The product line offers lumen output, color rendering, and color appearance competitive with 60W, 75W, and 90W incandescents respectively and is rated to provide an average service life of 10,000 operating hours.


Metal halide fixtures

The Arclite line of downlights, accent lights, and wallwashers uses the new metal halide PAR-38 lamps that are five times more efficient than incandescent PAR-38 lamps. Available in 5-, 6-, and 7-in. apertures. They use 70W, 100W, and 150W lamps, with a life as long as 7500 hrs and color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 4000 K.

Edison Price Lighting

Emergency fixture

The EBB series of emergency battery backup lighting fixtures has three individually adjustable lamps. UL-listed for applications in Class I, Divs. 1 and 2, Groups C and D; Class II, Divs. 1 and 2, Groups E, F, and G and Class III environments.

Killark Electric Mfg./Hubbell

Decorative trims

Introduced is LightCharms, a foursome of trims for use with 4-in. aperture low-voltage downlights and accent lights. Product lets the focused light of MR-16, AR-70, and the new TAL MR-16 lamps pass through a minimal 1 1/2-in. opening. LightCharms are designed to replace conventional open downlight and accent light reflectors. The polished aluminum trims provide powerful pin points of low-voltage light.

Edison Price Lighting

Lighting components

The EZ-Flex Series of flexible wiring systems includes a 30A industrial lighting system and is UL-listed and complies with Art. 604 of the NEC. Components are rated for 30A at 120/208V, 277/480V, or 480V. Has full size grounding conductors and injection molded housing.

Dual-Lite/Wiring Products Div.

Corrosion-resistance fixture

The Champ line of industrial lighting products now includes a new, nonmetallic HID and fluorescent fixture. N2MV and N2MVF fixtures offer a higher degree of resistance to severe corrosion and greater performance than traditionally coated metallic and nonmetallic products. Suitable for use in hazardous and nonhazardous environments as well as wet and marine locations.

Crouse-Hinds Div./Cooper Industries

Compact fluorescent ballasts

Four electronic compact fluorescent ballasts are for use with 40W long twin tube (TT%) lamps. Available in 2-lamp and 3-lamp models, these ballasts feature less than 20% THD, high power factor above 95%, and parallel-wired configuration. The 2-lamp and 3-lamp models are available in 120V and 277V versions.


Portable hazardous-duty purge lamp

The 1060PLX, a portable, fluorescent, hazardous-duty lamp, is designed for use in Class I, Div. 1, Group C and D locations. Product is OSHA-compliant and self-contained. Electronically monitored multipurge process delays lighting until after hazardous gases are out of the lamp. Features four 40W biax fluorescent bulbs.

Daniel Woodhead

Ballast current controller

The Heavy Duty Switchpack controls high inrush current to electronic ballasts when combined with the firm's occupancy sensors. Zero crossing circuitry reduces relay contact damage. Relay contacts also disengage at the zero crossing point when the load is deactivated.


Electronic ballasts

This two-lamp rapid start, normal light output compact fluorescent ballast supports the operation of 26W CFL lamps. High-performance features provide a power factor greater than 0.99 and THD of less than 10%.


Low-profile fluorescent

This line of low-profile fluorescent fixtures provides efficiency and long-life of an instant-start white-light fluorescent, plus the high-lumen output of an HID over a wide temperature range. The Merc-master III compact fluorescent couples a high-output, high-efficiency amalgam lamp with an electronic, high-power factor ballasts.

Appleton Electric

Decorative lighting

Offered are decorative ceiling lighting fixtures and wall sconces. Lamps feature hand-painted shades. Gothic, crackle glass, and other decorative lighting styles are offered in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and price points.

Meyda Tiffany

Compact fluorescent fixture

This nonmetallic, vaporproof compact fluorescent lamp fixture, with a fully electronic integrated ballast, is designed for use in wet or corrosive conditions.

MiTor Industries

Fluorescent lighting fixture

The DMVF fluorescent lighting fixture uses single-ended PL/BIAX fluorescent lamps that use less energy while providing the same light output as comparable incandescent lamps. Available with seven different mounting modules that come equipped with integral hub set screws for vibration resistance and integral conduit stop and bushing.

Crouse-Hinds/Cooper Industries

Floodlight fixture

The housing depth of the NS Series Micro Flood has been increased by 3/8 in. and offers options such as 70 and 100W metal halide lamps with dual-tap 120/277V ballast, high power factor ballast for metal halide, and 50 and 70W HPS lamps with dual-tap ballast.

Ruud Lighting

Fluorescent task light

New line of cool running, durable, long-life fluorescent machine lights includes three models, 13W, 27W, and 40W, all of which are equipped with an easy mount bracket for fixed use or with an optional magnetic bracket for portable applications.

Daniel Woodhead

Compact fluorescent ballast

Just developed is a new "Energy Engineered" compact fluorescent electronic ballast that is designed for CFQ26w/G24q lamps. It features a soft rapid start, shutdown circuit, and total harmonic distortion of less than 10%. Available as 120V and 277V models.


Wastewater facility products

Electrical products designed for use in hazardous, wet, and conductive environments, such as wastewater treatment plants, meet UL, CSA, OSHA, and NEC requirements for low voltage and GFCI protection. Includes wet-location portable lights, fluorescent or incandescent hazardous-duty portable hand lamps, handlamps, portable cordsets, portable power outlet boxes, and extension cordsets with wiring devices submersible to 6 ft.

Daniel Woodhead

Dimming system

The SCRimmer Stik is a new low-cost, lightweight, portable SCR-based dimming system. Based on the "dimmer-per-lamp" concept, the product features four channels (four outlets) to connect up to 600W per channel of incandescent or quarts lighting loads. Various output connector types are available.

Electronics Diversified

Fluorescent lamp

New improved versions of the Trimline T8 fluorescent lamps contain a patented proprietary coating system that offers excellent lumen maintenance and delivers color rendering index (CRI) of up to 78 for the SP series and up to 86 for SPX series.

GE Lighting

Sloped ceiling recessed downlights

This new downlight is designed for slope ceiling inclines from 2/12 (9 [degrees]) to 12/12 (45 [degrees]). Has adjustable lamp angle. Features a prewired junction box and an adjustable lamp socket that slides to accommodate short-and long-necked lamps.

Hubbell Lighting

Flexible lighting system

Chan-L-Wire Pro Series, a flexible lighting system, saves up to 40% in labor hours and 15% in installed cost compared with a conventional pipe-and-box installation over the life of a system. Rated for 277/480 and 120/208V, 4-wire service.

The Wiremold Co.

Low-voltage lighting

This line of low-voltage recessed lighting includes a broad variety of trims, housings, and accessories. Shown is the new HR232 recessed unit, which is a miniature fixture operated with a remote electronic transformer and allows shallow installation depth. Accommodates 20W to 50W MR-16 halogen lamps.

W.A.C. Lighting

Lighting controller

The controller, Model LC 200, can turn sign lighting on at one ambient light level and parking lot lighting at a different level, for example. A small electronic control with dual outputs allows for independent turn-on adjustment from 2 to 100 footcandles for each of two circuits. This is accomplished by interacting with a single photocell. Model2000, for automatic on-at-dusk/off-at-dawn, features a weatherproof sealant that prohibits water from entering.


Halogen PAR38 lamps

Per EPACT legislation, there is now a 100% Halogen product family of PAR38 lamps. Includes varying wattages of Standard Halogen, Halogen Plus and Halogen-IR lamps. Operate without diodes, allowing flicker-free performance.

GE Lighting

Lighting controls

Flexible control of store lighting, including general lighting, perimeter lighting, and accent/showcase lighting, is available using Total Lighting Controls (TLC) Softwired Contactors. Operate on 115 or 277V AC power (347V in Canada) and include two 40VA transformers with transient protection. Available in 12, 24, 36, and 48-relay panels.

GE Total Lighting Controls

Fluorescent fixture

The Mini-Wrap energy-efficient fluorescent wrap-around fixture measures only 4 3/4 in. wide and just over 2 1/2 in. high. Available with one or two lamps in cross section in lengths up to 8 ft and can be ordered in master/satellite combinations. Product uses electronic ballast.

EUA Nova/EUA Cogenex

Corrosion-resistant floodlights

The Corroflood 250/400 line of floodlights is ruggedly constructed of high-grade 316 stainless steel and features advanced corrosion-resistant design. The luminaries comply with NEMA 4X requirements, and are UL-listed for Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations, as well as for marine and salt water locations.

Appleton Electric

HID lighting

WLB series of HID lighting products for hose-down applications is enclosed, gasketed, and UL 1572 listed, NEMA 4, washdown approved.


Ceramic metal-halide lamps

A new category of metal-halide lamps uses ceramic material to form the arc tube body. This technology replaces the quartz arc tube with a ceramic arc tube to deliver improved color performance, higher CRI, and increased lumen output. Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lamps offer a wide variety of options. Ratings from 70W to 150W.

GE Lighting

Digital time switch

This time switch uses an LCD to show users the timer countdown. The display is back-lit with electroluminescence. The InteliSwitch TS-200 automatically turns lights off after a preset amount of time.

The Watt Stopper

High- and low-bay lighting

These fixtures, a total of 16 different products, are available in either 250W or 400W high pressure sodium or metal halide, each with a multitap ballast. Each fixture is available with an optional hook, cord, and plug assembly for mounting to an existing loop, or with an optional junction box for mounting to standard 3/4 in. conduit. Features flow-through ventilation of the ballast box to help keep the fixture cool.

NCI Products

Hazardous-location light

This new hazardous location, NEMA 4X rotating light (Electray Model 225x) is rated for Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, and D; Class II, Div. 2, Groups F and G; and Class III.

Signal Div./Federal Signal

Exit sign retrofit kit

The green UL 924-listed LED exit sign retrofit kit is appropriate for for buildings in states where green exit signs are required. Takes minutes to install.


Specification-grade fixtures

The Innovation! Series of fixtures combines T8 lamp, electronic ballast, and reflector technologies with aesthetically pleasing hardware. Many profiles are available, with fixtures that are constructed of high-quality formed steel or aluminum extrusions. You can choose fixtures with direct or indirect lighting, and many can be ordered with both. There are 15 designer colors as well as precise color matching.

Eua Nova/EUA Cogenex

Control sensor

The LightAlert Smart Adapters, using motion-activated sensors include SmartBox, a 180 [degrees] sensor that controls 5A of outdoor lighting; Hi/Lo SmartBox, a 180 [degrees] sensor that controls 100W of incandescent lighting; and SmartSwivel Mini-Sensor, a small outdoor motion detector.

RAB Electric Mfg.


The UltraFlood 75 and UltraFlood 77 heavy-duty floodlights have two-piece, die-cast aluminum housings, easily removable doors, heavy-duty terminal blocks, and plug-in starters. Available in 150 to 1000W HPS, 175 to 1000W metal halide, and mercury vapor in two sizes.

Thomas & Betts

Lighting pole

Introduced is the new Atlanta Series of traditional lighting standards for walkway, roadway, and site lighting. The poles consist of an extruded 12-flute, flat fluted steel shaft with two-piece decorative base cover in cast iron (available in two sizes).

Pinckneyville Lighting Standards/TrimbleHouse

Fixture for sloped ceilings

The Allslope downlight is a recessed light fixture for sloped ceiling installations that accommodates ceiling pitches from 2/12 (10 [degrees]) up to 12/12 (45 [degrees]). Includes socket aiming mechanism that swivels and rotates.

Cooper Lighting

Lamp carrying case

For fluorescent lamp change-out, this lightweight, self-contained carrier tool for 4-ft lamps offers a convenient means for transporting lamps. The Tube-Tote holds 10 new lamps and an 11th slot is provided for the first expired lamp.

Square Peg Enterprises

Vaportight fixture

The Roughlyte II HID vaportight is designed for severe service in nonhazardous, nonclassified locations where low mounting heights and restricted mounting space are required. Operating capabilities range from -40 [degrees] C up to +55 [degrees] C ambient. Uses medium base lamp up to 150W HPS and 175W metal halide lamps.

Stonco Lighting

Exit signs

Light-emitting diode (LED) Light Stick technology is the light source for the 3000 series of exit signs and the 2000 series of exit sign retrofit kits. The LEDs contain no fragile filaments and are resistant to shock or vibration. These products consume nearly 96% less energy than a standard incandescent two-lamp system and up to 85% less energy than many fluorescent exit signs.


Wall switch dimming ballasts

The new Mark X electronic dimming ballast is controlled by a wall dimming device. Provides continuous dimming down to 5% direct from the power line with a compatible, two-wire, phase-cut style dimmer; and requires no additional control leads.

Advance Transformer

Utility light

This utility light withstands high temperatures and corrosive surroundings. UL-listed for damp locations. Choice of globes are available for incandescent or energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.

Engineered Products

Centralized control emergency lighting

The Spectron II Plus emergency lighting system is the latest in a series of "smart" self-monitoring, self-testing emergency lighting and power products. The system provides an easy-to-use monitoring network that automates testing, reporting, and maintenance functions.

Dual Lite

Two-wire stringlights

These two-wire molded stringlights come assembled in 50-in. and 100-in. lengths with 10-in. socket spacing. Full-threaded screwshell supports lamp and ensures solid contact. Nonconducting snap-open lamp guards and shatter/crush-proof molded sockets take work-site abuse. Clear shields are available to protect bulbs from moisture and debris.

Ericson Mfg.

Security lighting

The HI-Dim Sentry, a dimming HID security wall pack, saves money by dimming up to 70%. Has built-in occupancy sensing, producing full light output when motion is detected. When no movement is detected, the product dims as much as 70% for maximum energy savings. Perfect for parking areas, perimeter lighting, and schools.

Conservalite/Enerex Technology

Dimming ballast

The Ballastar line of high-frequency dimming electronic ballasts for F32T8 and F25T8 lamps is available in 1- and 2-lamp versions in 120V and 277V. Features rapid starting while dimming continuously through the full range of 20% to 100% light output. Performance specifications include total harmonic distortion level of less than 10%, a power factor of greater than .95, an A+ sound rating, and a five-yr warranty. All UL-listed and CSA-certified.


LED exit fixtures

The new family of Pathfinder LED exit signs combines excellent visibility, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance. Product's 5.0 foot-lamberts average letter luminance is more than 200 times the minimum Code requirements.

Hubbell Lighting

Building management controlled dimming ballast

The new Mark VII Controllable Electronic Ballast is operated by building energy management systems or daylight sensing units. The product provides a dimmerable output and serves 1,2, or 3 F32T8 rapid start fluorescent lamps.

Advance Transformer

Lamp coating

Toughcoat products have a protective envelope that confines broken glass under severe conditions. The coating resists breakage from vibration, shocks, and weather.

Supreme Lighting

Better color metal halide lamp

A new metal-halide lamp with superior color rendering and color stability qualities, the Designer Series of Metalarc Pro-Tech lamps, comes in both a PAR-30 shape in 50W and 70W and an ED bulb shape in 70W and 100W. The lamps incorporate the Pro-Tech technology.

Osram Sylvania

Light control

The Spacer Personal Space Light Control can dim or switch lighting from anywhere in a room via infrared (IR) wireless remote control. Consists of a 600W, 120V dimmer with built-in IR receiver and IR wireless remote control transmitter.

Lutron Electronics

Infrared wall switch

The passive infrared wall switch for dual 120/277VAC operation, with a choice of Automatic-On or Manual-On operation is available. The WI-200 turns lighting systems on and off based on occupancy and ambient light levels.

The Watt Stopper

Exit sign retrofit

Encapsulated in a standard T-6 1/2 glass lamp envelope, LED Lite Stix produce optimum light output at a fraction of energy use. Two of these lamps per exit sign require just 2W as compared with 40W for incandescent lamps. Suitable for practically any single or double-faced exit fixture up to 13 in. x 9 in. x 3 in.

Cooper Lighting

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