Metals and Minerals Industry on the Rise in 2009

A total of 593 projects, totaling more than $42 billion in active metals and minerals projects, are on track this year, 180 of which are located in the Great Lakes region

The metals and mining industry ranks third — after power and industrial manufacturing — for planned project spending in the United States, according to Industrial Info Resources, Sugar Land, Texas. In 2009, the industry comprises 593 projects totaling more than $42 billion in active metals and minerals projects throughout the nation, with a quarter (180 projects worth approximately $10.6 billion) located in the Great Lakes Region.

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More than half of the projects are mining, including $7 billion for 61 major coal mining projects and $14 billion in metals mining. The steel market slump has caused the cancellation or delay of many metallurgical coal mining projects. Therefore, steam coal projects make up the bulk of the coal mining projects. Gold and uranium projects account for 51 projects in the metals mining category.

For more information on the metals and minerals industry, visit the Industrial Info Resources Web site at

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