New Products

Thermal transfer labels PAN-CODE thermal transfer labels suit a variety of applications, including wire marking, bar-code labeling, and shipment tracking. Label types include self-laminating thermal transfer labels, specialized blank thermal transfer labels, heat-shrink labels, and thermal transfer ribbons. Panduit Stick lubricant The new Mini Rotabroach Stick Lubricant is a specially formulated lubricant

Thermal transfer labels
PAN-CODE thermal transfer labels suit a variety of applications, including wire marking, bar-code labeling, and shipment tracking. Label types include self-laminating thermal transfer labels, specialized blank thermal transfer labels, heat-shrink labels, and thermal transfer ribbons.

Stick lubricant
The new Mini Rotabroach Stick Lubricant is a specially formulated lubricant you can use with the company's lines of Rotabroach annular cutting tools. Available in the new 1.68-oz size, it provides clean tool protection (no coolant spills or dripping). The unit is ideal for use when drilling overhead, when the drill is inverted or in a horizontal plane where liquid coolants would fail to provide adequate protection at the cutting edges. The product is appropriate for use with ferrous or nonferrous metals.

Fiber optic installation kit
Housed in a mechanic's bag, the Basic Fiber Optic Kit is a package of fiber optic installation tools that includes: a 1002 fiber optic scope for viewing fiber before and after cleaving; a pen-sized fiber-continuity tester; the IDEAL Mini-Lite Optical Fiber Stripper; a Kevlar cutter; a carbide fiber optic scribe; a fixture for polishing optical fiber ST- and SC-type connectors; and additional space.
Ideal Industries

Surface-mount transformer modules
This two-member (S558-5999-T5 and S558-5999-U5) family of surface-mount magnetic 10/100Base-T transformer modules has a temperature range of 140 to `85 C, and conforms to IEEE 802.3u standards.
Bel Fuse

Optical fiber raceway
Plenum-Gard is a UL-listed nonmetallic, corrugated, flexible conduit for use in plenum/riser and general-purpose applications. It's made with Elf-Atochem's KYNAR material for low-smoke, low-flame propagation properties and is available in 3/4-in. through 2-in. sizes.

UHF male crimp connector
The EZ-400-UM non-solder "EZ" install Type-UHF male connector eliminates the need to solder the center conductor and braid. The center conductor slides into a silver-plated spring finger contact pin, and the outer braid is attached with a crimp-style attachment ring using standard .429-in. hex dies.
Times Microwave Systems

Wire management products
OmniLink now provides new opportunities for single-source purchasing. It features a comprehensive line of power, voice, data, and video products that provides installation benefits for electrical contractors and installers.
Thomas & Betts

Fiber optic switch/converter
Using the Model 4185 fiber optic switch/converter, you can access two separate fiber optic 100Base-FX ports from a 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet port (COMMON port).
Electro Standards Laboratories

Large-capacity poke-through
The Walker RC4 Series poke-through is an open-space wire and cable management system. It provides for two dual-circuit 20A single duplex receptacles, wired on individual circuits with separate neutral and ground wires. It supports four multimedia datacom connectors.
The Wiremold Co.

Flexible electrical conduits
Available in three types, these flexible electrical conduits offer electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference shielding. By permitting traditional wiring solutions in shielding applications, these liquidtight conduits provide an alternative to specialized shielded cable assemblies.

PC-based OTDR
This optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) module works with any Windows PC to offer full OTDR functionality. It's portable for field use, versatile for the lab, and perfect for teaching - its display can be projected from the PC or viewed on a large-screen monitor.

Media system
The Decora Media System converts stereo audio and baseband video signals for home theater and distributed audio/video to Cat. 5 unshielded twisted pair. It incorporates active electronics, and its circuitry is capable of streaming analog audio and video signals over distances of up to 300 m - without audio distortion or noticeable video artifacts.

Fiber test installer packages
Two new fiber test installer packages, the FTI Basic and FTI Pro, simplify fiber testing by giving technicians all the test and inspection tools they need in one compact kit. Both packages include easy-to-use fiber testers that test multimode fiber at 850 nm and 1300 nm wavelengths.
Fluke Networks

Surge and lightning protector for radio lines
The COAXTRAB CN-LAMBDA/4 surge and lightning protector uses a 1/4-wave filter design to eliminate surge voltages from radio antenna lines. Designed to operate on 2 GHz 515%, this unit is ideal for protecting mobile-phone and other cellular base stations from lightning-induced surges that enter through coaxial lines.
Phoenix Contact

Power addition kits
Power Addition Kits are for use with Panduit PAN-POLE power and communications poles. These kits are UL-listed for the field installation of up to three additional duplex outlets on each pole. Outlets may be added to the existing PAN-POLE factory-wired circuit, or an additional circuit may be added to the pole for a total of two. The kits are available in two versions, with or without a 20A rectangular outlet and two outlet mounting screws. Both versions include an outlet mounting bracket with mounting screw and a snap-in faceplate.

Solid-state relays
The HETP series of thermally managed AC solid-state relays delivers 3-phase SCR output to 100A per phase, 1600V. They provide control of high amounts of power in 3-phase applications, and the optical isolation feature protects circuit control elements from transients in the load. Benefits include standard control status LED, choice of AC or DC inputs, and constant current input.
Teledyne Relays

Severe-duty motors
The new W21 motor line offers the high performance of a severe duty motor at a standard motor price. It's interchangeable with the company's current standard motor and has an improved fan cover to reduce noise levels. Upgraded insulation (NMN, Nomex Mylar Nomex, for frames 364T up to 586/7) now meets inverter-duty application requirements for 460V and below.
WEG Electric Motors

Lock-out relays
The Series 24 Lock-Out Relays (LORs) with Smart Nameplates feature LEDs that continuously display trip coil continuity and provide a clear warning against closing into a fault. In operation, the LOR trip coil continuously monitors continuity. In the reset position, an LED glows green, indicating the coil circuitry is intact and the LOR is ready to respond to a trip signal. Should the LOR trip coil fail, the green LED extinguishes and a built-in contact closes, sending notification signal to SCADA. If a fault is detected, the LOR trips. A red LED then lights and functions as a trip signal monitor.
Electro switch

Progammable logic controller
The VersaMax SE programmable logic controller accessory enables Ethernet connection via the serial port on a micro or nano controller. It allows users to solicit and send information, upload/download programs, and monitor and control devices over the Ethernet. Measuring 2.4 in.23.7 in.21.4 in., it features DIN-rail mounting, allowing users to install the product onto a DIN-rail rack and attach the serial interface of the device to the controller.
GE Fanuc Automation

Cutting and stripping tools
Greenlee Pro Strippers are marked for solid and stranded wire - which means you don't need to carry two tools. The blades are longer than on competitive tools, so they easily cut NM cable in one stroke. They are also curved, which reduces cutting force by 25%. Equipped with wire looping holes, they have a locking tab to protect the blades during storage in a tool pouch.
Greenlee Textron

Multispeed motor
The Cooling Tower multispeed motor is designed for applications in extreme moisture environments. The Design B, 60 Hz, Class F motor operates in a 407C ambient temperature and 1.15 service factor. Additional features include type "YA" lead lugs, lip seals on both brackets, T-drains, and stainless steel nameplates. It's also equipped with cast iron bearing caps for the double-shielded ball bearings, alemite grease fittings, and an epoxy-coated rotor and stator.
Rockwell Automation

Sign luminaire
The Sign-Vue II luminaire provides sign legibility for highway signs and building facades. Hot spots and dark spots are eliminated by the prismatic glass refractor, which uniformly disperses the maximum amount of light across the entire sign face with minimal energy consumption. Its shallow profile offers a clutter-free look that doesn't obstruct the message. It meets UL 1572 rain test requirements.

Terminal enclosures
The TSC4 series of increased safety screw cover terminal enclosures provide explosion protection by utilizing additional security against the possibility of excessive temperature and of the occurrence of arcs and sparks. This is accomplished through additional assurances in matters of electrical clearances and the security of electrical connections.

Socket sets
The tools in this safety socket set are double-insulated and manufactured to ASTMF-1505.94 standard for work on energized circuits with voltages up to 1000VAC (1500VDC). When the outer orange insulation layer has worn, the lower yellow layer shows through, serving as an early warning to take the tool out of service. The sets are available in standard and deepwall styles, in 12-point or 6-point, in 1/4-in. through 1/2-in. square drives. Metric sizes are also available. The sets include extension bars and a cloth tool roll for protective storage.
Cementex Products

Strut nut
The new CADDY SLICK strut nut provides fast, universal attachment of threaded rod and hardware to standard strut profiles. It replaces difficult-to-handle spring nuts and can reduce installation time by up to 70%. The unit's design toggles into place and eliminates the need for a washer. An integrated plastic strip provides tension to grip the strut, yet allows for easy repositioning or removal.

Spring steel fasteners
Twelve product series and more than 70 catalog numbers have been added to this company's Steel City Spring Steel Fasteners product line. They include the SC6 Armored Cable to Stud Clip, AC/BX/MC cable hangers, the SGA Series Electrical Box to Stud Adjustable Bar Bracket, and the VT Series Strap Tie Cat. 5 Cable Support.
Thomas & Betts

Reciprocating blade
The new King-Cut reciprocating blade is the newest addition to the company's line of Yellow Saw Blades. Unlike standard .035-in. or .050-in. blades, the unit is .063 in. thick, allowing it to easily cut through virtually any difficult combination of building materials. The blade features a thick, durable, high-speed steel cutting edge with heat-treated teeth - set at an aggressive variable pitch and welded to a tough 1-in. back.
The L.S. Starrett Co.

Temporary lighting system
This High-Intensity Discharge (HID) temporary lighting system is designed for indoor construction sites where mounting heights exceed 15 ft. Features include a lightweight die-cast aluminum ballast housing with easy-grip handles, sturdy lamp cage, and coated lamp with a 250W or 400W metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamp.
Crescent/Stonco Lighting

Tool carrier
The Pocket Pal heavy-duty tool carrier fits in your back pocket and has a pouch that hangs over the outside pocket to double the tool-toting capacity. It allows you to carry up to seven tools without stretching or ripping pants, yet measures 6 1/2 in. 24 1/2 in.
Ideal Industries

Cable reel
The Hannay NSCR700 cable reel features a compact design with a sturdy, narrow frame for use with live electrical cable. It can be mounted in confined spaces and is ideal for use with power tools, lights, machinery, and generators. A heavy-duty spring motor provides self-contained rewind power, with a non-sparking ratchet assembly that locks the reel when the desired length of cable is payed out. The unit houses a standard 45A, 3-conductor, 600V collector assembly with No. 8 gauge wiring.
Hannay Reels

Camouflage tool bags
These tool bags feature the Realtree Advantage camouflage pattern line that comes in 14-in., 18-in., and 24-in. tool bags as well as a 12 1/2-in. zipper tool bag. They have resistance to abrasions, punctures, and tearing. Features include a rugged steel frame mouth with hinge for easy access, and a retaining strap with buckles for secure closure.
Klein Tools

Hammer-drill kit
The new 1/2-in. Hammer-Drill Kit, model 5378-21 combines a compact lightweight design with a powerful 7.5A motor. This tool drills up to 5/8-in. holes in concrete, masonry, brick, or block. A dual-torque gearbox provides high-speed drilling (0 rpm to 3250 rpm) in high-speed range for smaller bits, and plenty of torque for larger bits in the low-speed range setting (0 rpm to 1350 rpm).
Milwaukee Electric Tool

Pull tape
Bull-Line pull-tape products expedite cable installation. They are available in polyester or aramid-fiber constructions, and in multiple reel sizes or factory pre-installed into conduit. The tapes are printed with sequential footage or metric markings for accurate in-field measurements. Corrosion-resistant Bull-Line Woven Tone-Tape features a tracer wire for signal locating.

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