New Products

Cable reel The CR 16-14-16 cable reel is compact, lightweight, and portable, and can accommodate a large amount of power cable. It is equipped with a 3-conductor collector ring assembly that is housed inside its drum. A prewired supply cord enables direct live hookup and allows continuous current as cable is payed out or rewound. Hannay Reels Load center The Panel/Link Generator-Ready main breaker

Cable reel
The CR 16-14-16 cable reel is compact, lightweight, and portable, and can accommodate a large amount of power cable. It is equipped with a 3-conductor collector ring assembly that is housed inside its drum. A prewired supply cord enables direct live hookup and allows continuous current as cable is payed out or rewound.
Hannay Reels

Load center
The Panel/Link Generator-Ready main breaker load center is a residential and commercial load center with a built-in manual transfer switch that powers a portable generator during power outages. The design allows for only one power source/feed at a time to the breaker box's split copper bus. This ensures a high level of safety for users.
Reliance Controls

Cable ties, mounting hole ties, pads
This new family of cable ties, mounting holes ties, and mounting pads is available in a variety of colors, materials, tensile strengths, and dimensions to fit most applications. The company also supplies nylon cable ties in tensile strengths from 18 lb to 50 lb and lengths from 4.1 in. to 14.5 in.
Galvan Industries

Piercing tools
The new Vermeer 2 1/2 Active Head HAMMERHEAD MOLE can handle tough ground with a tool specially designed for adverse boring conditions. The system effectively uses the striker impact force to increase production in difficult soils, including cobble, hard clays, and hard pan.
Vermeer Mfg.

Wireless notebook PC
The Itronix GoBook is a notebook PC for field-based mobile workforces. Designed for rugged indoor and outdoor use, the PC combines cutting edge technology with broad new wireless capabilities. Built to withstand the rigors of remote field use, the computer sustains extremes for water, shock, drop, and temperature, including rainstorms and other harsh environments.

Wiring system
The Resi-Link home structured wiring system is a modular solution for electrical contractors who are expanding into residential prewiring for low-voltage telephone, data, and Cat. 5/video distribution. It centralizes connections for voice/data, Cat. 5, security, and Internet applications in the home.
Thomas & Betts

Fiber optic crimp connectors
The 2Quick fiber optic crimp SC-and ST-style connectors are nonadhesive, crimp-style fiber optic connectors that assemble onto fiber in about 2 min. They exceed pulling requirements established by TIA/EIA-568-B.3.
Hubbell Premise Wiring

Telecommunication lugs
This extensive line of copper compression lugs meets the demands of the telecommunications industry. The tongue/pad spacing on this line of lugs is designed for two-hole telecommunication applications of 1/4-in. studs with 5/8-in. and 3/4-in. hole spacing; 3/8-in. studs with 3/4-in, 13/16-in., and 1 3/4-in. hole spacing; and 1/2-in. studs with 1 3/4-in. hole spacing.

Dial-up modem protection
The DATATRAB D-FM-A/RJ45-BB protects plain old telephone service (POTS) lines from damaging surge voltages. This universal package directly interfaces with RJ45, RJ12, and RJ11 modular connectors to protect dial-up modems and other terminal equipment that use analog phone lines.
Phoenix Contact

DSL-ready test set
Model 630 Craft TestSet is designed for safe voice testing in digital subscriber line (DSL) environments. It offers the protection of integral filters incorporated into the TALK mode circuit, making it electrically transparent to the digital circuit and averting change in electrical characteristics. It features SIGNALSHIELD, a detection technology that issues an audible and visible warning alarm to the technician when in close proximity to a digital circuit while in MONITOR mode.
Ideal Industries

High-density fiber distribution system
The OPTICOM HD high-capacity distribution system maximizes space, reduces overall installed cost, and simplifies system updates. It includes equipment racks, integral cable management with bend radius control, and high-density enclosures and connector modules. It has up to 1728 simplex SC connections in a single 7-ft rack.

Current, voltage, and 3-phase monitors
The new D and P Series monitoring modules offer three lines of modules with differentiated functional complexity. The user can choose between types with single functions, extended functions, and full functions. Harmonized module circuitry is available in DIN rail or plug-in type housings.
Carlo Gavazzi Automation Components

Telephone/telecom test kit
The telephone/telecom test kit provides field technicians with test lead cords compatible with all standard telephone systems, data- and voice-transmission test sets, and wideband circuit path/interconnect devices.
Electro Standards Labs

Coaxial cables
Four RG6/U 60% coaxial cables are available for use in residential and commercial applications. The cables are 18 gauge and feature a 60% aluminum-foil braid for increased flexibility during installation, and a 100% aluminum-foil shield for protection against signal interference.
Coleman Cable

Enclosure system
The new 4U enclosure system provides a complete low-profile CompactPCI NEBS-ready system, making it ideal for those requiring central office standards compliance in a small form factor. It includes a 400W ATX power supply, four-slot backplane with telephony bus, and disk-drive bays for one 5 1/4-in. and two 3 1/2-in. drives.
Pentair Electronic Packaging

Wire stripper and twister
The C300 strips coaxial cables and stranded and solid wires. Each stripping head incorporates a pair of rotating carbide striping blades to strip insulation wires between .028 in. and .265 in. The adjustable strip length stop for each head helps achieve consistent strip lengths and can be adjusted while the unit is running.
The Eraser Co.

Motor control center
The IntelliCENTER motor control center provides users hardware, software, and communication integration. It shows real-time data, trending, component history, wiring diagrams, user manuals, and spare parts. It reduces installation time with its plug-and-play setup and minimizes facility downtime by quickly providing intelligent diagnostic and predictive failure information.
Rockwell Automation

Integrated electrical system
The Modular Panelboard Systems Class 2010 is an integrated electrical system that requires less cable and wire trough, and fewer nipples, lock nuts, and bushings. It has six 4-in. knockouts with edge guards and a bottom box cutout in each section. It offers space provisions for customer-and factory-installed control components such as lighting contactors, relays, and time clocks.
Square D

HID ballast/lamp system
The indoor/outdoor Pulse-Start metal-halide ballast and lamp system provides increased lumens per watt and higher lumen maintenance. It causes less color shift so that you can light a space with fewer fixtures or lower wattage fixtures with no applicable reduction in light levels.
Lithonia Lighting

The Series EWR, EWP, and EN4 of enclosures is designed for use with this company's UL-approved audible strobes and strobe appliances. These weather-resistant units are for indoor and outdoor applications including walk-in coolers, schools, factories, and warehouses.

Rack mount UPS
The UPS R3000 XR rack mount is designed for users who want to provide power protection in space-constrained rack enterprise environments. It delivers 2700W and includes hot-swappable batteries and electronics. It measures 3.5 in. and weighs 40% less than other models.

Data acquisition system
This new 18-channel, portable data acquisition system is equipped with a 15.4-in. diagonal monitor for intuitive touch-screen control and real-time data viewing and analysis. Designated the Dash 18, the unit offers 18 universal input channels; internal hard drive and on-board 250 MB zip drive; and Ethernet interface for command and control.

Motion controls
This series of servo, linear, and motion control products provides a point-to-point controller and a "micro-sized," fully programmable motion controller. The product line includes the FlexDrive, Flex`Drive, LinDrive, Lin`Drive, MINTDrive, and MacroDrive. All controls feature Windows-based setup and full auto tuning wizards.

Quartz bullet floodlights
The RAB QB quartz bullet floodlights are made of die-cast aluminum with gold-plated socket contacts, and include internal and external heat-dissipating fins to extend lamp and fixture life. Additional features include a glare shield and a manually adjustable mounting arm. Each bullet measures 5 in.23.5 in.
RAB Electric

Switch-mode power supply
The PFC350 modular switch-mode power supply is rated at 350W total continuous output power at operating temperatures of 0C to 50C. The unit corrects the input current wave-form to better than 0.99 power factor at full load. It can accommodate the full spectrum of OEM power supply needs and allow quick prototype delivery or customer modifications to the standard unit. The open-frame switcher measures 9.5 in.25in.22.44 in. with full cover on.
Taiyo Yuden

Ideal for cost-effective control of smaller AC motors, the new SPEEDMASTER SM Basic drives provide essential out-of-box features for start/stop and adjustable-speed applications at a cost equal to or better than DC SCR drives or many soft-starts. They are available through 3 hp in versions for single-phase or 3-phase input. SM Basic drives include a two-digit LED display and can be programmed with buttons on the drive face or off-line using the removable electronic programming module.
Leeson Electric

Insulation resistance tester
Model 1520 MegOhmMeter combines insulation resistance testing, AC/DC voltage measurement, and Lo-Ohms function - all in one unit. It tests ground connections and insulation resistance in power system wiring and motor windings up to 4000 megohms, with three output voltages: 250V, 500V, and 1000V.

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