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All-weather butt-in test set The GTS butt-in telephone test set delivers all-weather durability and operator convenience, for telephone service and data wiring verification and troubleshooting. It features a waterproof Nautilus plastic case that is submersible and drop-tested from 20 ft. Greenlee Textron Anchoring adhesive The Epcon A7, an all-weather anchoring adhesive, comes in a 5-oz cartridge

All-weather butt-in test set
The GTS butt-in telephone test set delivers all-weather durability and operator convenience, for telephone service and data wiring verification and troubleshooting. It features a waterproof Nautilus plastic case that is submersible and drop-tested from 20 ft.
Greenlee Textron

Anchoring adhesive
The Epcon A7, an all-weather anchoring adhesive, comes in a 5-oz cartridge (A7-5) with a choice of one-step dispensing systems. It flows freely - even in cold temperature and is dispensed from the A7-5 cartridge through a mixing nozzle directly into the anchor hole.
ITW Ramset/Red Head

Ceiling fan support boxes
Three Steel City ceiling fan support boxes accommodate EMT conduit fittings, and other fittings with a 1/2-in. trade size. They feature 1/2-in. knockouts on all sides and five knockouts in the bottom in a 1 1/2-in.-deep model and a 2 1/8-in.-deep version - available with or without a bracket.
Thomas & Betts

Cellular raceway system
The Walker N-R-G Flor cellular raceway system incorporates a 1 1/4-in. cable bend radius that exceeds the TIA/EIA standard for cable and wire management systems. The bend-radius protection allows contractors to safely place fiber optic cable without fear of signal loss or distortion.
The Wiremold Co.

These new ceramic ferrule FC-PC and FC-APC polarization maintaining connectors are designed for telecommunications, medical, and military applications. They incorporate components from DIAMOND S.A.

Data/coaxial cable tester
The LAN ProNavigator is a network data and cable tester. It's a portable two-piece unit that tests UTP and SDTP data cable for opens, shorts, crossed wires, and split pairs for EIA/TIA-568A, 568B, Token Ring, 10Base-T, and USOC. It will also test BNC-connected 50-ohm and 75-ohm coax cable for continuity.
Jensen Tools

Digital cable analyzer
The DSP-4100 extends the DSP Series to provide additional memory and reporting capabilities. It includes a removable memory card and a new version of the Fluke Network's Cable Manager Software.
Fluke Networks

Drill bits
Pilot point drill bits start holes on contact, preventing the bit from walking across the workpiece. The recessed cutting wings drill clean, round holes and eliminate the burrs that cause lockup breakthrough. They also have a tapered web design that grows thicker as it nears the shank.
DEWALT Industrial Tool

Ethernet surge protection
The DATATRAB D-LAN-A/RJ45-BS protects 10Base-T and 100Base-T Ethernet data interfaces from damaging surge voltages. It's a universal package that directly interfaces with Ethernet and Token Ring structures. It can be used to protect ISDN telecommunication signals.
Phoenix Contact

Fiber optic A/B switch
Model 4184 is a fiber optic SC duplex interface A/B switch with a multimode duplex connector interface on the A, B, and common ports. It connects a workstation or device between two other devices or networks.
Electro Standards Laboratories

Fiber optic pulling capstans
These fiber optic pulling capstans have aluminum drum diameters of a standard 25-in. along with additional 32-in. and 40-in. sizes. The 25-in. and 40-in. models offer torque limiters set at a maximum pull force of 600 lb or 1000 lb. Limiters on the 32-in. model are set at 600 lb, 750 lb, or 1000 lb. The company can also set weights by request.
General Machine Products

Fiber optic testers
These MT-RJ style fiber optic connectors offer dual-polarity with high-density connectivity. The Workstation-style connectors offer a two-piece construction key-stone-style adapters and push-button fiber insertion and retention. The Frame-Station-style connectors use cam technology to lock the fiber into a terminated position.
Leviton Voice & Data Div.

Fiber optic toolbox
This toolbox includes an automated cable tester to test cable and store data for certification and customer reports - and tools to install, test, maintain, and troubleshoot almost any fiber optic network.

Flat-post standoff
The flat-post standoff secures wire bundles above or away from adjacent surfaces when required. Its flat profile is for use in enclosures where depth in mounting space may not be available. It's designed with a standard EIA mounting hole spacing, for use in network enclosures and standard open racks.

Four-port faceplate
This four-port faceplate attaches to the Walker-brand 500 Series aluminum floor monuments, which allow voice/data connectivity to be floor-mounted in open spaces. They accept any combination of KRONE modular data jacks or specialty connectors.

Innovative fiber panel
The new 2RU panel is a 3 1/2-in. high, rack-mount unit that accommodates up to six mounting plates. It can support a variety of different adapters, including ST, SC, and MT-RJ. It holds up to six mounting plates, supporting up to 48 fibers for ST adapters.
Leviton Voice & Data Div.

Ladder rack
The Model 1280 Fast Rack ladder rack holds up to 1000-lb load capacity and fits 8-ft pickup truck beds. It takes eight bolts to assemble and 12 bolts to install. Its 7-gal steel bottom side rails add strength to the bed.

Large-core fiber
The MaxCore family of large-core plastic fiber is formulated to maintain high flexibility and durability over its extended life. It's odor free and does not harden with age. It allows for more light conduction (flux) through the fiber, due to its higher portion of active core area compared to the overall diameter.

Lighting control systems
The LCP series of lighting control systems is pre-assembled to simplify installation, the new panels feature self-prompting menus for easy programming-with a 10-yr relay warranty. They can mask inputs so switches can be bypassed during certain hours of the day and can be controlled by telephone or pager.
Siemens Energy & Automation

Mini hydraulic excavator
The 303.5 Mini Hydraulic Excavator weighs 7672 lb and produces 25.5 hp (19kW). Digging buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, hydraulic hammers, augers, shears, and crushers adapt the machine to the job. An optional mechanical quick coupler makes work tool changes easy.

Residential network tester
The MICROSCANNER Pro prevents and solves cable and wire installation problems. It confirms continuity, wiring configuration, and the location of cable faults. It's ideal for on-the-spot cable testing.

Spring steel support clip
The new CADDY 459 supports MC/AC cable through metal stud walls. This anti-rattle support protects the cable from nail or screw penetration and meets Code standards. The clip itself snaps onto metal stud without any tools and the MC/AC snaps securely into the clip. It's more lightweight than riveted assemblies and allows easy positioning of the cable in the center of the stud.

Temperature controllers
Series SR32, SR33, and SR34 of 1/16 DIN temperature controllers require no programming to install. They are available as digital display/digital set point, digital set point/deviation display, digital set point/no display, and digital display/no set point. There is also a high limit version with latching relay and push button reset. They can be specified as Type J, K, or RTD in either øF or øC.

Test and termination kits
This Interlink cabling system offers test and termination kits to facilitate the installation and testing of FiberSmart products. The TK Series termination kit features the Quick Term solution that allows for connector polishing approximately 2 min. after connector termination.
The Wiremold Co.

Improvements to the Competitor 7-Wide series of trailers make it ideal for landscape and construction contractors as well as electricians. Features include: seamless aluminum roofing; kiln-dried pressure-treated plywood flooring; ultra-panel coating; sealed sidewall bottom rail; and a 6-in. tubular main rail frame.

Twenty-channel controller
Model 4020, a 20-channel common controller, supports up to six Zetron Series 4000 radio consoles - including the Model 4217NT dispatch workstation, Model 4118 rack-mount button console, and Model 4018 desktop button console.

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