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Jack module The MINI-COM TX-5 jack module features the GIGA-TX termination method, which reduces installation time and conductor untwist. Its design meets all requirements of the TIA/EIA Cat. 5 industry standards.PanduitCircle 163 Crimping kit The Model Ck-1 crimping kit for coaxial cable preparation may be used for field installation of coaxial cable connectors in the telco industry or anywhere termination

Jack module

The MINI-COM TX-5 jack module features the GIGA-TX termination method, which reduces installation time and conductor untwist. Its design meets all requirements of the TIA/EIA Cat. 5 industry standards.
Circle 163

Crimping kit

The Model Ck-1 crimping kit for coaxial cable preparation may be used for field installation of coaxial cable connectors in the telco industry or anywhere termination of connectors is necessary. The dies will crimp connectors from .042 to .429 HEX.
The Eraser Co.
Circle 160

Coaxial cable testing unit

The MiniTracker is a coaxial cable testing unit designed specifically for cable TV, CCTV, broadcast, satellite TV, and home automation system applications. It is made up of a main unit and four remote F-Type terminators. Continuity testing, as well as the detection of shorts, shield opens, and center conductor breaks, can be performed by one person using the unit's remote terminators.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 173

Ethernet hardware

This company has introduced its second installment of Allen-Bradley products designed and built to the Ethernet/IP networking specification. The products include Ethernet-for-automation products that can handle real-time I/O control. The hardware comes from four product lines: ControlLogix, FLEX I/O, MicroLogix, and PanelView Standard.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 159

Surge suppressors

The SLT series of transient voltage surge suppressors is designed for standard low-speed data (up to 25 MHz), communications, and signal line protocols. Units provide protection against transient voltages that exceed nominal operating voltage. Each line is protected against surge current impulses up to 10 kA, based upon specific circuit configurations.
Meter Treater
Circle 152

Computer-based training

The OmniLink contractor training series is a collection of computer-based training courses that addresses voice, data, and video installations for copper and fiber optic applications. Each self-paced CD-ROM course incorporates audio and full-motion video instruction and allows you to complete eight hours of classroom training. Each course offers sectional quizzes followed by a final exam.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 166

Open-space wiring system

The Tele-Power Pole with activate-connectivity system inserts is a complete system for open-space wiring. It provides users with the flexibility to tailor the pole for specific communications applications. It comes with activation inserts that snap easily onto the Tele-Power Pole.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 161

Ribbon test system

This multifiber ribbon test system performs return- and insertion-loss measurements on terminated fiber optic ribbon cables, MT-RJ patchcords, and other multifiber cables. The system is designed to obtain, record, and process measurement data and generate customized reports. Running on a PC-compatible workstation, the fiberWORKS RTS software controls the system hardware via a GPIB/IEEE-4888 interface. It can test different cables simultaneously.
Circle 165

Fieldbus junction system

The Junction, Tee, & Cable System is a fully connectorized fieldbus system that offers system-wide “plug-and-play” convenience. Using the system, changeover to a connectorized network could take less than 15 min. The system's components work reliably in the harshest environments, including intrinsic safety, hazardous areas, and volatile processes.
Circle 168

Buried cable signs

Value signs provide fast and easy buried cable identification. The extra large signs are 12 in. by 12 in. and are manufactured from high-visibility, bright orange plastic to help eliminate the inevitable problems that arise when buried cables are not properly identified. They feature a choice of stock legends, which are printed big and bold in UV-resistant shiny black: “CAUTION: BURIED FIBER OPTIC CABLE” and “CAUTION: BURIED CABLE.”
VIP Division
Circle 167

Structured cabling system

The GigaBand system of structured cabling products doubles the bandwidth of the proposed Cat. 6 standard (TIA/EIA-568B.2-1, draft 7a). The system is tested to perform with positive Power Sum ACR up to 400 MHz. It consists of jacks, patch panels, and patch cords, and it is backward compatible with Cat. 5 and 5e systems.
Hellermann Tyton
Circle 151

Industrial Ethernet components

The SIMATIC NET series of control hardware, firmware, and cabling options complements a line of high-speed switches for integrating production floor and critical IT data at transfer rates of 100 Mbits/sec. These industrial Ethernet components allow users to build a high-bandwidth network with Internet management capabilities.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 156

Link adapter for cable testers

The DSP-LIA101S Permanent Link Interface Adapter is for use with this company's DSP-4000 Series CableAnalyzer, and it exceeds Level III accuracy. It moves the performance of the CableAnalyzers out to the end of the test adapter, eliminating common fail results associated with poor link-adapter performance. The test results it produces are in full compliance with the new industry standards for field testing of twisted-pair cabling installations.
Fluke Networks
Circle 157

Electrical distributor boxes

The Distribution Station/D-Box Series of rugged, industrially designed junction boxes is manufactured to significantly reduce installation time by eliminating the hassle of connecting multiple wires to a PLC or industrial computer. Furthermore, the series assembly allows computerized controls to connect to sensors and actuators at the machine level. The design incorporates the industry standard female I/O round connectors, available in either 8 mm or 12 mm sizes.
Canfield Connector
Circle 162

Flexible electrical conduit

These flexible conduits feature specially formulated outer jackets that withstand excessively hot or cold conditions — providing wiring solutions where standard flexible liquidtight conduits would not be suitable. Applications include industrial ovens and kilns, refrigeration units, and machinery and outdoor equipment subjected to the elements.
Circle 229

Harmonic suppression systems

SysteMax and SysteMax-Plus suppress harmonic currents within mission-critical commercial facilities including co-location companies, data centers, and telecommunications facilities. The Blockade technology suppresses harmonics system wide. Thus, SysteMax reduces energy-wasting heat losses and can release up to 30% of an electrical system's previously unusable capacity. SysteMax Plus includes transient voltage surge suppression with high-frequency noise attenuation.
Harmonics Limited
Circle 209

Crimp tool

The 8000 series CrimpALL crimp tool has an ergonomic design and comfort handles. Features include an angled head to prevent awkward bending of the wrist during operation, a reduced handle grip distance to make crimping easier for workers with smaller hands, and higher crimp force. It also requires no breakover hand force to complete the crimp. This new tool comes with a 10-yr warranty.
Paladin Tools
Circle 212

Power conditioners

This line of 3-phase power conditioners is available from 10kVA through 150kVA. They protect equipment from voltage sags, swells, and spikes; switching transients; lightning; and induced surges by a carefully designed surge suppression circuit linked to a shielded isolation transformer and input/output filters. These units maintain output voltage regulation to a maximum of 55% — even with an input voltage window of `15% to 125%.
Circle 206

Web server

This thin Web server is an HTTP server embedded with ASCO's SITEWEB data server. It provides power transfer, control, and power monitoring information to multiple remote clients over an intranet/Internet via a TCP/IP protocol stack. The server logs and e-mails critical alarm information from its connected devices to nonvolatile memory. The system allows remote control of on-site power systems in real-time using a standard PC and Internet browser.
Circle 202

Digital multimeter

The 630 series of data-acquisition multimeters features an optical RS-232 interface for downloading measurements to a Windows-based PC, notebook, or directly to a serial printer. In addition to simplifying datalogging applications, the interface enables the user to remotely program the multimeter from a computer. Benefits include: true rms AC voltage and current readings; auto hold; minimum/maximum function; analog bar graphing; and overload protection on all ranges.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 214

Frequency and voltage converters

The FC 100 series of AC power sources is designed for applications requiring clean regulated AC power. These instruments use linear amplification to provide low distortion and precision output performance. These frequency and voltage converters allow users to duplicate worldwide power for export product testing and duplication of military/avionics power for 400 Hz aircraft or shipboard use. They can be used for production-line testing, military applications, and operation of imported equipment.
Pacific Power Source
Circle 205

Motor starter safety system

This distributed I/O safety system combines a motor starter with a SIMATIC ET200S Profibus I/O module. This combination reduces assembly and startup time. Supplemented by safety engineering functions that protect and switch AC loads up to 5 hp at 480V, it enables Cat. 4 safety-related applications in accordance with EN 954-1 — without the usual overhead wiring.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 228

Cabinet seals

The CSFO-16 cabinet seals combine the success of the CSF-16 with the convenience of an open design, resulting in a flexible cabinet sealing system for assembly around existing cables or oversized preterminated cables. The CSF design minimizes space and maximizes cable capacity through a single opening. Up to 30 cables can be sealed in a small space, with the ability to expand without cutting more holes through cabinet walls. The CSFO-16 has an open frame that can be installed around existing cables.
Circle 243

UV-resistant cable wrap

Heli-Tube UV-resistant polyethylene spirally cut cable wrap is designed for bundling and protecting wires, cables, or pneumatic and hydraulic hoses that are in constant use outdoors. Providing the ability to breakout different components, it installs easily by hand without tools, and is unaffected by direct sunlight, saltwater, fuel, oils, and detergents.
M.M. Newman
Circle 213

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