New Products

Brushless servo motors The BLX173C2E000 Size 17 brushless servo motor series has high-energy magnets for use in applications such as XYZ systems, general automation, pick and place, packaging, and material handling. The motors have maximum speeds of 7000 rpm and are constructed with standard IP65 environmental sealing, fluid-tight connectors, oversized bearings, and a winding thermal switch. Thomson

Brushless servo motors
The BLX173C2E000 Size 17 brushless servo motor series has high-energy magnets for use in applications such as XYZ systems, general automation, pick and place, packaging, and material handling. The motors have maximum speeds of 7000 rpm and are constructed with standard IP65 environmental sealing, fluid-tight connectors, oversized bearings, and a winding thermal switch. Thomson Industries

Cable cutter and pigtailer
The MC cable cutter and pigtailer cuts and notches AC and MC cable whips. It makes three cuts in one stroke, weighs less than 40 lb, and is made of aluminum. The center saw cuts to length while the two outer blades notch to create pigtails on the end of one whip and the beginning of the next. The pigtail is adjustable from 6 in. to 12 in. MC Cutter & Pigtailer

Cable identification tags
These Write-On Coverall Tags, have a self-laminating, clear plastic flap that permanently seals in the data. When used with a UV-resistant marking pen and self-locking ties, they provide identification that is weather-resistant above or below ground. They are 11/2 in.24 in. and available in either orange or yellow, with black lettering, in packages of 25. VIP Division

Industrial computer
The WTA model panelmount industrial computer includes a 10.4-in. active matrix resistive touch TFT color screen for contrast at VGA resolution. Features include Cimplicity industrial automation software, a minimum 6GB hard drive and 64MB EDO DRAM, ISA and PCI expansion slots, onboard 10/100 Ethernet, IDE floppy drive connector, and 4MB onboard video. GE Fanuc Automation

Industrial engines
The 3500 Series B of industrial engines features mechanical enhancements and advanced electronic control systems that offer improvements in fuel efficiency and emmissions control. These engines also increase horsepower ratings. Larger camshafts provide increased injection pressure and shorter injection duration. Electronically controlled unit injectors combine 22,000 psi injection pressure with injector spray tip geometry to improve fuel atomization and timing pressure. Caterpillar

Industrial lighting
The IK Series of industrial lighting is optimized for high performance with T8 lamps and high light output ballasts. It offers 170ø of soft uplight and easy installation. Features include a one-piece body, a wire way cover that attaches with one screw, and a hanger bracket that slides the entire length of the fixture. Day-Brite Lighting

Current sensor/interface
The TCS Series is a self-powered go/no-go current sensor/PLC interface you can connect to a digital input module or to a load rated up to 1A. It detects overcurrent and undercurrent events. Its onboard toroidal sensor monitors current flow through AC loads up to 50A steady, 300A inrush. SSAC

Current transformers
This new series of outdoor-rated, fully encapsulated current transformers (designed for current and power monitoring) is UL recognized and conforms to ANSI metering class standards. Its applications include energy management, sub-metering, ammeters, W/Wh monitoring, and current sensing relays. These 600V-rated transformers require no external enclosure and are protected from environmental elements. CR Magnetics

DC Motors
These permanent, magnet brush-type DC motors are for commercial and industrial applications. They can be powered by higher-voltage direct current sources, such as SCR controls, or from low-voltage sources, such as batteries and solar power. They are custom-designed with mechanical and electrical characteristics and mountings to meet specific application requirements. Options include gearheads, brakes, tachometers, and encoders. Leeson Electric

Double-box mount support
The Caddy DBM2 double-box mount support secures two electrical boxes on both sides of either metal or wood studs-eliminating the need for multiple bracketed assemblies. Made of spring steel with a zinc phosphate finish, it allows you to press the assembly in place with minimal tools. Only a screw gun is required for final attachment to metal stud. A center hole provides consistent alignment and exact positioning. ERICO

Expanded enclosure line
Six new 3-in.-deep screw cover pull boxes have been added to this line of enclosures. They're available with or without knockouts, and are designed to be used as a junction or pull box. Seven new sizes of current transformer cabinets are also available. They feature drip shield tops and seam-free sides-front and back. Finally, the Type 3R wiring trough has two new sizes. It features a slip-on removable cover, and is designed to protect wiring against rain, sleet, and snow. Hoffman

Fixed beam anchor
The Fixed Beam Anchor clamps to beams from 12-in. to 36-in. wide and up to 21/2-in. thick. Designed to provide a fixed anchorage point for your personal fall arrest system, it's rated for 5000 lb in any orientation. DBI/SALA

High-efficiency transformers
These low-voltage, general-purpose transformers comply with the efficiency requirements of NEMA TP-1, which specifies maximum losses at an average calculated load of 35% of the nameplate rating. They are available in single-phase voltage from 15kVA to 167kVA and 3-phase voltages from 15kVA to 500kVA. They also include UL-3R enclosures with optional weathershields. Sola/Hevi-Duty

High-voltage bushings
These high-voltage bushings feature ceramic-to-metal seal assembly technology. They're constructed from a variety of metal components and high-purity Alumina ceramic. Manufactured using high-temperature braze materials, they are 100% leak-tested with helium. They're available in standard sizes and studs and may be attached by various joining processes. Alberox

The new MirroStar luminaires are sturdy sheet metal fixtures, with 18-gauge aluminum box construction and reinforced backplate. The fixture door is made from one piece of 13-gauge aluminum wrapped around an extruded frame. The door is attached to the housing with a "piano hinge" that runs the housing width, for extra durability. Its removable ballast tray with tool-less disconnect facilitates a quick change out. Holophane

Multi-channel raceway
The Infostream multi-channel raceway features a rounded profile that helps absorb shock if the raceway is inadvertently struck. It speeds installation as the hinged cover can be partially mounted prior to laying cables, while doubling as a ledge - preventing wire and cable from falling out. It includes fittings, faceplates, jacks, and four seperate channels for electrical, voice, data, video, or fiber optic cabeling. All fittings maintain the required 1-in. minimum bend radius and are UL listed. HellermannTyton

Multi-input controllers
The Series 70A family of multi-input, auto-tune/on-off controllers with computer interface is available in 1/4 DIN, 1/16 DIN, or 1/8 DIN. It comes with 11 user-programmable, thermocouple-type input ranges, eight RTD, and three voltage ranges, or linear inputs scaling capability. Features include four levels of unauthorized lock-out, balanceless and bumpless auto/manual control, and process input offset. Vespo

Parking luminaire
This McGraw Edison fixture meets RP20, the latest illumination standard for parking garages adopted by IES. The Parking Structure Luminaire (PSL) has low-brightness glass refractors for 3-D illumination, trespass shield, and glare guards. It minimizes prism depth and comes with a 100W to 175W metal halide or 100W to 150W high-pressure sodium lamp source. Cooper Lighting

Project management software
Version 99.3 project management software includes enhancements to the estimate, quote, price, schedule, track, and report modules. This improves user flexibility, accuracy, and data integration. Version 99.3 highlights include full data integration between bid and build, multi-job resource coordination, bid process flowcharting, and personal data appliance integration. It tracks advertisements, assists in quantity takeoff, estimates costs, manages quotes, and generates proposals, budgets, schedules, purchase orders, and contract documents. Hard Dollar

Web slitter/shaver
This company has expanded its cable preparation tool line with this dual-function messengered cable web slitter/shaver. This device removes the cable messenger by slitting, and shaving the residual web - leaving a smooth surface on the cable jacket for installing connectors. Ripley Company

Wire and cable equipment
The Wire-3 combination of wire and cable dereeling, measuring, cutting, and coiling equipment can be used for the preparation of wire, flexible tubings, and small cables. It consists of the medium-duty DE600 dereeler, the WMI (inches) or WMM (metric) measuring meter with stand, the FC10 foot-operated cutter with stand, and the CW20 coiler. The entire system is designed to be bench mounted. Coils of material containing up to 1200 ft of 1/4 in. or equivalent material may be prepared, and it will accomodate wire and cable reels up to a maximum diameter of 29 in. and 200 lb. ERASER

Wire processor
The Model 45-774 wire processor measures, cuts, strips, and counts a wide variety of insulation, from 30 AWG to 8 AWG. It electronically performs full- or semi-strip on one or both ends of the wire. The "wire out" electromechanical sensing provides unattended, real time wire-feed monitoring capability. Ten programmable processing speeds are available to optimize speed and quality based on wire processing conditions. Ideal Industries

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