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New York City Salon Cuts Energy Costs By 74% With LEDs

New York City Salon Cuts Energy Costs By 74% With LEDs

The interior of New York’s Salon Ziba has been reborn, thanks to the recent addition of new LED lighting, bringing soft and precise light to the posh Midtown locale. Phoster Industries’ LED lighting solutions, powered by the OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Golden Dragon LEDs, not only provide the salon with high-quality light, but also deliver significant cost savings — up to 74% annually.

The integrated Par20 and Par30 LED lamps, as well as LED recessed down lights, have replaced existing Halogen lamps at the salon. A total of 85 LED Par30 lamps were integrated on the first floor of the salon and deliver an energy savings of more than 3.1kW — or 68 cents per hour. On the first floor alone, the salon will save up to 74% of its energy costs based on the average cost of electricity kW per hour in New York City. On the second floor, 20 recessed cans were replaced with Phoster 9W recessed LED down lights. The down lights offer directional light, dynamic color tuning, and an “instant-on” solution.

“At Salon Ziba, stylists will benefit from LED technology in many ways; one of which is the fact that hair color now appears the same inside the salon as is does in regular daylight, giving stylists confidence in their work and keeping clients happy,” says Douglas Mendelman, director of business development, Phoster Industries.

In addition to work stations within the salon, Phoster also outfitted retail and reception areas within the space with new LED fixtures, helping deliver further savings.

Because the salon was so satisfied with the quality of the new LED lighting at its Midtown locale, when it comes time to open Ziba’s newest location in Greenwich Village this year, the entire salon will be illuminated by LEDs.

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