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Product Literature

Product Literature

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Motor Plugs Allow Quick Motor Change-Outs

Meltric’s UL switch rated Motor Plugs reduce downtime by allowing quick motor change-outs and they lower costs because there is no need to purchase expensive interlocks or disconnects. Motor Plugs allow users to safely make and break under full load. We put it in writing! Ph: (800) 433-7642; E-mail: [email protected]
Meltric Corporation
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Short Form Catalog

Time Mark’s Short Form Catalog is a 6-page overview of industrial electronic controls manufactured by Time Mark Corporation and its Signaline™ Timers division. It covers phase loss monitors, time delay and alternat- ing relays, voltage, frequency and current monitors, and pump/liquid level controls. Basic descriptive information is provided on each of these product groups. Phone: (918) 438-1220; Email: [email protected];
Time Mark Corp.
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Add-A-Phase® - Three-Phase Power from Single-Phase Source

The ADD-A-PHASE® phase converter can operate three-phase pump, compressor, or blower motors from single-phase power, when three-phase power is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive to install. This autotransformer-capacitor type converter is very efficient and is the ideal converter for operating automated, constant horsepower loads up to 125 HP. (800) 221-RONK, ext. 138.
Ronk Electrical Industries, Inc.
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Quik-Pull Custom Cable Assemblies Save Time & Money

Quik-Pull custom cable assemblies have been saving our customers TIME & MONEY for 25 years! It is the ORIGINAL and ONLY TRUE SPIRAL cable assembly on the market today. UL Listed and built to your specifications. It is fast and easy to install - one reel set-up - just lube and pull. 3-5 day turnaround. Call (800) 451-4381 today for more information, and start saving money.
Clifford of Vermont
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Fiberglass Conduit Bodies

After years of research and development, Champion Fiberglass, Inc. is extremely proud to introduce their new line of conduit bodies. Molded from fiberglass, these new fittings, combined with Champion’s fiberglass conduit, complete a totally nonmetallic conduit system, ideal for applications in corrosive environments. Available in sizes 3/4-2”. Ph: (281) 655-8900; Email: [email protected];
Champion Fiberglass, Inc.
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NEC Internet connection is constantly updated with up-to-the-minute information about the National Electrical Code. Visit to gain access to FREE online training, software, graphics, video, booklets and simulated exams. Register for a FREE newsletter.
Mike Holt Enterprises
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New AC Disconnect Switches from Ferraz Shawmut

Engineered to meet the requirements of NEC 210.63, 406.8 (B) (1), 440-14, the new AC Disconnects are available with a built-in GFCI receptacle in fusible, non-fusible, and both pullout and switched configurations. Available in 30 and 60 ampere units rated for 3 and 10 horsepower at 240VAC, respectively. For complete product specifications, visit to request or download a free full-color brochure.
Ferraz Shawmut
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The Next Dimension in Cabling Flexibility

The CADDY® CABLECAT CAT-CM is a UL®-approved, NEMA® VE-1 compliant alternative to cable tray in low-voltage and power cable applications. This cable-support system has three installation options: rod mounted for direct attachment to a ceiling or building structure; cantilever mounted for cable runs along walls or columns; and strut mounted for customized support spacing and horizontal and vertical change of direction. Call (800) 25-CADDY or visit
ERICO®, Inc.
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Type 1 Large Enclosures

Designed for use in areas where extensive environmental protection is not required, Hoffman’s A38 Type 1 large enclosure series is a perfect housing solution for PLC/main control panels and HVAC applications. Available in eleven sizes, attractive con-struction features include: gasketed and ungasketed models, reversible doors, a padlocking handle, removable back cover, and sturdy 10-gauge steel integral lifting base. For more information, call (800) 355-3560, or visit
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Complete Welding System Using Just One Mold

Exothermic welded connections are immune to thermal conditions that can cause mech-anical and compression joints to loosen or corrode. CADWELD® MULTI completes more than 30 different welded connection types with a single universal mold, replacing more than 150 individual molds. It covers a range of cable sizes up to 1/0 AWG. Call (800) 677-9089 or visit
ERICO®, Inc.
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PlugTail™, the Fastest, Most Consistent & Reliable Wiring Device Ever

Pass & Seymour/Legrand recently introduced PlugTail™, a patented wiring device with a factory-built termination connector with leads that provides the fastest, most consistent and reliable termination of a wiring device available. PlugTail™ wiring devices not only increase productivity at installation, but also ensure long-term safety and reliability for the owners and occupants of PlugTail™ deviced buildings. For more information, visit
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
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ACR Data Loggers Help Reduce Energy Costs

The SmartReader Plus 3 data logger has 7 channels for monitoring and recording AC current and voltage. Download and analyze the data to determine the energy consumption of a plant or building’s electrical systems, equipment and motors. For more infor-mation, call (800) 663-7845 or email [email protected]

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