Product Literature

Product Literature

New catalogs, brochures and information from our advertisers

New catalogs, brochures and information from our advertisers

New Construction Grade Leaded Wiring Devices

New leaded devices speed commercial installation! Pass & Seymour/Legrand announces the introduction of its new pre-wired construction grade leaded wiring devices with six-inch welded wire leads. The new leaded devices create faster, more reliable connections for use in the pre-fabrication, office, multiple-dwelling and retail building applications. For more information, visit
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
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Current Transformers, Transducers and Accessories

Catalog No. 2011 is a 170-page catalog featuring split- and solid-core current transformers; potential transformers; transducers for AC or DC; analog and digital panel meters; current probes; current relays; KWH submeters; Power meters; and analog to pulse converters. To contact FLEX-CORE:Ph: (614) 889-6152; Fax: (614) 876-8538; E-mail: [email protected];
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Lutron’s Ecosystem™ Redefines Fluorescent Lighting Control

Lutron’s new EcoSystem™ solutions provide daylighting, automated energy management, and personal control in a cost-effective system. Lutron’s EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control products make florescent lighting control easy to design, easy to install, and easy to maintain for any size project. The EcoSystem ballast won the Best of Category Award for Ballasts and Transformers at Lightfair International 2005. For more information, visit or call 877.258.8766.
Lutron Electronics
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CADDY® SPEED LINK LD Universal Support System

CADDY® SPEED LINK LD is a universal support system that quickly suspends static loads, even at an angle. It is a cost-effective alternative to jack chain, threaded rod and associated hardware in lighting and other applications. The 1.5 mm wire rope holds loads of up to 20 kg (44 lb). A small, aesthetically pleasing locking device completes the assembly.
1-800-25-CADDY •
Erico, Inc.
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SafetyPlugs & Receptacles

Use Meltric safety plugs to connect motors and other equipment up to 200A. Safety plugs feature an integral switching function that ensures that the plug is dead before withdrawal. An electrically safe work condition is further ensured by the device’s dead front and its 100 kA short circuit make and withstand ratings. Safety plugs lower costs and simplify NEC and OSHA/NFPA 70E compliance. Free samples are available.Ph: (800) 433-7642; E-mail: [email protected]; Web:
Meltric Corporation
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Meter-Rite® Double-Throw Switches

RONK METER-RITE® manually operated Double-Throw Switches for stand-by power systems are available in both pole-top and grade-level styles, single or 3-phase. Grade-level switches are available with ratings from 100A to 800A. Pole-top switches are available with ratings from 200A to 800A. Switches are available with either 250V or 600V ratings. UL listed and Center-Off units available in 250V. Ph: (800)-221-7665, ext. 141
Ronk Electrical Industries, Inc.
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New Catalog: Surge Protection for AC Power Lines

MCG Surge Protection has issued a new 20-page full color catalog entitled, “MCG Surge Protection for AC Power Lines.” The catalog features a comprehensive user’s guide that shows Anatomy of a Lightning Strike, patented Micro Z Concept for exceptionally low impedance, and Coordinated Protection Recommendations for appropriate protector placement at the Cat A, B, and C locations. Learn more at:
MCG Surge Protection
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New Products Featured in Test & Measurement Instruments Catalog

Over 12 new products are featured in the AEMC® 60-page catalog which highlights AEMC®'s lines of portable test and measurement instruments, including megohmmeters, ground resistance testers, power quality analyzers & meters, cable testers, current probes, multimeters, data loggers, environmentatesters, test tools & more. Ph: (800) 343-1391; Email: [email protected]; Catalog also available online at
AEMC® Instruments
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Fiberglass Conduit Bodies

After years of research and development, Champion Fiberglass, Inc. is extremely proud to introduce their new line of conduit bodies. Molded from fiberglass, these new fittings, combined with Champion’s fiberglass conduit, complete a totally nonmetallic conduit system, ideal for applications in corro-sive environments. Available in sizes 3/4-2”. Ph: (281) 655-8900; Email: [email protected];
Champion Fiberglass, Inc.
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ERITECH® Direct Burial Ground Clamp

The ERITECH® EK16 & EK17 Direct Burial Ground Clamp is a versatile bronze-alloy clamp that consolidates a rebar, ground rod, water pipe and direct-burial water pipe clamp into one product. It is ideal for swimming-pool grounding, light poles and direct-burial applications. The UL-listed product cuts installation time by allowing the clamp to be pre-set on rebar or pipe. 1-800-677-9089 •
Erico, Inc.
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NEC Internet Connection is constantly updated with up-to-the-minute information about the National Electrical Code. Visit to gain access to FREE online training, software, graphics, videos, booklets and simulated exams. Register for a FREE newsletter.
Mike Holt Enterprises
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EC&M Literature Review/Marketplace

Each month, EC&M compiles a comprehensive section dedicated to promoting catalogs, brochures, and product information. The EC&M Literature Review/Marketplace gives our 140,000+ subscribers the opportunity to request detailed information about your products, and provides you with valuable sales leads. You can now receive additional exposure online when your ad is featured on! Contact your local sales representative for more details.
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