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Ballast The Ballastar T5 is designed for F14T5 lamps and provides maximum light output for 2 2 fixture applications. The ballast can switch from full to half output via a wall switch or lighting relay, allowing for compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 switching requirements. Universal input voltage allows it to be connected to any voltage from 120V to 277V at 50Hz or 60Hz. According


The Ballastar T5 is designed for F14T5 lamps and provides maximum light output for 2 × 2 fixture applications. The ballast can switch from full to half output via a wall switch or lighting relay, allowing for compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 switching requirements. Universal input voltage allows it to be connected to any voltage from 120V to 277V at 50Hz or 60Hz. According to the company, the ballast operates with less than 10% THD at full brightness.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Circle 250

Cable lubricant

Designed for use with the company's flexible innerduct system, MaxLube cable lubricant is available in quick-use disposable wipes for shorter length installations or in a spray bottle for continued use. The spray bottle can be used to re-saturate the wipes for quick application. According to the company, the lubricant performs even after it has dried.
Circle 251

Luminaire disconnect

Lumi-Nuts luminaire disconnects meet NEC 410.73(G), CEC 30-308(4), and the CSA/UL Standard 2459 for insulated multi-pole splicing wire connectors. Product features include the ability to daisy-chain power from one ballast to another, an integral locking latch, and a touchproof design. Compact in size, the disconnect can be fed through a ½-in. knockout. In addition, its tin-plated copper current bar supplies an electrical rating of 6A at 600V with a UL94V-0 flame-rated housing for flame retardation.
Circle 253

Bundled cables

These bundled cables feature two Cat. 6 twisted pair and two RG6 Quad coaxial cables. According to the company, Cat. 6 cable offers more headroom than Cat. 5e cable, and its x-shaped spline separates the pairs for less crosstalk or interference. In addition, the cable includes a color-coded outer jacket.
Coleman Cable
Circle 252

HID floodlight

The GP Flood family of HID fixtures is available in five sizes, including a mini-flood that uses an electronic ballast with T4 metal-halide lamps. The five scaled luminaire sizes adapt to the most common flood lighting applications. Available with a variety of reflector choices and mounting options, the floodlights are offered in 20W to 70W T4 metal-halide, 50W to 1,500W metal-halide, and 50W to 1,000W high-pressure sodium.
Crescent/Stonco, a Genlyte Co.
Circle 254

Fleet management tool

CarChip allows users to monitor their drivers as well as their fleet vehicles' engine performance. CarChip plugs into a vehicle's diagnostic port under the dashboard to track trip details, including mileage, speed, quick accelerations, and hard braking. In addition, it checks up to 23 different performance parameters that may help prevent expensive repairs. According to the company, the product integrates with most major brands of GPS software.
Davis Instruments
Circle 255

Construction software

This enhanced version of the company's free Construction Software Selection Kit features new software evaluation and implementation tools as well as updated special reports. Also included in the kit are three bonus tools: the Demo Tutorial guide to effective software demonstrations; the Construction DemoScorecard, an Excel-based tool to rank vendor presentations; and the Construction Implementation Planner, a pre-loaded Microsoft Project template with 650 predefined tasks.
CTS Guides
Circle 256

Cord grips

Heyco-TITE precision-molded liquidtight cord grips connect flexible cables and cords in sizes up to 1.350 in. in diameter. According to the company, the products' smooth, rounded interior surfaces allow cords and cables of varying sizes to be inserted into housings and cabinets without binding or scraping insulation. Made of high-impact Type 6/6 polyamide nylon, they are resistant to salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, and most common solvents.
Heyco Products
Circle 257

Cut-off tool

The DC415KL cut-off tool features a 36V battery designed with nano-phosphate lithium ion cells that the company says offers 2,000 recharges. In addition, the tool's Quick-Change wheel release system allows users to remove wheels without using a wrench, and a keyless adjustable guard enables users to adjust the guard without the use of a tool. To prevent accidental startup, the device is equipped with a paddle switch with a lock-off system. Other product features include an anti-slip comfort grip and an ergonomic 50/50 weight distribution from front to back.
Circle 258

Self-retracting lifeline

The DBI-SALA brand Ultra-Lok self-retracting lifeline (SRL) includes 50 ft of synthetic line that provides protection against electrical conductivity and sparking. Weighing 12 lb, the SRL features an anti-ratcheting brake, reserve lifeline, swiveling anchorage eye, and swiveling impact-indicating hook. According to the company, the system limits fall arrest forces to 900 lb or less, and meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards, including OSHA, ANSI, and ANSI Z359.
Capital Safety
Circle 259

Ceiling fan boxes

ETP ceiling fan boxes feature hanger bars that are adjustable from 16 in. to 24 in. The boxes' direct mounting options enable side- or under-mount attachment to a beam or joist, while the retrofit screw hanger bars allow users to install the box with minimum cutting into a ceiling. Each product includes a plastic nonmetallic, sheathed cable connector, ground screw, hardware, and instruction sheet. Support hangers are UL-listed for up to 70 lb for fixtures and 35 lb for fans.
EGS Electrical Group
Circle 260

Time switches

The RT series of time switches is designed to replace standard light switches and can control either lighting or motor loads. Two styles are available. The first model offers a choice of six selectable factory preset time delays: 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, or 60 min. The second model is user-programmable in increments from 5 min to 12 hr and includes more advanced feedback and warnings. Control and programming is accomplished with digital push buttons. According to the company, the timer is not audible, and no rotary switches are used.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 262

PVC tubing/connectors

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, I-Flex flexible liquid-tight PVC tubing maintains tensile strength and withstands temperatures from -4°F to 140°F. Available in 30 m rolls, it comes in light gray or black. When used with I-Flex straight and 90° connectors, the tubing provides NEC- and UL-approved protection against water, oil, and other damaging liquids. In addition, both the PVC tubing and straight connectors are offered in ⊈-in. to 2-in. sizes. The 90° connectors are available up to 1¼-in. sizes.
Automation Direct
Circle 261

Arc fault circuit interrupter

This combination-type AFCI product line has received UL 1699 designation, including UL 1998 and UL 449. The UL mark will be applied to single-pole 1-in. BR and ¾-in. CH type with 15A- and 20A-rated residential circuit breakers.
Circle 263

Cabinet light

The Series III cabinet lighting system can be installed by way of independent direct-wire or through interconnect capability. Because the system is line voltage, no transformers are required. In addition, the product's Xenon bulbs are now powered by 120V, eliminating the need for a transformer. Offered in 7¼-in., 13¼-in., 22¼-in., and 30¼-in. sizes, Series III is available in white, bronze, or stainless steel and features a 1-in. depth for low-profile use.
Circle 264

Ratcheting cutter

The BigFoot ratcheting cable cutter features an over-molded high-leverage boot that provides enhanced power and stability to users while they cut copper or aluminum hard-drawn cables up to 750kcmil. Additional product features include hardened steel blades, a rounded blade with 5-tool ratchet action, a compact design, and ergonomic, slip-resistant handles.
Ideal Industries
Circle 265

Storage equipment

Select Jobmaster and Storagemaster chests and piano boxes now feature a 3-point latch with Watchman IV lock system, a Power Pass electrical pass-thru, and a reinforced lockbox and hinges. The enhanced 3-point latch provides added protection against break-ins from pry bars, bolt cutters, and hack saws, while the weather-resistant electrical pass-thru gives users easy power cord access and features a rubber grommet covering. In addition, the lockbox area and hinges on the chest and piano boxes are reinforced with 7-gauge steel.
Circle 266


Harmony dimmers combine an ergonomic on/off paddle switch with a separate slide control for presetting of light levels. The dimmers also feature constant memory that restores the previous lighting level after a power outage, as well as a green LED for easy location in the dark. Available in incandescent and magnetic low-voltage versions, the devices have respective ratings of 700W, 1,100W, 7VA, and 1,100VA. Colors include ivory, light almond, white, black, and brown.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 267

Intercom system

The DMC-10 intercom kit provides intercom and music for up to 16 different locations. The system also includes detachable faceplates available for all stations in a variety of colors. In addition, the LED controls glow blue when in use, and the door and patio stations are illuminated with white lighting for nighttime use. To facilitate installation, the room, patio, and door stations mount on 2-gang junction boxes.
Circle 269

Voice recorder/measurement tool

The Echo Measure voice recorder attaches to a Stanley 25-ft or 30-ft tape measure. Featuring easy-to-access buttons on its top, the tool offers a 30-sec recording time for users to record, play back, and erase measurements or other short messages. According to the company, the device eliminates the need to retake measurements, saving an average of 150% to 200% of time.
Echo Measure
Circle 270

Wall switch sensors

This line of residential wall switch sensors includes occupancy sensors with dimming capabilities and California Title 24-compliant vacancy sensors. Using passive infrared sensing technology, the sensors provide reliable motion detection. Other product features include “alert-to-off” notification where lights dim to 50% 30 sec before they shut off, manual dimming control options, adjustable sensitivity and timer settings, and a walk test indicator.
Hubbell Building Automation
Circle 268

Utility knife

The compact Locking Tradesman utility knife features an easy to open and close locking mechanism and a push-button blade release for fast changes. Additional product features include a wire stripper at the base of the blade that can strip 8-gauge and smaller wire, as well as a multi-tool built into the knife's handle. The multi-tool contains a small screwdriver, a pipe reamer, and a bottle opener.
Circle 271


The 2601-22 drill/driver features a 1.4Ahr, 18V lithium-ion battery. Weighing 4 lb, the drill/driver offers a speed of 0 rpm to 1,400 rpm and 400 in./lb of torque. Additional product features include a two-speed magnesium gearbox, a 22-position clutch setting, and a ratcheting chuck.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 272

Construction software

Project Management is a fully integrated component of the company's Construction Software system. The tool allows users to manage all of the documentation associated with jobs from a single, easy-to-view screen that can be sorted by any field. Task management is simplified with at-a-glance access to tasks that are due, overdue, or need follow-up. The software also features customizable forms and a Google-like search function.
Circle 273

Steel boxes

The 5SLB-MKO is a 411/16-in. square box welded 2½ in. or 2¾ in. deep with raised ground emboss and two No. 8-32 × ½-in. mounting screws. In addition, the WDHB-1-50 utility box is available with a range of six different 3/16-in. raised covers for all applications. Covers are offered with toggle switch, single receptacle, GFCI/decorative, duplex receptacle, ½-in. knockout, and blank. The utility box measures 2½ in. × 4⅛ in. × ⅞ in.
Orbit Industries/UMI
Circle 275

Light trim

Aculux brand 4345 oval slot trim is provided with a black Alzak angle-cut reflector and features an enhanced aperture size measuring 1¾ in. × 27/16 in. For use with the Aculux 3¼-in. low-voltage adjustable housings that feature 361° rotation, 0° to 45° aiming with tool-less locking, and hot aiming capability, lights can be aimed in any desired direction while preventing aiming “dead spots.”
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 276

Electronic ballasts

The ProLume line of electronic ballasts includes T5, T5/HO, T8, T12, T12/HO, Circline, CFL, and HID lamps. The company, says the ProFormance high power factor ballast offers low total harmonic distortion, which provides quiet, flicker-free operation and energy savings compared to magnetic ballasts. The product family also includes multi-volt ballasts that use a single-power lead and require no special wiring.
Halco Lighting Technologies
Circle 274

Work boot

The Dearborn work boot features CarbonMAX safety-toe technology to help protect workers' feet. Resistant to heat and cold, the company says CarbonMAX is strong as steel but 50% lighter. Available in brown or black, the nonconductive boots are made of waterproof full-grain leather with a CK Mesh waterproof lining and feature a slip-resistant rubber outsole.
Circle 277

Work gloves

North Polar insulated leather palm work gloves keep hands and wrists safe from general work hazards while protecting them from cold. The glove's 3M Thinsulate liner provides warmth, while the waterproof vinyl liner prevents hands from getting wet. Available in men's universal sizes, other product features include a safety cuff and knit wrist.
North Safety Products
Circle 278


The Skylark eco-dim dimmer comes preset to automatically save 15% energy over a standard switch by limiting the maximum power delivered to light bulbs. According to the company, this capability extends bulb life by at least three times as compared to using a standard switch. Rated for 600W, the device is available in single-pole and 3-way models and comes in white.
Circle 279


SolKlip grounding connectors and solar AWG cable have been added to the company's line of Solarlok photovoltaic (PV) interconnect products. The grounding connectors have four points of electrical contact and are for use with 12-10 AWG uninsulated copper wire. The solar AWG cable provides ultraviolet-resistant performance in outdoor PV and solar panel installations.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 280

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