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Fastening tools The 10.8V Impactor fastening driver and 21618 impact wrench are suitable for a range of professional fastening applications. Measuring 6-in. tall by 6-in. long and weighing 2.2 lb, the Impactor delivers 800-in.-lb of torque. According to the company, the driver is 60% more powerful than a standard 18V drill/driver. The 21618 18V -in. impact wrench delivers 350 ft-lb of torque. The

Fastening tools

The 10.8V Impactor fastening driver and 21618 impact wrench are suitable for a range of professional fastening applications. Measuring 6-in. tall by 6½-in. long and weighing 2.2 lb, the Impactor delivers 800-in.-lb of torque. According to the company, the driver is 60% more powerful than a standard 18V drill/driver. The 21618 18V ½-in. impact wrench delivers 350 ft-lb of torque. The tool weighs 7½ lb., and its head length measures 9½ in. In addition, it comes with two 18V Bluecore NiCd batteries, a 30-min. charger, and a carrying case.
Bosch Power Tools
Circle 250

Cord grips

Snap-In cord grips are for strain-relief in limited-clearance applications inside electrical cabinets and housings. Suitable for non-liquid-tight, strain-relief applications, the product allows cords and cables from 0.079 in. to more than 1 in. in diameter to be inserted through the grips. In addition, they are constructed of polyamide 6/6 nylon. Available in black, white, or matched to a color chip, they meet UL 94V-2 flammability requirements.
Heyco Products
Circle 251


The Sawhorse Shirtjac features a 10-oz dark denim outer shell and a camouflage flannel inner lining. Made of 100% cotton, the shirt features two flap pockets with one pencil opening. In addition, the shirt comes in sizes from medium to double extra large.
Circle 252

Hydraulic tooling/U-dies

These hydraulic tooling and U-dies accommodate a range of electrical terminals and splices. The hydraulic crimping products include hydraulic pumps, controls and hose, heavy-duty crimp heads for shank dies, medium-duty crimp heads and hand tools for U-dies, and integrated crimp die tooling for Solistrand terminals. A portable battery-powered hydraulic unit and a self-contained power unit are also available. The crimping tools operate at 10,000 psi. When used in combination with the interchangeable U-dies and heads, they are suitable for crimping applications requiring up to 12 tons of crimp force. U-dies accommodate stroke options of 1 in. or 1.5 in.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 254

Electrical kit

The TK-30IR electrical kit includes three core products: the DM-20 manual ranging multimeter, the GT-15 non-contact voltage detector, and the GT-10GFI circuit tester. The DM-20 measures current of small electronic circuits and checks 9V batteries. It also measures AC/DC voltage, DC amperage, and resistance. The GT-15 is used to troubleshoot 120VAC grounded outlets. It features a light sequence that indicates correct or incorrect wiring. The GT-10GFI is used to detect voltage in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires and cables, or to find a break in a wire. It provides non-contact voltage detection and activates its bright LED audible alarm if voltage is present.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 253

Box extender/insulator

These electrical box extenders/insulators eliminate the need to align device screws with extender holes and then try to locate holes in the box, says the company. The BXE-100 extender, for a single device box, and the BXE-200, for use with a two-device 4-in. square box, correct up to 1-in. setbacks. The BXE-300 corrects up to ⅝-in. setbacks with a 4-in. octagonal or round box. In addition, the products fulfill UL File E216710 requirements and comply with NEC 314.20.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 255

Bumper step

For use with Dodge, Ford, GM, and Toyota light-duty trucks with OEM beds and bumpers, the BedStep is a rugged, lightweight bumper step that folds down to provide access to the truck bed. Constructed of aluminum alloy and black adonized/powder coated for durability, the company says the step can be installed in 20 min. using the existing rear bumper mounting points and can support up to 300 lb. A patented, spring-loaded cam design allows the product to deploy and retract with a nudge from a foot, and it can be used with the tailgate open or closed, towing or solo.
AMP Research
Circle 256

PAR lights

PAR 196 LED PAR lights from Colormotion LED Solutions are compact, tapered, bullet-shaped light fixtures with high-output LEDs. The lights' design permits a wide range of simple or complex color mixes among units, fixed color projection, or color changes in timed, dimming, or quick-flash sequences. Individually addressable via seven standard DMX control channels, multiple unit arrays can be used together or in a single application.
Jesco Lighting Group
Circle 257

Landscape fixture

Lightvault 9-in. LED and Minivault 6-in. very low wattage metal-halide in-grade landscape lighting fixtures feature a shallow-depth design and a solid cast-brass trim ring with a slightly curved lens. Lightvault models use a cluster of 18 single-watt LED lamps that the company says average more than 50,000 hr of operating life with high lumen maintenance. A six LED, 6W, 6-in. aperture Minivault version is also available. The Minivault model offers higher output white lighting with accurate color rendition in a choice of pulse-start 20W or 39W lamps that offer 20,000-hr rated life with high lumen maintenance.
Kim Lighting, a div. of Hubbell Lighting
Circle 258

Downlight trims/frame-in kits

Lytecaster Uniframe performance-grade recessed compact fluorescent downlighting trims and frame-in kits feature a U-shaped design that reduces the required mounting points to two and increases stability, according to the company. In addition, the Grid-Lock mounting system enables tool-free installation in commercial grid ceilings. The product line offers more than 60 dedicated horizontal and vertical optics with specification-grade cut-off and efficiencies available to fit 6¾-in., 5-in., and 3¾-in. ceiling apertures.
Circle 259

Watertight metal enclosures

Raintight While-In-Use metal enclosures are available in horizontal or vertical configurations. Made of a cast zinc, powder-coated material, the covers are designed to shield outdoor electrical devices from rain, sleet, and dust, as well as other outside contaminants that may compromise their performance. With the covers in the closed position, any electrical device that is shielded by the product complies with NEC Section 406.8(B)(1) requirements for damp or wet locations. In addition, they are NEMA 3R-rated and packaged with traditional duplex and Decora wall plates and mounting hardware and gaskets.
Circle 260

LED power supply

This dimmable LED power supply features short-circuit and overload protection and can be dimmed with a standard household dimmer. Encapsulated in epoxy and housed in a 304 stainless steel enclosure, the power supply is resistant to dirt, moisture, and corrosive elements. According to the company, it can withstand a direct short in excess of 15 days, with no external fusing required. ETL certified and CE marked, the product accepts multiple input voltages, including 120V, 240V, and 277V, 50/60Hz, with output configurable for 12VDC or 24VDC up to 60W.
Foster Transformer
Circle 261

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