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Connectors and couplings These rain-tight compression connectors and couplings, as well as the company's PVC jacketed MC connectors and couplings, are UL listed steel and zinc fittings, completely assembled with no extra seals to buy, stock, or install. The connectors feature a knockout gasket to prevent water seepage into the box. Both connectors and couplings use plastic sealing rings to protect

Connectors and couplings

These rain-tight compression connectors and couplings, as well as the company's PVC jacketed MC connectors and couplings, are UL listed steel and zinc fittings, completely assembled with no extra seals to buy, stock, or install. The connectors feature a knockout gasket to prevent water seepage into the box. Both connectors and couplings use plastic sealing rings to protect water from entering the conduit, as well as a split-type gland ring that prevents the conduit from turning when tightening the hex nut.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 261

Cordless power tools

This line of cordless heavy-duty 36V power tools is designed to provide increased levels of power and runtime with similar or less weight than its corded counterparts. According to the company, when independently tested, the 36V tools provided the same performance of corded tools and delivered two to three times more runtime than 18V tools. The line includes a hammerdrill, reciprocating saw, 7 ¼-in. circular saw, impact wrench, rotary hammer, jigsaw, and flashlight. These tools are available separately or in a variety of combo kits.
Circle 280

Design software

A new DWG/DXF export feature, “Export Now,” was added to Graybar VIP Design Online to allow users to take XML-based vector graphics created within the program and export them to AutoCAD. The feature generates Web-based automated DWG/DXF files for import into AutoCAD and ensures original graphic quality. The feature is also designed to minimize research and CAD library management issues.
Circle 271

Standby power interlock kits

This line of standby power interlock kits is designed to safely connect portable generators to residential electrical systems and prevent dangerous feedback to power lines. By interlocking the utility main breaker and the standby main breaker, the power interlock kits prevent both breakers from being activated at the same time, meeting the NEC requirements and protecting workers from potentially lethal electric feedback. The kits are made of steel and require no modifications to the load centers or meter combination covers.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 277

Power pack

The BD-100 is a DIN rail mounted power pack, available in two models — one with hold-ON and hold-OFF and another with manual-ON. The hold-OFF function can be used to perform load shedding in open office areas, while the hold-ON function can be used for retail and commercial facilities that want to ensure certain lighting remains on during normal business hours. The manual-ON capabilities are designed for applications requiring manual ON/OFF, while retaining automatic-OFF control.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 264

Metal-halide downlights

These 6-in. and 8-in. aperture metal-halide fixtures are designed for maintenance accessibility and light output usually associated with high ceiling applications. These downlights employ vertical T6 metal-halide lamp technology and come in a variety of high beam spreads, including spot, 10°, medium, 25°, or flood, 40°. The company's Virtual Source optics have been integrated into the fixtures for precise cutoff and glare control. The T6 downlights offer a full range of reflector colors and finishes.
Prescolite, a division of Hubbell Lighting
Circle 265

Mini hydraulic excavator

The 302.5C mini hydraulic excavator features 10% more bucket digging force and 10% more stick digging force than the previous model, 302.5. It also features additional cab space, 200° bucket rotation, and a wider door. The mini excavator's 18.6 hp engine meets US EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage II emissions standards. The excavator has a variable displacement hydraulic pump, which eliminates stalling and is designed to dig through rough terrain. Its operating weight is 6,283 lbs when equipped with a cab, and 6,052 lbs with a canopy.
Circle 266

Laser level

The Mini Magnetic Laser Level boasts a laser system with a 635nm diode with a working range of 650 ft during normal indoor conditions, 325 ft outside, and up to 1,500 ft in a darkened room. The laser level also uses rare earth magnets, which, according to the company, are more powerful than strip magnets, for a secure hold on all magnetic surfaces such as steel studs, pipe, or conduit. The laser level also features a built-in beam spreader for transition between a dot projection and a line.
Ideal Industries
Circle 276

Strut connector

The FS 41 Fastrut connector attaches any size cable tray to channel framing without bolts, nuts, or tools. The connector can be snapped into place with the user's thumb. It is designed for tight spots and hard-to-reach areas, and is available in Dacromet, black painted, and custom painted finishes.
Circle 269

Skid steers

The K-Series includes skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, and all-wheel steer loaders. These loaders now come with the SmartFAN cooling system, a hydraulically driven cooling fan that senses machine operating temperatures and then self-regulates to rotate as fast as necessary. The new cooling systems can be as much as 30% quieter in certain operating conditions and are designed to reduce dirt and debris restrictions in the cooling system. The loaders' drive chains are 120 HSOC (high strength oval chain) — stronger than previous models.
Circle 275

Cordless spiral saw

The RZ18V 18-V cordless RotoZip spiral saw is compatible with the company's current 18VV batteries — both Bluecore and previous generations. The cordless spiral saw provides the same power and speed as its corded counterparts and is completely compatible with other RotoZip attachments and accessories. The 4.9-lb tool rotates at 30,000 RPM and is designed for applications such as cutting out drywall or wall tile, cutting off metal stock pipe and duct work, and grinding metal and rust/paint removal for smaller sized jobs.
Circle 263

Conduit caps and spacers

The Quick Cap and Spacer System is designed to help stabilize and maintain proper spacing of two conduits exiting the concrete slab and protect the inside of the conduit from moisture and debris that arises during construction. Each piece in the system is made of rigid ABS plastic and is color coded according to size. The system's spacer maintains the proper spacing for future installation of a 4-in. electrical square box. All parts can be removed after installation and re-used on the next project.
Circle 279

Scissor lift drive system

The GS-68 RT Series of rough terrain scissor lifts now includes the company's new GS-68 RT drive system, adding combiner divider valves to divide and isolate hydraulic flow to each wheel. This allows each wheel to work independently, transferring maximum power to the ground even when one or more wheels lose contact. It also gives operators access to sites with 35% to 40% slope rating with its “parallel mode” and features a new hydraulic braking system.
Genie Industries
Circle 262

Wiring pull guard

The Wire Pulling Partner is designed for small wire pulling applications and requires only one user. The pulling device guides wire and cable through most boxes, fixtures, panels, connectors, and disconnects, protecting the wire and cable from rubbing against metal edges. It comes in three sizes — ½ in., ¾ in., and 1 in.
E5 Products
Circle 274

Dark cutting/threading oil

This dark cutting/threading oil comes in a toolbox size, shatterproof, 8 oz. dispensing bottle with a leak-proof cap. According to the company, the oil provides faster cutting time and longer life for drill bits, holesaws, drill/taps, and hole cutters when working with mild steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. The 462B oil does not contain hazardous compounds and is thermally stable.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 268


Ergonomically designed with a two-finger trigger and soft grip handles, the new ½-in. hammer-drills feature an 8.5A motor, metal gear case, and a recessed selector to allow users to operate in hammering or rotation modes. They are available in single-speed or dual-speed/torque models, and can be sold individually or in kits with an impact-resistant case and two-piece percussion drill bit set.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 267

Fastening system

The Ramset T3 fastening system features an interchangeable nosepiece that shoots a variety of fasteners, a magnetic nosepiece for mechanical pins and accessories, and a dustshield. The fastening system can fasten into concrete, hollow block, pan deck, and steel without changing power or color loads. It can drive more than 1,000 pins with its QuicKonnect fuel system, which it uses in place of powder loads. It can also be used with the T3 pole tool to extend the user's reach.
Illinois Tool Works
Circle 273

Cushion-grip spring tools

These cushion-grip spring tools are designed for installing and removing springs for electrical and automotive applications. The spring tools have two shank sizes — 4 in. and 6 in. Their C-shaped end allows the user to grab the spring and hold it securely without damaging the spring. Double wings on its chrome-plated shaft provide a solid, twist-resistant anchor, so that the tool can be used to push, pull, or twist springs.
Klein Tools
Circle 270

Variable-temperature heat gun

The H1600 three-speed, variable-temperature heat gun is designed for electricians and manufacturing plant uses. The heat gun features a 13A motor with a double fan, an air filter for the motor, and optional accessories such as a variety of nozzles. It has airflow rates of 8.8 cfm, 12.4 cfm, and 17.7 cfm and air temperatures of 120°F, 660°F, and 1,000°F. The tool weighs 2 lbs and measures 11 ¼ in.
Circle 278

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