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Plastic thickness gauges These nonconductive, non-sparking, and non-marring plastic gauge sets replace metal feeler gauges for electronic repairs or where finishes could be easily damaged. The precision gage sets are available in 5-in. and 12-in. lengths with blade thicknesses from .001 in. to .030 in. Each blade is a different color for quick identification. They are made of polyester or vinyl and

Plastic thickness gauges

These nonconductive, non-sparking, and non-marring plastic gauge sets replace metal feeler gauges for electronic repairs or where finishes could be easily damaged. The precision gage sets are available in 5-in. and 12-in. lengths with blade thicknesses from .001 in. to .030 in. Each blade is a different color for quick identification. They are made of polyester or vinyl and are non-corrosive.
Precision Brand Products
Circle 201

Lay-in wireway

Type 3R lay-in wireway is designed to protect electrical wiring against rain, sleet, and snow in outdoor applications and dripping water in indoor applications. The system consists of open-sided sections and fittings for increased access along the entire wiring run. The straight sections are made of 16- or 14-gauge galvanized steel and fastened by 14-gauge fittings. They're available in 4-in.×4-in., 6-in.×6-in., and 8-in.×8-in. sections.
Circle 202

Power monitoring software

EnergyDirector is a reporting and analysis program for controlling energy usage and determining patterns. The Web-based software monitors and measures the real-time energy usage of electronic or metered service, including gas, electric, water, and steam. Users can generate reports and analyze current and historical data. It also provides aggregate load and demand profiles, power quality analysis, and event alarming by screen alert, page, or e-mail.
Circle 203

Engineered switches

This line of engineered switches is designed to protect elevator circuits, building emergency systems, and data processing rooms, and features a 120VAC fusible shunt trip switch for remote disconnection in crucial applications. Rated 600VAC and ranging from 30A to 400A, the switches offer withstand ratings as high as 200kA. A 3-pole fused switch, Class J fuse block, and NEMA 1 industrial enclosure are included.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 204

AC drives

The ACS 800 DriveIT low-voltage AC drive is packaged in a new enclosure that reduces its footprint by 50% over equivalent predecessors. It's available in sizes ranging in width from 6.5 in. to 13.78 in. Designed with integral EMC filters and chokes and rated at supply voltages of 230V to 690V, the drive is backward compatible with this company's previous family of AC drives.
Circle 205

Lighting fixtures

These redesigned vaporproof lighting fixtures are UL Listed for use with 90°C supply wiring and are suitable for use in wet locations, indoors or out. The fixtures include thicker silicone rubber gaskets and aligning pins for easier assembly than earlier models. They're made of die cast aluminum and are available in a variety of mounting situations, including box, pendant, wall bracket, and ceiling mounting.
Circle 206

Power module

The Quad-Plex power module can mix and match with electrical components to customize work stations using existing cables and provide three or four circuits with one dedicated circuit. It offers as many as five supply configurations, ranging from three utility circuits and one isolated circuit to three isolated ground circuits and one convenience circuit.
Circle 207

Project management software

Electrical industry workers can use the Smart Tools Project Manager software package to plan and budget projects or estimate and schedule client work and proposals. Information is presented in a worksheet format and can be printed to a high-quality chart. The charts and reports are customizable.
Ballantine & Co.
Circle 208

Generator set

The Ecostar is the first hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine-driven genset. Because the unit operates on pure hydrogen, the only carbon-based emissions are from a small amount of burned and unburned oil present in the combustion chamber. The engine is coupled to a Class H, 2-pole, brushless, self-regulating alternator with a winding pitch designed to reduce the harmonic content of the output waveform. It's capable of producing 91.2kW and 114kVA at 480V in 3-phase power and 75kW and 75kVA at 277V in single-phase power.
Ballard Power SystemsCircle 209

Liquidtight fittings

ETP liquidtight fittings are designed for use in machine tool building, motor and transformer terminations, and robotics assembly, and offer a slim profile that eases installation in tight spaces. They also have a captive gland nut sealing ring, a reusable ferrule, and extra-long male threads that enable the use of a bushing to protect the conductors. They're available in .375-in. to 2-in. sizes and straight, 45°, and 90° molds.
Circle 210

Cable radius management unit

This half-circular-shaped, dual-channel unit is designed for multiple applications for maintaining the minimum bend radius of both copper and fiber optic cables. The unit is designed with a slot mount, which allows it to be seated on the sides of the cable management and wall mount racks. It can also be mounted directly to a wall.
Circle 211

Distribution centers

This standard line of AC and DC power distribution centers is designed to fit into industry standard 19-in. and 23-in. telecom racks. The DC models (LDM1, LDC1, and LDC2) are listed to UL 1801 and designed to EN60950 and offer circuit breakers that are rated as high as 10A per pole with a standard 10,000A interrupting capacity. The LAC1 series of AC distribution centers is available from 120VAC to 240VAC.
Carling Technologies
Circle 212

Hand towels

Kleaners are pre-moistened 9-in. × 11-in. towels packaged in resealable foil packets. They combine a synthetic towel with a liquid cleaner in a sink-free hand cleaning system. The cleaning ingredient is a natural citrus solvent, d-Limonene, which cuts oils, tar, adhesives, asphalt, wax, graphite, and other on-the-job soils. It's gentler to the skin than petroleum-based hand cleaners.
Klein Tools
Circle 213

PLC interface software

The PLC Pilot software package allows users to monitor and control programmable logic controllers from Palm OS mobile devices. The software supports the DirectNet protocol and interfaces with the Koyo DL05, DL105, DL205, DL305, and DL405 families. It eliminates the requirement for a personal computer when interfacing to these devices in the field and provides a general-purpose touch pad for writing to the PLC.
Pacific Microinstruments
Circle 214


The Micromaster 4 series of universal drives for AC motors range in power from 1/6 hp to 300 hp. The series includes micro inverter, basic, variable-torque rated, and vector-controlled performance models that meet voltage ranges of 200/240V, 380/480V, and 500/600V. They feature digital microprocessors and IGBTs.
Circle 215

Direct-burial cables

This line of direct-burial cables resists degrading after prolonged exposure to water or moisture. The cables feature a jacket made of an exclusive UV and weather-resistant material that will withstand years of burial without cracking or decaying. They are offered in 500-ft spools in 16/2, 16/4, 14/2, and 14/4 sizes.
Genesis Cable
Circle 216

Pad-mounted switchgear

The Kyle vacuum fault interrupter pad-mounted switchgear with visible break provides visual verification of contact status when distribution-switching procedures require indication of an open circuit prior to testing and verification. The visible break feature is available in two-position (open/closed) and three-position (open/closed/ground) configurations with ground switch capabilities.
Cooper Power Systems
Circle 217

PQ relay

The PQ1 power quality relay announces when disturbances on the power line are damaging or disrupting HVAC controls, telecommunications equipment, or other sensitive equipment. The relay has a response time of 500 nanoseconds for impulses and has built-in standard depth-duration curves for responding to voltage sags and swells. It can adjust to 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz power.
Power Standards Laboratory
Circle 218

Liquidtight connectors

These liquidtight metallic connectors are designed to connect flexible metal conduit while sealing out oil, water, dirt, dust, and fumes. The connectors employ this company's patented ferrule that offers pull-out protection four times greater than UL requirements. They're available in straight, 45°, and 90° designs.
Circle 219

Plant maintenance software

The RSNetWorx v4.01 program for ControlNet provides advanced maintenance and diagnostic features for plant networks. In addition, the program's network configuration and management package supports Windows 2000 Terminal Server and offers a new online assistance center.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 220

Circuit monitor

After collecting and logging energy usage, the CM3000 circuit monitor analyzes data to forecast trend plots, averages, and demand metering in real-time. The information is served to the host circuit monitor and transparently to other devices connected downstream. It has 600VAC direct-connect metering inputs and doesn't require PTs, easing installation. The device also has built-in rail clips for DIN rail mounting.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 221

Digital controllers

The SR80 series of digital controllers offers user-selectable inputs and ranges for thermocouples and RTDs, and user-programmable scaling for voltage, DC current, and mV inputs. The controllers are available in 72 mm, .25 DIN, and .125 DIN sizes. The .25 DIN SR83 and .125 DIN SR84 are available with dual outputs for heat/cool control.
Circle 222

Load switching system

Using this company's CycloControl power frequency carrier transmission technology, the Z-Lynk is designed for load switching in large industrial facilities and campuses where wiring or wireless connections aren't reliable or cost-effective. The system's transmitters are connected at various voltage levels from low voltage (408V) to 33kV. Because the signal operates at the power supply frequency, coverage is 100%.
Cyclo Systems
Circle 223

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