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Wire connector and plug The 15MP-3 male plug and 15FP-3 female connector provide protection against dust and allow for submersion in as much as 6 ft of water when capped or mated. Both plug and connector are available in 1A through 1,200A, 12V to 5,000V, and can be fitted with as many as 20 contacts. They are 3-wire IP68 rated for 13A to 18A, 600V. Connectors are available molded to Type SOW-A cable

Wire connector and plug
The 15MP-3 male plug and 15FP-3 female connector provide protection against dust and allow for submersion in as much as 6 ft of water when capped or mated. Both plug and connector are available in 1A through 1,200A, 12V to 5,000V, and can be fitted with as many as 20 contacts. They are 3-wire IP68 rated for 13A to 18A, 600V. Connectors are available molded to Type SOW-A cable on 16 AWG rated 13A and 14 AWG rated 18A.
Circle 200 Motor controller
The Motorpact motor controller reduces installation, maintenance, and life-cycle costs. The medium-voltage motor controller can execute 5,000 operations without maintenance. Its optional solid-state soft start voltage ramping increases uptime. Compartmentalized construction that includes an integral cable grounding switch and built-in arc resistance provides protection. It also features infrared scanning ports for bus bar connections and cable terminations.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 201 Reduced diameter cable
The VFD Slim is a reduced-diameter, shielded motor supply cable for variable frequency drives. The materials used hold up to the nonlinear power distortions associated with VFDs. The cable has a blended PVC jacket approved for UL and CSA standards for 500V. Available in sizes ranging from 16 AWG to 2 AWG, it's also approved for 1,000V by ULAWM.
Lapp USA
Circle 202 Protective finish
SilverGalv finish provides corrosion protection for channel, fittings, straps, threaded rod, and hardware. The finish is applied after fabrication to ensure that punched holes and cut ends are as protected as the rest of the material. The silver color matches existing pre-galvanized components for a uniform appearance on retrofit installations.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 203 Open frame rack
The DataCom 4-post open frame rack is designed to provide the mounting security of a cabinet with the accessibility and affordability of an open frame rack. With a load rating of 2,500 lb, the 4-post rack is developed to securely accommodate heavier and deeper LAN/WAN equipment, voice/data equipment, routers, servers, and switches. Three models are available in heights of 6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft with 38, 45, and 51 rack unit sizes respectively. The EIA RS-330-D standard racks are constructed of lightweight extruded aluminum ranging in weight from 70 lb to 80 lb.
Circle 204 Cable connectors
Quick-Lok armored cable connectors are designed for terminating armored cable into a steel box. The connectors feature a one-piece steel body and a nylon insulator for safe wire pulling. They're available in .5-in. and .75-in. sizes, with combination, slotted, Phillips, and Robertson head screws. They can be used with a variety of armored cable types, including AC steel and aluminum, MC steel and aluminum, flexible metal conduit (FMC), reduced wall FMC, and MCC aluminum. The connectors are UL classified and CSA certified.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 250 Clamping vises and jaws
These kits allow users to grip PVC-coated steel pipe and conduit used in high-corrosive environments without damaging it. Tripod Vise (TVCOAT) Kits come with tripod, yoke vise, and jaws for the clamshell, wraparound grip preferred by contractors. Pipe Vise (PVCOAT) Kits include the yoke vise and clamshell jaws for bench mounting. High-strength alloys in 6 in. long jaws allow the firmest grip with the least damage.
Reed Manufacturing Co.
Circle 251 Fastening system
Saddle components molded from this company's Zytel PA66 nylon resin perform the support function in the Ezi-Fix system for attaching electrical cable, conduit, and pipe to wall or ceiling surfaces. The system requires no drilling or screws. Instead, adhesive-surfaced saddles are pressed against a pre-primed surface with the aid of a spring-loaded application tool. The saddles come in two sizes of 30 mm, supporting as much as 11-lb loads, and 50 mm, rated for 22-lb loads.
Circle 252 Circular saw
The DW934K-2 18V 6.75-in. metal cutting circular saw cuts 2-in. inner-diameter conduit and pipe in one pass. With a 2.375-in. cutting capacity, the saw is designed for electricians, HVAC installers, and other professionals who want a lighter, portable power tool for cutting metal on the jobsite. It uses all-metal upper and lower blade guards and a stainless-steel shoe to withstand a typical industrial jobsite.
Circle 253 Temporary fixture
The TL series of high-intensity discharge (HID) temporary fixture offers users extremely bright energy-efficient lighting comparable to several conventional strings of lights. Designed for use on construction sites, repair areas, and loading docks, the fixtures yield 6 ft candles of illumination from a 20-ft mounting height. A spring-lock hook affixed to the ballast box allows contractors to mount a unit quickly. The design measures less than 18 in., keeping it out of the way of any activity below. An optional NEMA L5-15P grounded plug is available.
Circle 254 Cable support
The BRC4M stud cable support can be used in plenum-rated areas. The single staple can support as many as six runs of NM cable, as well as four runs of AC, MC, or BX cable. It also allows cables to be positioned 1.25 in. from the face of the stud as required by 300.4(D) of the NEC.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 255 Labeling tool
The ID Pal thermal transfer labeling tool offers a variety of label colors. The colors are designed to simplify infrastructure administration and maintenance by making the structure of the cabling more intuitive. The colors include orange, green, red, blue, and yellow. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including smooth/flat, curved (including wire and cable), textured, and highly textured.
Circle 256 Power equipment
Transparent Ready power equipment is web-enabled for remote monitoring application. The equipment features an embedded web-server, which organizes and presents real-time metering data from intelligent devices, such as circuit breakers, relays, and power monitors. Power system information is available to authorized users via any PC on the network using just a browser.
Scheider Electric/Square D
Circle 257 Connection kit
The GelCap Motor Connection Kit features PowerGel sealant that provides a moisture seal over a wide temperature range. The design features specially formulated material that provides abrasion resistance, insulation value, and UV resistance. In addition, the clear cap allows visual inspection of connector positioning during installation and connector performance during service life. Only four sizes of the GelCap motor connection kits are needed to cover 16 AWG to 500 kcmil cable.
Tyco International
Circle 258 LED lamps
MR16-Style LED lamps combine the standard MR16-Bi-Pin base and a light-optimizing design. They feature a power draw of .8W to 4W and an 11-year LED operating life. Solid-state TrackLEDs provide lighting professionals with the means to integrate ornamental illumination into maintenance applications. The lamps come in 12/14VDC and are available in 12, 24, and 42 LED configurations.
Circle 259 Downlights
The 4-in. PAR IC1 downlight can be installed in a variety of space-restricted insulated plenums. The IC1 is 6 in. 3, which is a 56% reduction in size from the previous model. The housing design is Air-Loc rated without requiring supplemental gasketing. It also uses an internal heat shield to operate 50W R20 and 50W PAR20 lamps without a socket extender.
Juno Lighting
Circle 260 Cable cutter
The ESG45GL battery-powered cable cutter was developed as a high-capacity tool for cutting ASCR, rebar, ground rod, soft steel bolts, wire ropes, and copper and aluminum cable. The cable cutter is designed with a two-speed pump that advances the ram rapidly until the blades meet resistance. It features an angled pistol grip to provide control and balance for added safety and convenient use. It also comes with a 1-hr battery charger, carrying case, and two batteries. A fully charged battery makes approximately 95 cuts on 336.4 ASCR.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 261 Clinch rivet
The Clinch Rivet line of rivets is designed for fastening two or more panels together. The rivets provide a strong hold and are removable for environmentally friendly disposal. The CR is lightweight, chemical resistant, and has a high dialectric strength. They're available in four colors: black, white, gray, and beige.
Circle 262 Fan and fixture support
This line of supports includes two old work bar hangers and four enhanced new work bar hangers. The new work bar hangers have a load rating of 701 lbs for fans and 200 lbs for fixtures, when used with a steel outlet box. All fan and fixture support products in the line are UL Listed.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 263 Lighting series
The LPR series of lights offers optical performance for walkways and parking areas in a compact fixture. Its light-distribution pattern is made for lighting pedestrian crossing areas and security purposes. Designed primarily for ground-mounted applications, the fixtures also can be pole-, yoke-, or wall-mounted. The lamp is included, in probe or pulse start metal-halide or high-pressure sodium, 35W to 175W models. The series is part of this company's Rectangular Series, available in a choice of four floodlight optical systems or two area-light systems.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 264 Power management software
When used with MGE's XML-Web cards or [email protected] the UPS Web-Pac software provides comprehensive and highly secure management of network-attached UPS systems from anywhere on the network. Using a standard Web browser, remote users have a graphical view of real-time UPS operating characteristics, with monoritoring of as many as 250 servers. Administrators can use their browser to receive power alarms and set up automatic actions.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 150 Web-enabled monitoring system
The SOLO Internet-enabled system is designed for single-point and portable power quality monitoring. It transforms monitor data into Internet-accessible answers, giving companies current information on energy use, cost, and power quality. Web-based, interactive charts enable engineers to analyze power quality events, identify energy wastes and reduce usage during peak demand periods.
Kriess Johnson Technologies
Circle 151 AC power quality monitor
The PQ1 power quality relay is designed to alert disturbances on power lines that are damaging or disrupting HVAC controls, telecommunication equipment, and other sensitive electronics. The relay can be used as a diagnostic tool or it can be built into larger automated systems as part of a remote diagnostic system. It has a response time of 400 nanoseconds for impulses, and has built-in standard depth-duration curves for responding to voltage sags and swells.
Power Standards Lab
Circle 152 Secondary surge arresters
SDSA secondary surge arresters include the SDSA1175 and SDSA3650 models. Both models feature a housing made of high-temperature thermoplastic to ensure reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor applications. Two of the SDSA 1175 devices can be used to protect 208Y/120VAC 3-phase, 4-wire devices. Uses for the model SDSA3650 include applications where maximum phase-to-ground system voltage doesn't exceed 600VAC and surge protection for motors operating below 600V. A metal oxide varistor design creates faster response and lower clamping voltages than traditional gas tube arresters.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 153 Touch-screen display
The Graphical Command Center 10.2-in. color touch screen is now available on this company's multi-mode UPS systems with power ratings as high as 800kVA. The display features event logs, animated mimic diagrams, performance graphs, and user instructions. It offers a Web-ready Ethernet port that allows users to access data directly via the Internet or company intranets using a standard browser.
Circle 154 Web-based signature system
Additions to the Signature System include DualNode, which combines power quality monitoring and energy management with analysis, notification, and web-server functions. The Quality-of-Supply DataNodes provide the data necessary to verify compliance with EN50160 standards. The UPS Performance Verification AnswerModule evaluates power quality data.
Dranetz-BMI and Electrotek Concepts
Circle 155 Voltage regulator
The single-phase, 32-step padmounted voltage regulator is designed to improve safety and reliability, and allows system planners to regulate voltage. The regulator has the availability for 2,400V 3-wire to 24,940V 4-wire and has current ratings ranging from 50A to 548A. It meets ANSI, IEEE, IEC and NEMA standards.
Cooper Power Systems
Circle 156 Lighting protection unit
The IN-777 protects process control equipment against transients induced between the signal lines and instrument earth through lightning strikes or other sources. The unit is fused with spares provided, and the circuit design uses zener barriers.
Circle 157 Monitoring device
The NetVisor offers Ethernet and Modbus communications protocols and a built-in Web browser. It displays voltage levels and duration for sags, swells, and outages on a 2×16 LCD. As many as 1,000 power quality events can be captured and stored.
Eaton Corp.
Circle 158 Surge protection device
The CRITEC TDX50 SPD provides surge ratings sufficient for lightning-exposed, mission-critical sites. The TDX series features three safety technologies to address catastrophic events, as well as TVSS failures due to normal aging. They include Transient Discrimination (TD) technology, thermal intimate MOVs, and over-current fusing. The combination of these technologies provides longer TVSS life, which is backed by this company's 10-year free replacement warranty. It has a 50kA 8/20μs surge rating, meeting the requirements of IEEE C62.41.2 Scenario II, Exposure 2 service entrance protection. It's designed for installation between electrical panels within stud walls or any tight location. The NEMA 4 enclosure is suitable for outdoor use, and the unit requires no regular maintenance.
Circle 159 Surge protector
The MTL TP32 delivers surge protection to field transmitters in Fieldbus installations without additional wiring or conduit modifications. The surge protector is approved for safe and explosion proof operation in all gas groups and apparatus temperature classification to T6. It also has FM, CSA, and CENELEC approvals for use in hazardous locations and meets IEC 61158-2:2000 and ASI/ISA-50.02-2 1992 standards for 31.25kbps systems.
MTL Inc.
Circle 160

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