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Voltage regulators The SVR series AC voltage regulators are available in 1kVA, 1.8kVA, 2kVA, 2.4kVA, and 3kVA rackmount models. The UL-Listed series provides a stable voltage/current source and precision regulations for sensitive laboratory equipment, computers with integrated DAC capability, spectrographs, computer-based precision measurement or position systems, high-accuracy motor speed controllers,

Voltage regulators

The SVR series AC voltage regulators are available in 1kVA, 1.8kVA, 2kVA, 2.4kVA, and 3kVA rackmount models. The UL-Listed series provides a stable voltage/current source and precision regulations for sensitive laboratory equipment, computers with integrated DAC capability, spectrographs, computer-based precision measurement or position systems, high-accuracy motor speed controllers, optical vapor coating, or any electronic equipment used in harsh or polluted power environments. It's designed to eliminate costly equipment or process downtime resulting from high-voltage transients, drop-outs, low- or high-utility voltages, generator-related frequency and voltage fluctuations, or noise and power pollution caused by other equipment or motors operating nearby.
Falcon Electric, Inc.
Circle 150

Double converter UPS systems

The Pinnacle series provides power to protect networking equipment, telecommunication systems, medical equipment, and other mission-critical applications. Using digital signal processing (DSP) technology, these power systems provide complete power conditioning, offering pure, sine wave power to critical equipment with zero transfer time. It offers complete protection against a variety of power problems, including blackouts, brownouts, electrical noise, spikes, sags, surges, voltage transients, and frequency variations. The output voltage adjustment regulates the output voltage, allowing it to be fine-tuned according to actual power needs.
Alpha Technologies
Circle 151


The utility voltmeter provides continuous, precise indication of power line voltage. Almost instantaneous indication of voltage surges and brownouts is also helpful when diagnosing possible causes of anomalous equipment behavior. This backlit voltmeter offers a 250-ms readout update. It's UL-approved, NIST-certified, and has readout visibility from beyond 20 ft. The voltmeter can be mounted on a wall, shelf, workbench, or desktop with supplied Velcro strips or optional brackets.
Rontron Engineering, Inc.
Circle 152

Power meter

The IQ 7000 power meter provides users with a complete depiction of power usage and power quality for any metered point within a power distribution network. The meter features advanced power quality analysis and has built-in Modbus communications using RS-485 and/or Ethernet gateway. It offers precise energy measurements, detailed load information, time-of-use capability, waveform capture, harmonics measurements, fault recordings, and historical trending.
Eaton Corp.
Circle 153

Automatic transfer switch

The Automatic Transfer Switch product line is designed for standby, closed transition soft load, or continuous parallel applications. The ATS line replaces standard open transition transfer switches. It offers a soft load closed transition application and an export-to-utility application, which creates additional revenue and reduces stress on the electrical grid. It's capable of transferring loads from 100A to 400A and features a breaker-based design, which helps reduce overall system complexity.
EncorpCircle 154

Surge protection

The TVSS surge protectors provide transient power protection for equipment ranging from electronic devices in retail environments to mission critical computer equipment. The surge protector can perform applications from 60kA to 600kA per phase — from the service entrance to individual branch panels.
Power Distribution, Inc.
Circle 155

Spare battery system

The B.O.S.S. on-site spare battery system provides users with fully charged spare batteries to save time and money. The system features batteries matched to the user's UPS along with a built-in 12VDC charger. It plugs into a 120VAC outlet and is equipped with casters for easy moving. It's available in a variety of models that can house two to 40 sealed lead-acid batteries, each with its own quick-disconnect.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 156

Engineering analysis software

The Adviser Reliability Workstation version 6.1.7 features load flow, short circuit analysis, reliability analysis, integrated overcur-rent protective device coordination, and harmonic analysis. It's an engineering analysis tool used by utility and industrial engineers for system planning and coordination studies, system reliability improvement, and power quality correction.
Cooper Power Systems
Circle 157

Transfer switches

The PowerStay automatic transfer system detects when power goes out, cranks the generator, and transfers circuits to generator power automatically. The system is a combined transfer switch and subpanel in one that maximizes the capacity of the generator, can be wall-mounted, and includes active load management.
Gen/Tran Corp.
Circle 158

Frequency converters

The ED UVS Plus series 3kVA and 4kVA frequency converters can be configured to accept 120VAC, 60Hz/50Hz/400Hz input/output in a variety of combinations. The converter takes the incoming utility voltage and rectifies it to a regulated DC voltage, from which a new AC output is generated. The result is a clean, precision regulated output voltage and frequency irrespective of the input source. It offers enhanced surge start-up capability and can start loads that exhibit greater than a 300% inrush current when started from the utility.
Falcon Electric, Inc.
Circle 159

Load bank units

These load bank energy dissipation units provide energy dissipation for sources generating anywhere from 1kW of power to several megawatts. These load banks are designed for voltages from 12VDC to 780VAC or VDC, and most voltage combinations can be accommodated within a single frame. The AC units are available for 50Hz, 60Hz, or 400Hz line frequencies.
Circle 160

Power supply

The 1600 EP series uninterruptible power supply is a UPS with more monitoring capabilities, more flexibility, and more features. This system combines true on-line technology and electronics with hot swappable battery modules.
Odyssey Power Corp.
Circle 161

Premium power system

The Advanced Power System (APS) is a self-contained unit that focuses on the interconnection of the utility to the critical load. The system is designed for applications that isolate the critical load from all instantaneous disturbances and outages. The integrated control system monitors the incoming power source for a fault condition, and when power becomes unstable, it ensures uninterrupted premium power in a series of split-second steps.
GE Digital Energy
Circle 162

Power management system

The Power Management Module system is designed to manage a data center's power infrastructure. By integrating isolation, conditioning, electronic-grade grounding, and power management and distribution for as many as 252 output breakers, the power delivery unit comes in one compact system. It monitors the main and sub-main breakers as well as all the branch circuit breakers. The monitor alerts operators with its large format LCD display and audible alarm before breakers are at risk of tripping.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 163

Disturbance fault recorder

The TESLA portable disturbance fault recorder enables multi-functional recording in a compact enclosure suitable for substation or industrial environments. Users can capture and analyze everything from system faults and motor start-ups to long-term effects like line power factor. Each recorder has 18 analog and 32 digital input channels with capacity to create many other virtual quantities from these inputs.
NxtPhase Corp.Circle 164

Battery system

The PowerSafe DDm battery system provides long service life for applications that require large-capacity, valve-regulated batteries, such as telecommunications, power generation and distribution, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The cells are encased in protective steel cans that provide consistent compression. The module design uses thermal management that allows airflow, and the one-piece container construction helps improve leak resistance.
EnerSys, Inc.
Circle 200

Smoke detector accessories

The i3series accessories include a loop test/maintenance module, sensitivity reader, adapter bracket, and removal tool. The loop test/maintenance module interprets the remote maintenance signal and provides a visual indication when the 2-wire detector requires cleaning. The adapter bracket provides a finished appearance for retrofit installations. The removal tool attaches to an extension pole for high ceiling installation.
System Sensor
Circle 201

Digital multimeters

The PlatimunPro 480 series of digital multimeters offers true rms, capacitance, frequency, temperature, backlight, peak hold, min/max, and relative mode. The multimeter can log and store as many as 40,000 records. It includes an optical RS-232 interface that provides a gateway for uploading measurements to a personal computer, as well as for automation calibration via the PC. It's also UL Listed, 600V rated, and has a lifetime limited warranty.
IDEAL Industries, Inc.
Circle 202

Safety signs

Everlast safety signs are ANSI approved and designed for outdoor and harsh environments. The signs are .25 in. thick and measure 10 in. × 14 in. or 7 in. × 10 in. They're made of high-impact, durable, polyolefin plastic and are UL tested. The signs use UV stabilizers, antioxidants, and permanent color pigments.
Tech Products, Inc.
Circle 203

Semiconductor fuses

The A15QS Amp-Trap Form 101 semiconductor fuses are designed for the protection of diodes, thyristors, GTOs, and other devices. Rated 150VAC/DC and ranging from 1A to 6,000A, the fuses offer withstand ratings as high as 200kA. The UL-recognized components feature AC approvals for UL Guide Number JFHR2 (1A to 4,000A), and have been DC tested to UL Standard 198L parameters.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 204

UPS options

The SG series UPS Plus features an optional input isolation transformer box with a PDU feature for 1kVA to 3kVA models. An optional maintenance bypass switch is available on all models from 800VA to 6kVA.
Falcon Electric
Circle 205

Mounting plates

Omni controllers and mounting plates fit in several enclosures, including Leviton, OnQ, UStec, Siemon, and open-house types. The 17A00 expansion enclosure is offered on the same mounting plate as the Omni II/Pro II. Products on mounting plates for structured wiring enclosures include manuals, accessories, and wiring diagrams for the inside of the enclosure door. The mounting plates are available separately, without an attached controller or accessory.
Circle 206

Motor control

The SMC-Flex Softstarter offers a variety of motor starting and stopping methods to provide solutions for a wide range of applications. It's available in current ranges from 108A to 480A, and voltage ranges from 200VAC to 600VAC. The built-in motor protection has multiple overload classes to reduce the number of devices required to meet demanding application requirements.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 207

Mechanical lugs

These copper mechanical lugs are designed for 14 AWG copper conductors. The lugs offer high-strength/low-resistance construction, are compact for work in restricted spaces, and may be reused. They're also UL-Listed and CSA-certified.
Gardner Bender
Circle 208

Communications relays

The MPCV relay allows users to select closing curves and have access to information on voltage, current, power, power factor, harmonics, and last trip. The relay communicates information to a data concentrator/translator over a shielded twisted-pair communications wire. It monitors the network protector's internal enclosure, including temperature, alarms of detected anomalies, and water. It also stores and downloads the last trip operation in a waveform, which can be viewed on a personal computer.
Eaton Corp./Cutler-Hammer
Circle 209

Battery charge manager

AlphaGuard is designed to maximize battery performance for standby communications power systems and manage the distribution of battery charge voltages across all batteries in 36V or 48V strings. Installed inside the battery enclosure, the system works by continually sensing and adjusting the charge for individual batteries. It eliminates damaging overcharging and undercharging scenarios that could lead to premature battery failure.
Alpha Technologies
Circle 210

Color cord grip series

The CG color cord grip series features universal standards of color-coding by diameter for identification with neoprene bushings in green, yellow, purple, blue, red, and orange. The watertight fittings can be used for wiring machine tools, motors, transformers, air conditioning units, and other applications. Used with a portable cord, they provide a means for passing a cord into an enclosure and provide pullout protection for the cord while ensuring a secure connection. They also protect conductors from mechanical damage due to vibration and movement while sealing out oils, coolants, water, and dust in other locations.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 250

Portable reel platform

The style A Roll-A-Reel is a structural steel platform accommodating reels as long as 28 in. and load rated per CEMA standards at 1,500 lb. The platform is equipped with a mounted ball bearing roller assembly at the front and an adjustable roller assembly at the rear. The rear roller can be adjusted without tools to one of six positions. The front roller has a positive spring-loaded lock that facilitates reel loading and unloading. It also has a built-in steel ramp, eliminating the need for lift equipment or jacks.
Roll-A-Reel Co.
Circle 251

Raceway bridge

The Surface Raceway Bridge allows common field obstacles like pre-existing raceways and conduit to be bridged over. The patent pending fittings, SMS4257B, 2157B, and 3257B provide a fast way to install raceways in crowded areas.
Mono-Systems, Inc.
Circle 252

Rotary saw

The 1639 rotary saw allows various cutting applications ranging from drywall to solid surface materials. The dual-speed design cuts plastics and solid surface materials. The quick-clamp removable depth guide/base attaches, adjusts, and detatches for added convenience.
Bosch Tool Corp.
Circle 253

Dual-voltage box

The SB-21-DV dual-voltage, non-metallic box features a side-mounting bracket suitable for mounting to the face of a wood or steel stud. It has 20.5 cu in. of wiring capacity. The box supports conventional switch/outlet power devices and provides a low-voltage bracket with a cable support that retains cable during and after installation. It's also constructed of durable PVC and is UL Listed.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 254

Wire connector

The Twister Al/Cu provides a secure connection and prevents aluminum corrosion. The aluminum-to-copper twist-on wire connector has an entry cap that seals the compound inside the connector, preventing it from running off. It's UL Listed for grounding and bonding, complies with NEC 110.14(B) for aluminum-to-copper connections, and is UL 486C Listed and CSA C22.2 #188 certified.
IDEAL Industries, Inc.
Circle 255

Cable ties

WIT-30XAR series cable ties are self-mounted with an arrowhead design that snaps quickly into a pre-drilled hole. The cable tie, with removable attachment, provides a permanent locking method of bundling cables or wires. The design allows users to remove the tie from the hole by pinching the release tabs at the top of the arrowhead. They're available in two lengths and have 30-lb tensile strength.
Richco, Inc.
Circle 256

Patch cord test adapter

The DSP patch cord test adapter provides a means to certify and document the transmission performance specifications of patch cords as specified by TIA/EIA 568 B. One adapter is attached to the main test unit and the other is connected to the remote test unit. Test parameters include wiremap to ensure that the wire pairs are properly connected, and propagation delay, length, and delay skew.
Fluke Networks, Inc.
Circle 257

Connectors and couplings

The ETP electrical metallic tubing (EMT) steel set-screw connectors and couplings secure lengths of conduit together and to boxes and enclosures. The connectors and couplings are available in four styles with trade sizes ranging from .5 in. to 4 in. The easy-to-install fittings are UL/CSA Listed to ensure safety and performance.
Circle 258

Torque wrench

The HIW716VT variable torque impact wrench reduces torque by 50%, allowing hardware installation with a decreased risk of snapping off bolts and adaptors during the process. The wrench adjusts torque by dumping the flow of oil back to the tank without restricting it, therefore avoiding heat build up. Capable of more than 400 ft-lb of torque, it allows users to drill through utility poles or fasten hardware. The wrench also uses a Gerotor drive motor, providing controlled horsepower with less vibration.
FCI-Racine Hydraulic Tools
Circle 259

Prismatic reflector

The 16-in. prismatic reflector produces horizontal, vertical, and uplighting illumination with low brightness. The reflector comes standard with DeltaGuard finish that also coats the inside of the housing to improve heat dissipation and corrosion resistance. It's compatible with probe-start and pulse-start metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps in a variety of wattages.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 260

Chandelier bulbs

The FlameTip series of LED chandelier bulbs is designed to replace incandescent bulbs, last 10 times longer, and consume as much as 90% less energy. The candle-flame shape bulbs are available in amber, blue, green, red, cool-white, and warm-white. They're also 20% more dimmable for ambience and mood lighting. They're equipped with a candelabra base, allowing for retrofitting in chandelier, candelabra, and wall sconce applications.
Mule Lighting, Inc.
Circle 261

Coaxial cable cutter

The 63030 coaxial cable cutter is designed to cut aluminum and copper cable as thick as 1 in. The tool features curved jaws that grip the cable while the blades make a clean cut without compression or frayed ends. It also includes a hot-riveted joint for smooth action with no handle wobble, blue plastic-coated handles for a steady grip, and tool identification.
Klein Tools
Circle 262

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