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Motor software BEST software calculates the annual electricity cost of an existing motor or groups of motors and compares that to the cost of premium efficiency motors. It then shows the annual energy savings that an upgrade would provide. The software accepts data entry three ways: keyboard input, import from Microsoft Excel, and import from a PDA.Baldor Circle 201 High-resistance ground instrument

Motor software

BEST software calculates the annual electricity cost of an existing motor or groups of motors and compares that to the cost of premium efficiency motors. It then shows the annual energy savings that an upgrade would provide. The software accepts data entry three ways: keyboard input, import from Microsoft Excel, and import from a PDA.
Circle 201

High-resistance ground instrument

The CSA-approved Groundskeeper high-resistance grounding package allows users to keep a close watch on the current flowing through the neutral conductor of their low-voltage power systems. It contains resistor elements formed from stainless steel, an ammeter and voltmeter available for indoor and outdoor applications, and disconnect switch that enables the user to take the resistor out of service for maintenance. Both the neutral and 480V power pass through this switch.
Post Glover Resistors
Circle 204

Washdown motors

These paint-free stainless washdown motors provide extended life in high humidity or wet environments. The line of motors employs the VBX INPRO/SEAL shaft seal that prevents high-pressure washdown spray from entering the motor through the shaft. The motors also offer features like two conduit holes, a threaded conduit hole, and a 90° elbow connector that can be threaded without removing the conduit box, making motor installation possible without requiring major modifications to electrical lines or other equipment.
Emerson Motor Technologies
Circle 206

Evacuation system voice analyzer

The STI-CIS analyzer uses the speech intelligibility index (STI) and the common intelligibility scale (CIS) called for in NFPA 72 and other standards. The hand-held analyzer helps owners conform to the NFPA's intelligibility requirement that building occupants must be able to hear and understand messages from voice evacuation systems.
Circle 201

Power supply

The Alpha-Core BP30 power system eliminates the noise caused by unbalanced AC power lines. With a balanced and shielded isolation transformer design, it reduces common mode noise and reactive components by at least 60dB. It can handle continuous power of 1,000W (8.4A) with input and output voltages of 120V for 60-Hz operation.
Circle 207

3-phase power meter

The 9600 is a 3-phase power quality meter, Web server, analyzer, and controller. It comes pre-configured to provide compliance reporting, 256 samples-per-cycle waveform recording, system reliability displayed as number of nines, 65µs transient detection, sag/swell analysis, 4MB or 8MB data logging and harmonics to the 128th, all of which can be displayed on its screen. It can access and log real-time power data and distribute reports and alarms over the Internet.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 203

Hammer drill

The SBE750 ½-in. hammer drill for heavy-duty drilling applications has a maximum tightening torque of 159 in. lbs. The 6-lb drill offers ¾-in. capacity in concrete, ½-in. capacity in steel, and 1½-in. capacity in softwood. Its goose neck depth gauge allows maximum accuracy of drilling depth by enabling the gauge tip to be positioned close to the drill bit.
Circle 262

Business software

With Contractors' Lien Maker, contractors can create, track, and produce required state documents legally and on time. The CD-ROM includes lien warning notice, letters of notification, stop notice releases, commencement notice, mechanic's liens, notice to owner, notice of furnishing, promissory notes, and all four standard release forms. It includes step-by-step instructions, eases data entry, and covers all 50 states.
Made E-Z Products
Circle 252


The Meso X1 luminaire uses holographically generated, microstructured diffusers in its optical control technology to create balanced brightness at all viewing angles, and is designed for both direct and indirect lighting. The unit increases energy efficiency by using only one T5 HO lamp. The ballasts and through wiring are housed in a low-profile ceiling channel.
Circle 255

Crimping pliers

The long handles and improved mechanical design of the Crimpfox crimping tool allow the user to expend less physical exertion than when using standard crimping pliers. An integrated automatic pressure lock releases after reaching full compression. It will crimp a wide range of connectors and ferrules and can replace several crimping tools thanks to a variety of crimping dies.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 261

Accounting software

Service Management is an add-on for this company's QuickBooks accounting software. The software allows users to generate service calls, track technicians and inventory, and create reports. It offers seven modules, including Customers, Service, Technicians, Help Desk, Assets, Reports, and Defaults.
EXR Software
Circle 251

Trapeze clip

The AS Trapeze Clip integrates the company's FAS (fast assembly system) by folding down a tab to securely hold wire cable trays in place. The clip is fastened to threaded rod by snapping it into the proper sized groove and folding a tab upward. This method provides support for all common sizes of threaded rod, including ¼-in., ⅜-in., and ½-in., and requires no poly grommets or special tools.
Circle 258

Nonmetallic surface raceway

This company's nonmetallic surface raceway system is available in a single raceway design; a multi-channel, medium-capacity design for classroom and office applications; and a multi-channel, high-capacity system. Cove molding, available in single- and multi-channel, combines the features of a surface wiring installation within a building's natural contours. No special tools are required for installation. The raceway system is manu-factured of PVC and is UL-listed and CSA-approved.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 257

Portable PDUs

The VS series of portable power distribution units (PDUs) is designed for temporary power applications and integrates safety into the units with the company's horsepower, switch-rated receptacles that employ a dead front shutter. The units offer a NEMA-rated breaker load panel with the company's switch-rated receptacles, power capacity from 20A to 600A, heavy-duty powder-coated steel stand, and a rain hook for rugged or harsh environments.
Circle 254

MI cable

The 1850-SE service entrance cable system is an MI cable manufactured from copper and magnesium oxide — inorganic materials that won't release toxic fumes or propagate flame during a fire. The system fits into spaces where conduit and wire in concrete won't fit. The cable can also be crushed to half its original diameter and still remain electrically functional.
Tyco Thermal Controls
Circle 263

Mounting bracket

Uni-Mount provides a secure box support for metal or wood studs. The universal design fits all 4-in. square boxes and is available as a single or two-device bracket. Guide tabs ensure consistent alignment on the stud. Far-side supports are no longer needed due to the rigid bracket design. It has a built-in mud ring and can be used to locate communication outlets before drywall installation. It replaces electrical boxes in Class 2, low-voltage installations.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 264


The Test-Pro 420 is a heavy-duty digital multimeter designed for harsh job sites and storage conditions. Its fully gasketed Valox housing protects internal electronics. The case, which has been enhanced with a built-in stand and hanger, is certified to withstand the impact of a 10-ft drop. It offers as many as 32 ranges and functions, including capacitance and logic probe capabilities.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 250

Surface mount raceways

CableSmart 40 and 60 series raceways are designed for school and office applications. They feature high cable fill capacity, 2-in. bend radius fittings, and robust tamper resistance. Both systems are compatible with Ortronics TracJack and series II modular connectivity systems and other industry standard and proprietary devices.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 253

Multipole connector

Designed primarily for motor control applications, the revos MOT crimp connector is a high-density 600V, 16A unit that provides a crimp connection within an IP65-rated hood and housing for dust and spray protection. The connection housing is constructed of lightweight, corrosion-proof polyamide plastic rated to UL 94 V-0 flammability standards.
Wieland Electric
Circle 260

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