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Parallel connector The 1BC one-bolt parallel connector's pressed-in bolt technology provides for a smooth, flat installation surface and eases installation. The connector accepts a range of conductors from 6 AWG through 40-28 lightning conductors. It's available in bronze, aluminum, and electro tin-plated bronze.Harger Lightning & GroundingCircle 250 Billing software The T&M Billing software package

Parallel connector
The 1BC one-bolt parallel connector's pressed-in bolt technology provides for a smooth, flat installation surface and eases installation. The connector accepts a range of conductors from 6 AWG through 40-28 lightning conductors. It's available in bronze, aluminum, and electro tin-plated bronze.
Harger Lightning & Grounding
Circle 250Billing software
The T&M Billing software package includes built-in material pricing that can be updated instantaneously using the company's e-catalogs. Users can store information about materials, labor, and tools for later generation and assignment of work orders. The program will then generate invoices that include a description of the job performed, materials used, labor hours, and amount owed. The software is PDA-compatible.
Circle 251Dimming ballast
The Mark X Powerline dimming ballast is designed for the operation of 32W or 42W triple compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). The ballast will also provide one-lamp operation of 57W and 70W triple CFLs. The units provide programmed-start operation for optimized lamp life in frequent-starting conditions. It will also provide lamp ignition at any light setting, including the 5% dim level. In addition, its ability to operate above 40kHz minimizes the risk of interference problems.
Advanced Transformer
Circle 252Powder-actuated tool
The model 479 Power Trigger powder-actuated tool abandons the conventional hammer method for activation and instead uses a trigger on the grip. The single-shot, steel-construction tool uses .22 caliber loads and handles washered and non-washered power fasteners from 0.5 in. to 3 in. long. It's designed for jobs like mounting electrical junction boxes, conduit, and dry wall tack.
Circle 257Caddy
The Network Caddy eliminates tangled wires and is designed to allow electricians to work independently. Constructed from high-strength engineered plastic and steel tubing, the unit is lightweight and durable. Multiple caddies can be stacked.
Bobo Networks
Circle 253Thermal transfer printer
The PanAcea LS7 thermal transfer printer is intended for on-site labeling of wires, terminal blocks, bins, and components. The printer allows for the serialization of labels, bar code printing, and auto font sizing. It also provides file storage memory for later recall of important labels. Label cassettes are designed to ease loading. Batteries and a hardside carrying case are also included.
Circle 256Crimping tool
The Patriot uses a patented pump, transmission, and piston design to reduce crimping time. The self-contained hydraulic tool provides a consistent connection up to 750 kcmil and a 12-ton output force. Using this company's Y750 tool head, it can reach tight spaces, and a 360° head rotation design allows it to operate in most positions. It also includes an 18V NiMH battery.
Circle 254Cable puller
The Mini Brutus cable puller is rated for continuous pulls as heavy as 2,000 lb. The pulling system uses a standard Rigid or Mini-Collins pipe threader power drive unit and pulls as many as 18 ft/min. The multi-adjustable arm extends to longer than 9 ft, while the entire unit can be collapsed to 44 in. × 13.5 in. × 18 in. for storage. Its frame is constructed from 12 gauge, 2-sq.-in., square tubular steel piping.
Gardner Bender
Circle 259 troffer
The GP2's hemmed sides, uni-body construction, and hemmed and true-mitered door frame reduce cuts and scrapes to the installer during relamping and installation. The troffer is 3 in. deep and is designed around a T8 lamp and electronic ballast combination. The unit's seismic clips lock into the ceiling to prevent collapsing and shifting for increased safety.
Crescent Stonco
Circle 258Station ID faceplates
The IC107 Classic series of station ID faceplates is compatible with all IC107 series modules and jacks to support copper or fiber optic wiring in voice/data/video applications. The faceplates are available in both three- and six-port configurations. A permanent station ID label may be placed behind clear windows for circuit identification. They're designed to fit standard NEMA electrical boxes.
Circle 255Welding system
Building off of a previous model that featured current-carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor and a permanent molecular bond that can't loosen or corrode, the Cadweld Multi welding system requires one mold to produce more than 30 different welded connection types. For use on cable sizes as large as a 1/0 concentric stranded conductor, the welding system features a mold design that increases its service life to more than 100 connections. It also includes a self-sealing system that prevents weld metal leakage.
Circle 260Power cords and cordsets
Marked with a green dot that represents hospital-grade equipment, the Interpower power cords and cordsets are designed for use in hospital and medical settings. The cords are terminated with five different angled IEC 60320 C13 connectors rated at 10A to 13 A at 125VAC. The cords' NEMA 5-15 plugs are designed to offer substantial impact resistance encountered in tough environments.
Panel Components
Circle 261Cabinet system
Built around a tubular structure in the top and base and a stout, extruded aluminum center post system, the Access Cabinet System employs open-cabinet structure without using traditional four-post design. The cabinet can fit 50% more equipment in the floor space occupied by two conventional cabinets, with room for three sets of 19-in. EIA mountings.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 262
Unshielded cable
The NexZ0 unshielded 30 AWG round SCSI cable is designed for internal point-to-point or daisy chain SCSI assemblies. It consists of 34 twisted pairs with 30 AWG stranded primaries, and meets or exceeds SCSI Ultra 320 specifications. The differential impedance ranges from 115 ohms to 125 ohms, and it meets SPI-3 and SPI-4 electrical requirements.
Hitachi Cable Manchester
Circle 200Parabolic floodlights
The MAN series of 12-in. medium, narrow, and axial lamps are an addition to this company's existing parabolic floodlight line. The lamps include a circular-shaped parabolic reflector with a centered lamp to increase the beam precision. The medium-base lamps are available in probe- or pulse-start, metal-halide models.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 203Luminaire
The Astron luminaire features a winged shell trimmed in matte aluminum with translucent acrylic endcaps. The T5 HO lamp is controlled by a low-brightness optical system designed for use in offices, conference rooms, and corridors. It can be specified as an asymmetric or symmetric pendant with cross sections of 13 in. × 3 in. and 26 in. × 3 in., respectively.
Circle 206Cable and wire ties
These Velcro-based cable and wire tie wraps offer an alternative to plastic and wire ties or string. The straps are 6 in. long and .375 in. wide and include a perforated hole at the head that must be poked out. They're available in continuous or perforated rolls and may be mounted on the company's HHD 100 dispenser.
Circle 204Control enclosures
The CN series of safety control enclosures is designed to house electrical equipment that won't generate an arc or spark during normal operation. The enclosures prevent the possibility of excessive heat and the ingress of water or dust, thereby reducing the risk of explosions.
Circle 205Vacuum breakers
The VR series of medium-voltage vacuum replacement (MVVR) breakers is designed to replace air magnetic circuit breakers. They're reversible if cell structure modifications are necessary, and they only require one outage for removal and installation.
Circle 207Administrative software
The Remote Timesheet is a Web-enabled program that provides project managers with up-to-date reports on what hours are applied to their jobs. Employee time reports can be scheduled for automatic generation and distribution via e-mail, fax, printer, or the Internet. The software works via TCP/IP and can use existing wireless infrastructure.
Circle 208Voltage monitors
The PLM series of 3-phase voltage monitors is equipped with a new microcontroller circuit that more accurately senses phase loss, voltage unbalance, undervoltage, and phase sequence. The monitors feature a knob for adjusting the undervoltage trip point, and an LED that glows when voltages are acceptable. The units are available in 240VAC, 380VAC, and 480VAC, 50 Hz to 100 Hz.
Circle 211 management software
QuickGantt 4.0 allows users to plan and budget projects, complete estimates, and schedule work. Project information, dates, and costs are displayed in a worksheet format that can be output to a presentation-quality chart. It also generates customizable time and cost project reports.
Ballantine & Co.
Circle 209Fluorescent lighting system
The Rave lighting system is outfitted with T5 high-output lamps and features four optical colored lens inserts and two styles of perforated inserts. The system is available in 4-ft, 8-ft, and 12-ft sections and can be hung with an aircraft cable or a rigid steel pendant from all ceiling types.
Cooper Lighting/Corelite
Circle 213Portable lighting
This 26W, twin-tube fluorescent lamp is explosionproof and delivers 1,800-lumen output in a 3.5-lb unit. The lamp features an impact-resistant, tempered glass globe and is watertight for use in corrosive environments. Using recyclable thermal protection, the handle assembly protects the built-in 125V ballast, which is designed to operate on 50Hz or 60Hz.
Circle 215High-voltage insulation tester
Model 380375 is an autoranging insulation tester that measures to 250 Giga-ohms with four test voltages, ranging from 500V to 5kV. The tester displays its measurements on a large digital display with real-time bar graphs of test voltage, voltage decay during discharge, and test duration.
Extech Instruments
Circle 201Industrial control transformers
These additions to the existing SBE series of industrial control transformers include WA and WB, factory-installed fuse holders. The WA option includes a 2-pole, primary fuse holder for Class CC fuses and a secondary fuse holder that accepts a type 3AG or equivalent glass fuse. The WB option uses the same primary fuse holder and includes a secondary fuse holder that accepts a type FNM or equivalent fuse.
Circle 218Lighting control
The Decora Home Controls home-automation, scene-capable receivers feature one-button programming. The controls also feature wall-switch dimming receivers that provide manual and remote on/off switching and full-range dimming for incandescent and magnetic low-voltage lighting.
Circle 217Utility outlet
The 826 utility outlet offers built-in test points and color-coded marking capabilities to ensure safety during wiring. The outlet is rated at 120V, 15A, and can accept 28-12 AWG conductors. As an additional safety feature, the ground pin on the receptacle is positioned at the top to prevent loose metal object from shorting the hot and neutral pins together.
Circle 210Motor-starting switches
The MS series of motor starting switches is now available in metal NEMA 1 enclosures. The devices are suitable for a range of industrial MRO applications, including manual on/off switching control of conveyor lines and other equipment.
Circle 220Initiating devices
These multipurpose push button stations function like traditional fire alarm pull stations and provide a contact closure to activate emergency equipment, audible and visual signals, and alarm panels. The red “emergency” and yellow “evacuation” units have a push-and-turn reset button, while the red “fire” unit features a key lock reset button. All three are suitable for use outside.
Federal Signal
Circle 202AC drive
The PowerFlex 700S AC drive uses high-performance motor control algorithms, a high-speed data link, and an integral position loop for control of motor torque, speed, and position. The drive is rated 0.37kW to 55kW at 400V and 0.5 hp to 100 hp at 480V. It can operate as a stand-alone device or an intelligent drive and controller combination in a distributed architecture.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 216Fiber optic cable
The NextGen riser- and plenum-rated loose-tube, dry water-blocked cables are designed to meet or exceed the applicable technical requirements of ICEA-S-104-696. The cables' dry water-blocking system protects the fiber from harsh environments.
General Cable
Circle 214
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