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Electrical design software ProDesign software enables users to design and analyze electrical systems to NEC and IEEE standards on a PC. Pre-loaded with a database of circuit breakers, busways, and cables, the software allows for the selection of circuit components, and it carries out all necessary calculations and checks for compliance with applicable codes and standards. A CSV export facility allows

Electrical design software

ProDesign software enables users to design and analyze electrical systems to NEC and IEEE standards on a PC. Pre-loaded with a database of circuit breakers, busways, and cables, the software allows for the selection of circuit components, and it carries out all necessary calculations and checks for compliance with applicable codes and standards. A CSV export facility allows users to export data to spreadsheets, databases, or Microsoft Word.
Amtech Power Software, Inc.
Circle 200

Wall mount lighting fixture

The Glass Refractor Wall Pack features a gasketed ballast compartment that is separate from the optical system, and a hinged, die-cast lens frame. It offers optical performance of vertical lamp orientation in pulse start metal halide (MH) lamps. The wall-mounting bracket of die-cast aluminum simplifies installation and wiring.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 201

Poke-through device

The Walker RC4 series poke-through device meets UL standards for scrub water exclusion. The device is approved for use on tile, carpet, and wood floors. It provides dual-circuit, 20A duplex receptacles wired on individual circuits with separate neutral and ground wires. It also supports four data/communications connectors. Cover plate flanges are available in gray, black, ivory, brushed aluminum, or with a brass finish ring.
Wiremold Co.
Circle 202

Cable enclosures

The DRK series cable management enclosures are available in designs to accommodate 19-in., 23-in., and 24-in. panel width equipment within a 30-in. wide footprint. The enclosure provides internal cable space, and its fully welded construction offers a UL-Listed weight capacity of 2,500 lb. The combination of a 14-gauge steel top and bottom, one-piece steel sides, and four front-to-rear .125-in. thick structural steel internal braces protects sensitive components within the enclosure.
Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.
Circle 203

Leak repair system

The PowerPatch leak repair system creates a durable, permanenet seal that can repair active oil leaks in transformers, lead-sheathed cables, potheads, and other oil-filled electrical equipment. The two-part paste overcoat forms a seal that is impervious to water, oil, and weather. Kits contain all materials needed to fix leaks while in the field.
American Polywater
Circle 204

Relays and optocouplers

Series 859 relays and optocouplers feature 5VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 60VDC, 115VDC, and 170VDC input voltages. The outputs are for both negative and positive switched circuits. The devices' 6-mm wide housing reduces the space necessary for installation. Additional features include built-in test points and custom circuit marking capability. The series accepts 14 AWG to 22 AWG, and single-pole relays are available in both single- and double-throw versions.
Wago Corp.
Circle 205

Torque control

The PowerFlex 40 AC drive is designed to give OEMs, machine builders, and end-users motor control. The AC drive is available in 115V, 230V, and 460V for applications as high as 10 hp. It also features sensorless vector control to meet low-speed torque demands.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 206

Server frame

The QuadraRack server frame is designed for supporting rack-mount equipment. The 14-gauge steel unequal flange C-channels provide the clearance needed for rack-mount server sliding rails. Open frame construction eases cabling and cable management, while unrestricted airflow means equipment won't be subject to excessive heat generated in a closed cabinet environment. The server frame is available in 19 in.×7 in. and supports 1,000 lb.
Chatsworth Products, Inc.
Circle 207

Clamp-on multimeter

The Mini-Amp model 460+ includes functions for HVAC installation and maintenance. Measurements include AC clamp current to 400A, AC/DC µA current to 2,000µA with high .1µA resolution, AC/DC voltage to 600V with .5% basic DCV accuracy, resistance to 40 ohms capacitance, frequency, and Type K thermocouple temperature. The 4,000-count, twin displays allow users to simultaneously observe AC current and any other parameter.
Extech Instruments
Circle 208

Smoke detectors

The i3 series photoelectric smoke detectors are available with an 85 dB alarm, a Form C relay, or an isolated thermal sensor. They feature plug-in designs, simplified installation, remote maintenance signaling, drift compensation, smoothing algorithms, dual LEDs, and instant sensitivity measurement to reduce installation, maintenance, and testing costs.
System Sensor
Circle 209

Terminal blocks

The 900 series NEMA terminal blocks are molded from high-temperature, UL 94V-0 plastic rated for temperatures as high as 150°C. A gray markable surface eliminates the need for a painted marking area. The contacts are rated for as much as 50A at 600V and can accept wire from 8 AWG to 22 AWG. Several contact styles are available, including blade, strap, quick connect tab, and tubular.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 210

Terminal block line

This insulation displacement connection (IDC) terminal block line saves wiring time by eliminating the need to strip the wire insulation before termination. The wire is cut to length, inserted into the terminal block, and terminated with a screwdriver. Some of the wiring options include the feed-through and ground blocks, in as many as four termination versions as large as 14 AWG. The dual-level blocks allow two individual circuits to be terminated in the same panel as a single terminal block. The electronic component blocks, diode, and surge suppressors are used for protecting sensitive electronic circuits.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 211

I/O controller

The SixTrak I/O Controller model ST-GT-1210 includes 10/100 Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, and ST-BUS I/O ports. The controller can interface thousands of I/O with any of this company's three product lines, run ISaGRAF IEC 61131-3 programs, perform datalogging, and interface to third party Modbus devices, all in real-time. It features process control, SCADA, RTU functionality, datalogging, and I/O transfers.
Circle 212

Pilot lights

These explosion proof pilot lights are equipped with screw terminals for field wiring. The screw terminals are designed to permit the direct attachment of wire leads to the pilot light, providing an alternative to wire nuts and butt splices used with standard pigtail wire leads. When used with crimp style connectors, they provide a tight connection with high pull-out resistance. They accept most common wire gauges.
Circle 213

Soft starters

The SSW-05 digital soft starters offer advanced motor control and operation, and can accommodate motors from 10A to 85A and 220VAC to 575VAC. The starter's set-up and parameter selections are all done through DIP switches and potentiometers. Digital design and construction provide optimum operation, diagnostics, and overload protection. The front panel LEDs display operational status.
WEG Electric Motors Corp.
Circle 214

Ground mount enclosures

The UPE-3L and UPE-6L are designed for applications with sensitive height restrictions in distributed ground mount powering architectures. The power supply for these enclosures is located in a separate compartment above the batteries to allow for maximum convection cooling and minimal battery temperature rise. They come configured with an external coax raceway, high magnetic circuit breaker, duplex AC receptacle, and service power inserter.
Alpha Technologies
Circle 215

AC surge protector

The lightning and surge protection products are built in NEMA rated enclosures for 600V class service entrance and interior applications. The UL-Listed surge protectors are tested to withstand all rated surges, such as direct lightning strikes, without fuse interruption. They also include integral fused disconnect, field replaceable components through a dead-front access panel, and other standard features at various ratings.
Dehn, Inc.
Circle 150

Surge protectors

The Sentrex PA and PB series surge suppressors are rated at 80kA and 160kA, respectively, and are designed for protection at branch panels or at specific pieces of equipment. The devices feature a plastic enclosure that can be easily drilled or punched for conduit/cable access, allowing the installer discretion with placement of the unit in relation to the panel. Options include remote diagnostic connection, EMI/RFI noise filter, and a flush mount cover. They're NEMA rated as watertight, fire-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, as well as NEMA approved for outdoor and indoor applications.
Wiremold Co.
Circle 151

Power surge suppressors

This line of UL-rated power surge suppressors is designed for service entrance and downstream applications. The line can handle 320kA/phase of surge current and features patented circuitry with thermal cut-out to ensure safe operation during severe overvoltages. Models are available for both external and internal mounting, for single-phase, split-phase, or 3-phase configurations. All units are UL 1449 Second Edition Listed/Recognized and are designed and tested per ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and C62.45. An AC tracking filter with EMI/RFI filtering and a short circuit current rating of 200kA rms symmetrical are included.
Circuit Components, Inc.
Circle 152

Uninterruptible power supplies

ELA and ELH models supply 100W of power to telephony, fiber-to-the-curb or home, or other communications equipment requiring 48VDC. These UPS systems feature temperature compensated battery charging for extended battery life, visual and electrical indicators for on-site or remote reporting, and cabinet mounting options. The ELA is used for indoor applications with batteries that provide 4 hr of runtime, and the ELH is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and housed in an aluminum weather-resistant enclosure.
Alpha Technologies
Circle 153

Surge protection device

NetVisor is a monitoring option for the Clipper Power System-Visor surge protective device. It offers Ethernet and Modbus communications protocols and has a built-in Web browser. It displays voltage levels and duration for sags, swells, and outages on a 2×6 LCD. With a time and date stamp log, the unit can capture and store as many as 1,000 power quality events.
Eaton Corp.
Circle 154

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