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Load center The Square D service upgrade load center allows users to complete residential electrical service upgrades while minimizing the risk of disturbing drywall. According to the company, the product's design simplifies feeding wire via four removable end plates (two plates with 5-in. 0.5-in. and 2-in. 0.75-in. knockouts and two plates with 4-in. 0.5-in. and 1-in. 1.25-in. knockouts) that provide

Load center

The Square D service upgrade load center allows users to complete residential electrical service upgrades while minimizing the risk of disturbing drywall. According to the company, the product's design simplifies feeding wire via four removable end plates (two plates with 5-in. × 0.5-in. and 2-in. × 0.75-in. knockouts and two plates with 4-in. × 0.5-in. and 1-in. × 1.25-in. knockouts) that provide multiple feed-through points. In addition, the unit is available in 40-space/200A main breaker Square D QO and 30-space Homeline panel designs. A conventional flush-mount cover can be used with either design, and both are available with an optional longer cover accessory that overhangs the panel by 2.75 in. at the top and 3 in. at the bottom, in the event minor drywall damage is sustained.
Schneider Electric
Circle 250

Pneumatic piercing tool

The Grundomat pneumatic piercing tool uses less air than other pneumatic piercing tools to provide a powerful, accurate bore, according to the company. Available in 17 models, from 1¾ in. to 7 in. in diameter for horizontal boring distances from 50 ft to 150 ft, the tool uses natural biodegradable lubricants.
TT Technologies
Circle 251

Metal-halide lamp

At 55.4 lumens per watt, the 23W ConstantColor ceramic metal-halide integral PAR38 lamp features a 12,000-hr rated life, according to the company. Available as a 10° spot, 25° flood and 36° wide flood with a warm white 3,000K color temperature, the TCLP-compliant lamp features a medium screw base and integrated ballast.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 252

Floor box and stand kit

The Scepter round floor box stand is available with bracket heights in 2½ in., 3 in., 3½ in., and 4 in., allowing ENT to enter the box in a flat, straight path. The floor box can be used alone in concrete slabs from 3 in. to 5½ in. deep. When installed together, the box and stand can be used in 5½-in. to 10-in. slab depths.
Circle 253

Sensor guide lights

Decora wiring devices now feature a tamper-resistant receptacle with LED guide light, a single-pole switch with LED guide light, and a full LED guide light. The guide light on each device consumes less than 1W of electricity and incorporates a photocell sensor that automatically turns on in response to reduced light levels and off when sufficient ambient light is detected. Designed to fit in a standard single-gang wall box, each device has an impact-resistant face and body plus self-grounding clips.
Circle 254

Laser distance tool

The DW030 laser distance measuring tool features a compact design and rubber over-molding for enhanced grip and operation. Additionally, the device features large, clearly marked buttons that allow users to quickly and accurately select between units, area, distance, and volume buttons. The product also includes a backlit display, is built to withstand a 6-ft drop, and is water- and dust-resistant. For improved accuracy, the product measures distance from the back of the unit, which means users do not have to calculate the size of the laser into measurements.
Circle 255

Steel boxes

The 5SDB-MC Series of steel boxes accepts up to eight lines of MCAP aluminum cable. Available in six models, the boxes measure 411/16 in. square by 2⅛ in. deep. Constructed from galvanized steel, the UL-listed product features an optional self-gripping metal stud bracket that has a box support clip and engages on either side of a stud.
Circle 256

Wire connector

Twister PRO wire connector's enhanced design upgrades the existing wire range to cover a minimum of two 18 AWG wires to a maximum of four 10 AWG wires. According to the company, the connector places less pressure on the thumb and forefinger, plus provides an enhanced grip for improved leverage and more torque. Featuring the company's SureGrip overmolding wrapped around its shell's swept wings, the product's deep skirt helps prevent flashover events while reducing the number of turned-back strands for maximum dielectric protection. In addition, the product is available in boxes of 50, jars of 250 or 500, bags of 250, and a barrel of 20,000.
Ideal Industries
Circle XXX

Wiring assemblies

Ruff-IN prefabricated assemblies now include the connector end of the ArrowHart Arrowlink modular device. The ArrowLink connector is offered in a number of prewired Ruff-IN assembly options to facilitate cable installation. Assemblies that feature the connector offer an alternative method of installation in which the device can be installed after drywall is in place. In addition, the product is suitable for applications where wiring device replacement is required or often occurs.
Cooper B-Line
Circle XXX

Bonding connector

The BONDIT intersystem bonding connector meets the requirements of 250.94 in the 2008 National Electrical Code. In addition, the device allows all ground wires from separate systems, such as telephone systems, CATV, and radio systems, to be tied together at one location to the ground electrode conductor from the main electrical service. Able to work as either a house or meter socket, the product mounts to the meter box during new installation or can be wall-mounted. It also accepts main ground wire (No. 2 to No. 8), and up to four intersystem wires (No. 6 to No. 14).
Circle XXX

LED downlight

These recessed LED downlights feature 3,000K, 3,500K, and 4,100K color temperatures. Available with 5-in. and 6-in. housings, the downlights feature a computer-optimized reflector and high-transmission diffusing lens. Dimmable, the product's universal driver design accommodates input voltages from 120VAC to 277VAC. According to the company, the device provides 50,000 hr of operation.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle XXX

LED luminaires

Available in 2,500K warm white and 3,500K cool white shadow-free outputs, this line of under-cabinet LED task and accent luminaires allows up to 10 light panels to be connected to one power supply. An optional remote switch allows on/off control of light panels strings. In addition, each 3/4W light panel fixture features three sets of three miniature LEDs and its own on/off switch. The units weigh less than 1 oz and come in neutral gray plastic housing. According to the company, the products always remain cool to the touch.
Inspired LED
Circle XXX

Tool bag

The Model LT-XL tool bag features two storage bays — one to hold a laptop and other business items and one for up to 75 hand tools. Made of ultra-rugged, PVC-impregnated denier body fabric, the bag has a 3-mm thick, injection-molded waterproof polypropylene base. Additional features include 42 tiered pockets, five zippered pockets, two magnetic storage pouches, and a magnetic carrying strap.
Veto Pro Pac
Circle XXX
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Project management software

JobTrac Version 4 project management software allows users to manage day-to-day project operations, including project submittals, change orders and material purchase orders, labor scheduling, and project payment applications. In addition, transmittals, e-mails, phone conversations, daily work reports, time cards, and incident reports are all logged within the project. Major enhancements to Version 4 include: NET Platform; SQL Database; and complete construction project management capabilities, including purchasing, labor, and inventory management.
ConEst Software Systems
Circle XXX

Digital pens

Digital Pen Solutions convert handwritten notes into digital data via a dockable digital pen. Once digitized, the documents can be shared with project teams and designers to improve change documentation, track construction progress, and reduce project risk, according to the company. In addition, the pens allow users to simultaneously collect form and markup data using individual pens and print outs. Digital notes, sketches, data and markups can be aggregated into the original file, tracking data by user, pen, and time. The digitized data also can be pasted into e-mails or stored on centralized networks to consolidate and share information among users.
Circle XXX

Frosted floodlights

The high-power PAR38-12X2WF Series of warm white and pure white frosted soft-flood bulbs is available in a wide range of voltages from 85VAC to 265VAC, requires no special adapters, and consumes less than 18W of power. According to the company, the bulbs directly replace halogens and metal halides up to 90W, providing 77% to 85% energy savings. In addition, the product features a wide-focused beam of around 90°, powerful 661 (XIW) and 808 (XPW) lumens of brightness, drop-in installation in existing 26-mm Edison/E27 European base sockets, and sturdy construction with UV-stabilized plastic lens and magnesium alloy housing.
Circle 257

Cable cutters

The 45206I and 45207I ratchet cable cutters feature 1,000V insulated handles. Offered with industry-standard yellow and orange handles, the cutters feature “2-speed” cutting action. When the cutting is easy, the user opens the handles fully (two clicks) to achieve maximum cutting action per stroke; when the cutting is difficult, the user can open the handles partially (one click) to gain maximum cutting force. In addition, all four cutters can be opened in the middle of the cutting cycle, and the ratcheting blade easily fits around cables in tight spaces.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 258

Compression tools

Comfort Crimp compression tools now feature a linkage design and ergonomically designed soft grip handles. The series covers a range of compression connectors, including Sta-Kon insulated and non-insulated terminals, heat-shrinkable terminals, and select Color-Keyed lugs. According to the company, the tools require 25% less handle force than previous models and feature the Shure-Stake mechanism, which ensures the crimp is complete and the proper amount of force has been applied before releasing the crimped terminal and wire. In addition, the products feature a Crimp Assist foot that helps stabilize the tool against work surfaces while performing difficult crimps on larger connectors.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 259

Camera/luminaire box

Designed for power or low voltage, the Cam-Light box installs with a 4-in. hole saw. Able to hold up to 50 lb, the 23 cu-in. box features a drop wire for overhead support, mounting “wings” for attachment to the ceiling panel, ½-in. and ¼-in. knockouts, and hole pattern for a 4 × 4 fixture. Additional features include 360° turning and a non-metallic paintable white plastic finish.
Arlington Industries
Circle 260

Grounding clamps

ERITECH CWP grounding clamps conform to the new requirements of the 2009 edition of NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code, and the National Electric Code for bonding corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) gas piping systems to the grounding conductor of a building's electrical system. In addition, the clamps are suitable for connecting brass hex fittings on flexible gas piping, copper grounding conductors, galvanized water pipes, copper water tubing, or ground rods ranging from ½ in. to 4 in. to a ground conductor to bond all ground points together. Made of a high-strength silicone bronze, the devices are UL-listed.
Circle 261

LED bulbs

This line of super high power LED MR16 bulbs in 1W and 3W styles is designed for 12V and 120V lighting systems. The 1W LED MR16 replaces a 10W halogen MR16, and the 3W LED MR16 replaces a 15W halogen MR16. The 12V LED MR16 series can be used with magnetic or electronic transformers. Available in warm white and daylight finishes, the product offers a 25,000-hr life, according to the company.
Circle 262

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