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Access ports Panel-Safe control cabinet power and data access ports help protect personnel from high voltage, shock hazards, and arc flash hazards covered in NFPA 70E. In addition, the ports permit Ethernet access and AC power without having to shut down equipment or expose workers to live electrical connections. They also allow closed-door panel access and GFCI testing, satisfying the control panel

Access ports

Panel-Safe control cabinet power and data access ports help protect personnel from high voltage, shock hazards, and arc flash hazards covered in NFPA 70E. In addition, the ports permit Ethernet access and AC power without having to shut down equipment or expose workers to live electrical connections. They also allow closed-door panel access and GFCI testing, satisfying the control panel receptacle standard per NFPA 79.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Circle 200


The Lunar series of die-cast architectural floodlights with LED lamping — part of the company's Solid State Luminaire product group — features high-brightness white Luxeon K2 emitters. A suitable substitute for conventional incandescent, halogen, or HID floods, the lights deliver an operating life of up to 50,000 hr or approximately 20 years, according to the company. For applications requiring color change capability, the luminaires are available in RGB configurations.
FC Lighting
Circle 202

Hybrid cable

This hybrid cabling solution provides a high-speed connection alternative for applications where a complete cabling solution is restricted. By providing a keyed header on one side and flying leads on the other, this connection solution increases production throughput up to 66%, according to the company. On the open-ended side, pre-ferruled conductors are color-coded and numbered with wire markers. Each 26 AWG conductor comprising the hybrid is rated 125V at a maximum of 2A. Available in 14-, 20-, and 50-pin versions, standard cable lengths range from 0.5 m to 10 m.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 204

Circuit breaker

The FDE electronic circuit breaker consists of a 3-pole F-Frame breaker with an electronic trip unit. Employing Digitrip 310+ technology, the circuit breaker also features long, short, instantaneous, and ground-fault protection; adjustable long time pickup; enhanced coordination; and local current and cause of trip display. Available short-circuit current ratings at 480VAC include 35 kAIC, 65 kAIC, and 100 kAIC. The long time pickup range is 15A to 225A.
Circle 201

Cutoff wall pack

The GWC series full cutoff wall pack is a larger version of the company's 12-in. full cutoff wall pack fixture. An alternative to a traditional refractor wall pack in applications where glare of spill light is a concern, the product's 16-in. housing accommodates up to 400W PSMH, MH, or HPS Mogul base lamps. The copper-free, die-cast aluminum housing is standard with the company's Colorfast DeltaGuard finish, featuring an E-coat epoxy primer with bronze powder topcoat.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 203

Fuse modules

The 600V, 3-pole Ultrasafe fuse modules are suitable for use with 45-mm-wide IEC contactors and offer finger-safe fuse changes. Designed to replace circuit breakers in motor starters, each module includes an auxiliary contact option for enhanced user protection. The auxiliary is wired to an adjacent contactor, and the contactor drops the load upon opening the fuse extractor handle. In addition, the devices feature compact bus bars for line side terminations and meet the requirements of UL 512.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 205

Clamp meter

The Fluke 1630 clamp meter features a 1.35-in. jaw opening that measures earth ground loop resistances, including locations without access to soil. The device uses the stakeless testing method, which the company says eliminates the need to disconnect parallel ground rods and find suitable locations for placing auxiliary ground stakes. Able to measure ground resistance from 0.025 ohms to 1,500 ohms and true rms current flow from 0.02A to 35A, it also enables nonintrusive leakage current measurements from 0.2mA to 1,000mA.
Circle 206

Heat-shrinkable tubing

Raychem brand URHT heat-shrinkable tubing is flame-retardant, black, cross-linked polyolefin tubing with an 8-to-1 shrink ratio. The tubing is offered in 2-in. inside diameter and 3-in inside diameter. In addition, cut lengths up to 10 in. are available. Operating temperature is -55°C to 135°C. For applications requiring sealing and additional surface adhesion to the substrate, a hot-melt adhesive lined product is offered.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 207

Multipurpose light

The PODlight is a three-in-one LED work light, flashlight, and flashing safety strobe light. Cordless, rechargeable, and rugged, the light is equipped with a 360° repositionable collar with magnet, as well as a fully rotating nylon hook for hanging. For increased preparedness, it can be plugged into a car lighter indefinitely without draining the car's battery. An additional stand-up charger/storage base is available as an accessory. According to the company, the shatterproof LED bulbs will last 10,000 hr.
Lujan USA
Circle 208

Ground clamp

The StructuredGround access floor-grounding clamp creates an electrical bond in underfloor mesh common networks (MCBNs). The clamp's quad bolt is TIA-943-compliant and promotes direct contact between the perpendicular MCBN conductors. In addition, the captive U-bolt mounts to both round and square pedestals with a single hinged bolt.
Circle 209

Access control cables

Signal bundled access control cables are for use in typical access control installations where a card reader, door lock, and motion detector are situated at a single location. Manufactured for most access control applications up to 500 ft, the cable line includes construction for both plenum and riser applications and is rated CMR (riser) or CMP (plenum) to meet specific safety requirements. The cables are available either jacketed or unjacketed.
Coleman Cable
Circle 210

High-bay fixture

Modular F-Bay fluorescent high-bay luminaires feature a plug-in power connection and a plug-in modular sensor kit option. Available with Novitas 01362 occupancy sensors or optional 01362-PC with a photocontrol feature, the fixtures are pre-wired and assembled with a modular plug-in cord.
Circle 211

Outdoor lights

Alari and Alari Plus lighting fixtures comply with International Dark Sky standards. In addition to the standard horizontal lamp models, available in all lamp wattages, the Alari line includes vertical lamps up to 200W. The Alari Plus offers Miro IV specular aluminum reflectors and a 98% efficient high-transmission glass lens, while the Alari features 86% specular aluminum with optics standard heat-resistant glass. The fixtures are marketed under the AccuLite brand.
Juno Lighting
Circle 212

Mobile patch box

The Cat. 6 mobile patch box is for use in open environments. Designed for easy punch-down capability, the patch box is suitable for use in labs, professional business offices, warehouses, and tradeshow environments. The unit provides up to six lines and can be mounted in corners. Once terminated, the cables are routed out of the patch box via the channel provided, and are held at the exit to provide strain relief. RJ45 port openings on the cover are protected by flip over covers that can be individually opened.
Circle 213

Shielding solutions

These electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products provide abrasion and thermal protection from 125°C to 200°C. Constructed of materials that include metalized and nylon yarn, Nomex, and PPS, the products accommodate low- and high-frequency electrical applications. According to the company, its closure system is designed to allow easy access for inspection, rework, or replacement components.
Federal Mogul
Circle 214


The ZCB circuit breaker panelboards are explosionproof, making them suitable for use in Zone 1 and Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations. Other features include nonmetallic, corrosion-free, static-resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester housings; 316 stainless steel hardware; protective flanges on the top and bottom; padlockable, double bar locks and individually lockable breakers; and a completely wired design for easy field termination to standard blocks. In addition, the panelboards contain individually sealed, North American circuit breakers with 10,000A interrupting capacity housed in a watertight enclosure.
Circle 215

Fluorescent lamps

The Triten 50 T5 and T5 high-output (HO) fluorescent lamps emit up to 103 lumens per watt compared to 70 lumens per watt typical of T12 fluorescent lamps. According to the company, systems using the T5HO lamps reduce energy consumption by up to 30% over standard T8 and T12 fixtures. In addition, they last up to 35,000 hr, based on 12-hr starts, and contain a tri-phosphor blend that generates high lumens per watt and an 85 CRI.
Radiant Lamp
Circle 216

Motor control center

The Square D Model 6 low-voltage motor control center includes the company's Masterpact circuit breakers and Powerpact electronic motor circuit protection (MCP). Network protocols such as Modbus, PROFIBUS, and DeviceNet communicate directly with the motor control center's components. Features include a cast metal handle, rugged construction, sliding horizontal bus barriers, captive horizontal splice bars, and a twin-handle cam mechanism that works with the unit's hook-and-hang feature to provide proper stab alignment.
Schneider Electric
Circle 217

Lighting controller

The nLight lighting control system provides local control of a building's lighting system via LCD gateways, as well as remote, global control through SensorView Web-based lighting management software. The system also offers the option of a fully wired system or a backbone that uses wireless mesh networking technology.
Sensor Switch
Circle 218

Lighting controller

The VB400 lighting control system uses solid-state electronics with on-site, remote, and aggregate Web-based controls for HID lighting. According to the company, the system can lower energy costs by 40% to 60% and reduces HID lighting fixture count by 20% to 33%.
Circle 219

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