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Davit crane This material-handling davit crane is equipped with a Columbia HD650 AC electric wire rope hoist. The hoist has a maximum lifting capacity of 400 lb and comes with 115 ft of 5/32-in. wire rope with an average lifting speed of 25 ft per min. An upper switch and removable remote pendant control are included.Allied Power ProductsCircle 211 Flood lights The Floodinator line of 400W and 1,000W

Davit crane

This material-handling davit crane is equipped with a Columbia HD650 AC electric wire rope hoist. The hoist has a maximum lifting capacity of 400 lb and comes with 115 ft of 5/32-in. wire rope with an average lifting speed of 25 ft per min. An upper switch and removable remote pendant control are included.
Allied Power Products
Circle 211

Flood lights

The Floodinator line of 400W and 1,000W HID high-pressure sodium and metal halide floodlights feature a full range of mounting options and accessories. The lights are available with steel trunnion or an integral slip fitter mount for mounting and aiming flexibility. The lights are available in a die-cast aluminum housing with a weather-resistant polyester powder or architectural bronze finish. Quad tap ballast comes standard for 120V, 208V, 240V, and 277V, and the ballast compartment is separated by an anodized aluminum die-formed wall.
RAB Lighting
Circle 203

Digital dimming system

Simplicity series digital dimming systems now feature scalability. Dimming panels can be added or removed from the original lighting layout in circuit increments of six to 12, and they contain 12 individually addressable outputs. Each circuit is rated at 20A and is capable of being dimmed or switched. Each dimming module is multi-rated to control incandescent, fluorescent, low-voltage, neon, cold-cathode, fan-speed, and non-dim sources. Panels are available in either 120V or 277V ratings, and they're UL- and cUL-Listed.
Hunt Dimming
Circle 201

Tubular pulse-start lamp

Designed specifically for horizontal operating conditions, the MS 33W/H75/T15/PS energy-efficient, compact tubular lamp is the latest addition to this company's Uni-Form pulse-start metal-halide line. When used in a full cut-off fixture, the lamp's horizontal operating position helps to reduce glare and excess light pollution. The system is rated for 28,000 initial lumens and 22,000 mean lumens, and has more than 20,000 hours of rated life.
Venture Lighting
Circle 202

Slip-joint pliers

Nutbuster slip-joint pliers now feature jaw capacities from 0 in. to ⅞ in. and a PermaLock fastener, which is a single-piece, hardened-steel rivet that won't loosen. The 7-in. pliers have a short jaw length and parrot-nose design that allows the user to access tight spaces. Right-angled teeth grip in all directions, and comfort grips reduce hand fatigue.
Circle 212

Vapor-tight lighting fixtures

The Vanguard series of vapor-tight lighting fixtures is suitable for use in wet locations. All models are fully gasketed to seal against moisture and exposure to the elements. The series is available in pendant-, ceiling-, and wall-mounted configurations, with a choice of incandescent, compact fluorescent, or HID lamping. Fixtures come with clear tempered-glass cylinders and are protected by die-cast guards.
Luraline Products
Circle 208

Accent luminaires

Designed for residential and commercial applications, Beauty Spots accent luminaires feature lead crystal elements and low-voltage xenon lamps. The luminaires' cylindrical and cubical profiles create a softer striation of light on the ceiling. They're available in round, square, and cylindrical shapes in chrome, clear, platinum, and white finishes. Shades are available in clear, frosted, amber, blue, red, and green with sizes ranging from ⅛ in. × 2 in. in diameter to 1⅜ in. × 1⅜ in. in diameter.
W.A.C. Lighting
Circle 200

LED lamps

Specified for AC or DC 12V operation, MR-16 512 and 521 series LED lamps are available in a 4.6-lumen red model, a 16.5-lumen green model, and a 3.5-lumen blue model. The lamps have an average life span of more than 100,000 hours, are maintenance-free, and contain no hazardous materials. The socket drop-in 2-pin lamps have a GX5.3 base and are 38 mm long with a front-lens diameter of 50 mm.
Para Light
Circle 207

Recessed downlight

The 6-in. P83-26ICAT recessed downlight is Energy Star-compliant and includes a 120V NPF electronic ballast. The light accepts a vertical 4-PIN 26W compact fluorescent lamp, is UL- and cUL-Listed for damp locations, and spans 24 in. T-bar spacing. It can be installed in ½ in. to 2½ in.-thick ceilings.
Progress Lighting
Circle 206

Mechanical stud anchor

With sizes ranging from ¼ in. to 1 in. in diameter, the Kwik Bolt 3 mechanical stud anchor is available in electrogalvanized carbon, hot dipped galvanized, SS 304, and SS 316 materials. The anchor is available as a standard thread-length bolt for high shear applications and as a long (full) thread length (up to 7 in. thread length) bolt for greater application flexibility. A dog print impact section, which helps prevent thread damage during installation, and a rounded end simplify insertion.
Circle 213

Electronic ballast

The Centium electronic ballast line now features a 4-lamp model for 54W T5/HO applications. A high-low switching option allows switching from four to two lamps, three to two lamps, or three to one lamp, while the ballast's semi-independent lamp operation ensures that the fixture will remain partially lit when a lamp burns out. A 90°C case temperature makes the ballast ideal for high temperature ambients. The ballast's programmed start lamp ignition provides extended lamp life in frequent switching applications and supports the frequent lamp on/off cycles associated with the use of occupancy sensors or motion detectors.
Advance Transformer
Circle 205

Firestop kit

The SpecSeal Ready Sleeve kit includes a 12-in. steel sleeve that's available in 1 in., 2 in., or 4 in. diameter, corresponding sized steel escutcheon plates that lock the device in place, and firestop putty to seal the ends of the sleeve to the required 1 in. depth. The sleeves don't require cutting and are sized for up to 10-in. thick barriers. Sleeve ends are rounded smooth to protect cable jacketing and eliminate the need for plastic bushings.
Specified Technologies
Circle 214

Emergency lighting fixture

Comprising three models, the HL series of completely self-contained, fully automatic emergency lighting units provide adjustable or fixed-lensed, glareless distribution of light when line voltage is interrupted. An internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects the battery to the light's dual-lamp heads when utility power fails. The HL-80, HL-90, and HL-100 each have a low-profile, horizontal wall-mount housing, with large light units at either end. The HL-90 and HL-100 models have an angled housing with separate aimable lamp heads, and the HL-80 offers an integrated design with even larger fixed lamp heads contained within the housing. Upon restoration of normal power sources, the battery disconnects from the load and becomes fully recharged within 12 hours via an automatic temperature-compensating solid-state charger.
Circle 204

Momentary contact switch

TradeMaster decorator momentary contact switches feature a low-profile paddle and smooth paddle action. The user holds the switch in the “on” position, and it automatically shuts off when released. The single-pole switches have an external screw-pressure-plate back wiring configuration, which accepts 12- or 14-gauge solid stranded wire.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 210

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