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Transmitter The Ridgid SeekTech ST-305 transmitter is designed for users needing additional portability while locating utility lines. The lightweight, compact transmitter is made to be used with the company's SeekTech SR-20 utility locator, which traces underground utility lines. The ST-305 has adjustable power output, transmits at up to 5W of power, and has four frequencies: 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz,


The Ridgid SeekTech ST-305 transmitter is designed for users needing additional portability while locating utility lines. The lightweight, compact transmitter is made to be used with the company's SeekTech SR-20 utility locator, which traces underground utility lines. The ST-305 has adjustable power output, transmits at up to 5W of power, and has four frequencies: 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, and 262 kHz. It is able to transmit two frequencies at the same time for diagnosing complex locates and comes with a shoulder strap.
Ridge Tool
Circle 250

Stud boxes

This line of 22.5-cu-in. horizontal steel and wood stud boxes is designed for use with ½ in. or ⅝ in. wallboard, particularly in tight spaces. The boxes accept 11 No. 14, 10 No. 12, and nine No. 10 wires, and a bracket countersink allows for No. 8 wafer head or dry wall screws with minimal wallboard bow. Classified for 2-hr wall and ceiling fire resistance, they feature the company's Height Site alignment guide and box levelers to center the box and the device at a right angle with the stud, as well as one stabilizer leg and a side stabilizer to ensure device rigidity.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 251

Nut drivers

This company's line of cushion-grip magnetic-tip nut drivers has expanded to include 11 magnetic nut drivers and two new seven-piece magnetic nut driver sets. The new magnetic nut drivers feature rare earth magnetic tips, chrome-plated shafts, and a full hollow shaft design, as well as color-coded handles with Tip-Ident for identification of hex size. The expanded product line now includes hex sizes from 3/16 in. to ½ in. and shaft lengths from 1 ½ in to 18 in.
Klein Tools
Circle 252

Light almond devices

This company's wiring devices, lighting controls, and matching wallplates are now available in light almond. The new color is available on more than 250 devices, including: a variety of traditional toggle and Decora-rocker style switches; Decora Illumatech, SureSlide, and ToggleTouch dimmers; the company's Vizia Collection dimmers; straight-blade receptacles; combination devices; dimmers and fan speed controls; occupancy sensors; QuickPort Snap-In jacks and connectors; and traditional and designer-style wallplates including new midway-size screwless, snap-on wallplates, from one- to six- gang configurations.
Circle 253

Aluminum-to-copper connectors

The AlumiConn aluminum-to-copper lug is designed to improve safety in the area of aluminum-to-copper connections. The one-piece, tin-plated lug features three separate ports to eliminate intermixing of conductors. Designed for small compact spaces, it provides a mechanical connection of conductors, runs approximately 25°F cooler than the purple twist-on connectors (according to the manufacturer), and is UL listed.
King Innovation
Circle 254

Crimping and cutting tools

The Color-Keyed 14-ton hydraulic crimping and cutting tools are designed to reduce operator stress and risk of injury. Available in manual and battery-powered models, the tools protect operator hands and facilitate use in tight spaces with a compact, ergonomic design. The hydraulic tools provide 14.6 tons of crimping or cutting force, and the crimp tools use standard Color-Keyed 15500 series crimp dies, whic are sold separately.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 255

Cutting station

The Ultimate Cutting Station is a portable “docking” system that converts the company's hand-held X-Band STX-250 series cordless band saw (sold separately) into a compact, bench-top, stationary cutting station. The station allows users to cut materials up to 2 ½ in. in diameter without even picking up a tool. It is designed for easy transport between jobsites and workshops or from construction sites to lifts, allowing contractors to bring the station and the X-Band saw to the materials, instead of having to transport the materials to a stationary band saw.
Stout Tool
Circle 256

Ladder workstation

The Old Blue Electrician's JobStation, based on a traditional ladder, is a comprehensive work center for commercial, residential, and industrial electricians. The top of the ladder/job station includes customized slots and bins to hold tools, a built-in scale for measuring and cutting conduit, and a Tool-Lasso bungee system to hang heavy tools, as well as an integrated conduit holder, hacksaw hook, and safety shield on the rails. Underneath these features is the company's Type IAA ladder, featuring double-riveted, slip-resistant steps.
Werner Ladder
Circle 257

Work boot

The Pecos line of western work boots now features sole improvements with the water/grit/oil-resistant, full grain-leather of the Pathfinder. The improved line also features a Texon insole and a single-density ComfortForce footbed. Available in Pecos soft toe or steel toe and with an added distinct lacer style, this boot line meets the 2254, 2256: ASTM F 2413-05, M 1/75 C/75M ratings.
Red Wing Shoe
Circle 258

Gas-driven fastening system

The GX 100 high-performance gas-driven fastening system is designed to make consistent, high-quality fastenings in concrete, steel, and block with no need to charge or change a battery. The system includes the GX 100 tool, a gas can, and a full line of fasteners, featuring a thicker shank for high holding value. It runs on the company's odorless gas, and collaged nail strips are available in six sizes from ½ in. to 1 ⅝ in.
Circle 259

Underground duct spacers

The Snap-N-Stac combo underground duct spacers are designed to replace the conventional two-piece spacer system by combining the base and intermediate spacer into a single unit. Manufactured out of thermoplastic material, the spacers are made to withstand the rigors of concrete construction. They feature a horizontal and vertical locking system and can be used as either a base or intermediate spacer.
Circle 260

Overhead anchor

The Snake overhead anchor combines the holding power of the company's Wedge-Bolt anchor with the aesthetics of an internally threaded body. The anchor provides a flush-with-the-ceiling look and can be set into a drilled hole with an impact wrench or regular hand socket. It features the company's patented deep-cutting thread design and eliminates the steps of banging in a drop-in and setting the expansion mechanism with a special tool before installing the threaded rod.
Power Fasteners
Circle 261

Snap-on connectors

Speedlock connectors allow you to connect MC, AC, and flex cable to steel boxes by tilting in and snapping down to make the connection. Available in single-unit and duplex designs with captive clamp, these UL-listed connectors snap securely into ½-in. and ¾-in. knockouts without requiring a locknut. Built from zinc-electroplated steel, they can handle up to 50 cable sizes with just four fitting designs and feature dual-grip clamps to ensure ground continuity and holding power.
Circle 262

Cable tray splices

The redesigned Faslock splices feature built-in locking tabs, which can be bent with a pair of pliers. The Faslock “S” splice is designed for use with tray that is 100 mm to 200 mm wide, while the Faslock “XL' is designed for 300 mm to 600 mm tray. Both sizes are available in a variety of finishes including electrozinc (EZ), dacroment (DC), black (BL), custom painted (PE), and stainless steel (316L).
Circle 263

Outlet protective covers

ClearCovers are for use with a variety of electrical and communication outlets during construction and remodeling. Developed to save clean-up time and to avoid inspection delays, these covers protect outlets and wiring during application of drywall compounds, texturing, and painting. The disposable see-through covers snap into place, come in more than a dozen sizes, and are made of sturdy, thermal-formed 15mil clear PVC.
Circle 264

Hole saws

The Quick Change bi-metal hole saw system features a positive lock design to minimize wobble and provide more control for users. The hole saw system's hex shank is designed to snap easily into the mandrel, allowing the user to make changes quickly, while the hex shank pilot bit smoothly pushes out the plug. The saws feature the company's Progressor tooth geometry, which allows the teeth to cut through wood, plastic, and metal.
Vermont American
Circle 265

Impact driver chuck adapter

This quick-connect impact driver chuck adapter allows users to attach bits up to ⅜ in. to impact drivers. Built using all-metal construction, the quick connect shank fits into the standard impact driver ¼ in. hex chuck, and the quick-change adapter itself accepts bits up to ⅜ in. The adapter is compatible with all of the company's heavy-duty cordless impact drivers, and accepts all drill bits with ⅜-in. shanks and below, including twist, paddle, masonry, ship auger, and unibits.
Circle 266


This line of rodders is designed to be lightweight, compact, and flexible. The line features the Polykat high-glass content fiberglass rod that is constructed with a multiple-strand core and proprietary outer-filament winding, which makes the rod durable with a small bend radius to provide flexibility and compactness. The fiberglass rod has a smooth polypropylene coating that reduces friction and is resistant to abrasion. It also has threaded ends to allow cable grip, pulling eye, and guide head attachments. The smallest rodder in this family is the Kati-Blitz pulling device, available in rod lengths up to 150 ft.
Circle 267

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